ii. Stuck With The Plant

Seymour Krelborn was sweeping the dusty floor of Mr. Mushnik's Flower Shop when he heard the sound of a bus stopping. Guests? Tourists? None of them came very often to Skid Row. The place was filled with people who wanted – needed – a better life and buildings that seemed to crumble. Skid Row was not some 5-star resort that was some snobby foreigners' elite playground, so he had to wonder what were those decent-looking people doing downtown.

"Seymour," Mr. Mushnik called from the counter, "Go and see what the ruckus is all about. I think I see Audrey talking to those folks."

The bespectacled man nodded as he glanced at Audrey II. The plant attracted customers most of the time, but today, Twoey felt bad. Business was bad. Audrey was gone. And Mr. Mushnik was furious. But Seymour, was still Seymour, and therefore had the decency to go outside and converse.

"Seymour!" Audrey rushed to him, as the visitors – most of them looking younger than twenty – followed her reluctantly, "They're lost."

"Sir," a brown-haired female wearing the clothing similar to those of the people at Skid Row's Home For Boys wore said, "Could you tell us how we could go back to Ohio?"

"I'm afraid not," he said politely, "But you could stay inside the flower shop until we get you a map…"

"Thank you!" The girl perked up, "My name is Rachel," She extended her hