I was the one who started the chapter and then BG added and then we went back and forth and then we were done. Enjoy. First I have 2 guest with me to say some stuff. Give it up for Cyborg (applause) and Beast Boy (cricket, cricket).

Beast Boy: Wow, tough crowd.

Saffire: Ok, whatever, just do the disclamiar Cyborg and Beast Boy will tell us that he loves Raven.

Beast Boy: Yah...wait! Who said I loved Raven?!

Saffire: No one, but you just did, so hah!

Beast Boy: (Grumbles about evil authors and their wicked evil ways)

Cyborg: Wow grass stain, you do love her, I knew it! Anyway (reads off of piece of paper) Saffire and BG does not own Teen Titans, if Saffire did she would fire the people that cancelled the show, and would have Beast Boy telling Raven that he loves her, which is true.

Beast Boy: Dude! Not cool, I do not love Raven.

Raven: Do you mean that Beast Boy?

Beast Boy: AHHHHH! (falls backwards) Raven.. w-when did y-you get he-ere?

Raven: Just when you said that you didn't love me.

Beast Boy: Raven...I...it...ugh! Just get on with the story so I can talk to Raven!

Saffire: Cyborg! Hurry up with the popcorn, this is going to be good!

"Will you guys stop it?!" A boy with brown hair, gray eyes, with wings on his back and a metallic left arm yelled.

The boy had yelled the boy was wearing jeans and a light blue t-shirt, at a blue opossum that was being chased by a purple opossum. Both opossums stopped at looked at him, them both glared and then turned into humans.

The blue opossum turned into a girl while the purple opossum turned into a boy. The girl had blue hair that was a little longer then her waist and almost meets mid-thigh, she had a light tan and had sapphire color eyes. The girl was wearing Capris and a green tank top that had a phoenix on the front. The boy had dirty blond hair and dark purple eyes; he was more tan then the girl. The boy was wearing jeans with a green t-shirt that was blank. The girl said to the boy that had spoken before her voice dripping with sarcasm,

"Well sorry Wasp."

The boy called Wasp, age 16, narrowed his eyes but said nothing. The other boy in the room turned to the girl and said, "You are just like mom Saffire."

The girl called Saffire smirked and said, "Why thank you Mark. You are just like dad, and mom could kick dad's butt any day. So that means I am better then you"

The boy called Mark narrowed his eyes at Saffire and said, "You want a bet?"
Saffire was still smirking and said, "Sure, why not, you are going to lose anyway"

Saffire then turned into a phoenix and flew out of the room as Mark turned into a hawk and went after Saffire. Mark and Saffire was brother and sister, Mark is 16 and Saffire is 15. Wasp sighed and looked at his 15 year old sister, BG. She was a little on the short side but still really powerful. She had a blue scale like mark on her right eye and a blue, black, and white bandana on. She was wearing a black tank top and some simple blue jean shorts.

"You know BG, I'm glad that we don't fight like them"

BG was watching the fight from the window and told him

"Don't say that Wasp, because we could, but we chose not to"

Wasp sweat dropped because he knew it was true but he didn't push it. Just then a boy with black hair and ice blue eyes walked in the room. The boy had shorts on and a red t-shirt that had a hawk on the back. The boy spoke,
"Hey Wasp, BG. Have you guys seen Saffire or Mark?"

BG answered, "They are outside fighting again lover boy. Your girlfriend is winning by the looks of it. When are you going to ask her out Hawk?"

The boy called Hawk blushed and told BG, "She is not my girlfriend, and what do you know?"

BG retorted, "Hawk, you are just like your dad. The only people that don't know that you are crushing on Saffire are our parents and Saffire herself."

Wasp then spoke, "Seriously dude, you need to ask her out before one of the civilian boys do. Trust me you need to ask her out before something like Austin happens."

Hawk winced at the name Austin he then spoke out of anger and had his eyes narrowed, "Everybody doesn't want something like Austin happing again. Also, who said I liked Saffire?"

Hawk spat the word Austin out like it was venom and Wasp answered, "Dude, I wouldn't even try covering up the fact that you love her"

BG then said, "Maybe I should tell her-"

BG never finished because just then the alarm went off and the 2 fighting birds outside disappeared and were next to everyone in human form. Then the older Titans came in. Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Bumblebee, Robin, and Starfire came out and joined the younger Titans in front of the monitor. Just then the window in front of them shattered and the glass went everywhere. Raven put up and shield in front of them but Hawk was too far away and a huge chunk of glass was heading his way. Saffire saw it coming so she quickly ran over to him and tackled him to the ground and the glass flew above them and shattered above them. Saffire was on top of Hawk and they were lying on the floor. The glass was in Saffire's hair and all over her back. Both of them looked into each other's eyes and their faces were getting closer to each other but then Hawk saw a bomb ready to exploded not that far from him and he shouted, "Look out!"

Hawk then turned to the side with his back to the bomb and Saffire was pressed against his chest. Her face was in his chest and the bomb exploded. Hawk had his arms wrapped around Saffire and he was holding her as close as he possibly could to him. Saffire's face was buried in Hawk's chest and she was curled into a ball. Bombs were going off left and right. The only thing to do was to try and protect each other. Hawk was trying to protect Saffire the best he could but a hunk of glass went straight into her back and she gasped in shock and pain. Just then the bombs stopped and the smoke was clearing. Saffire started to uncurl from her ball form and with the glass still in her back, got up. Hawk got up also and they both looked around. Their eyes both looked out the window and saw the older Titans being carried away and Slade was behind them looking at the younger Titans and the tower and they could tell he was smirking. When they were dots Hawk and Saffire started looking for the others. Hawk found Wasp and he was holding BG. Saffire found Mark in mouse form under the counter. They were all unhurt but when Saffire turned her back to the others, they gasped because there was still a hunk of glass in her back. Saffire knew what they gasped at and asked Mark,
"Mark can you take the glass out of my back so I can heal it"

Mark took the glass out of his sister's back and immediately it turned a light blue and it turned into a scar and then the scar disappeared. Saffire sighed and turned to the others and then the younger Titans started fixing the common room. The glass was all cleaned up and the common room looked the same as it did before except that there was no glass for the window and it was just open.
The teens looked out the window that their parents were taken from. It seemed as if the world had come tumbling down. Their parents were taken from them, by a mad man to top it off. Mark was the first one to speak up.

"What are we going to do? We just witnessed a parent-napping thingy! How are we going to save them!" he screamed in panic while tugging at his dirty blond hair.

Saffire slapped him upside the head.

"You know you'll never impress BG if you keep acting like that" she told him

Mark moved his eyes to BG to see a blush sweeping across her cheeks. He was about to say something back when Wasp spoke up.

"You guys calm down. I'm sure Saffire has a plan. She is the leader after all"

Saffire looked at him and nodded. "Yes...I do have one. I say that we fight Slade" she was met by shocked stares. Then she added "but not alone. Wasp BG tells me that you and Cyborg have been making a new machine, a time machine. We could travel back and ask for our parents' help. They would surely want to defeat Slade, especially Robin" now she was met by shocked faces once again, but not the whole 'you're crazy!' look but a 'you're a genius' look.

"Saffire you're a genius!" exclaimed BG. BG then moved her eyes towards her brother. "Wasp. Go get the machine!" she screamed.

He quickly left the room and down towards the garage where all his dad's inventions were.

Hawk then looked at Saffire. "That was really smart you know?"

She just smiled and responded a thanks, then added "Oh and thanks for saving me from that bomb"

He just smiled and said "Well thanks for saving me from the glass"

He just earned a smile from the beautiful girl before she joined BG on the couch to wait for Wasp. While BG and Saffire were on the couch both girls started talking to each other. Hawk just sighed and then sat down on the other end of the couch. Mark sat down next to Hawk and they all waited for Wasp to come back with the time machine, so they could get their parents back.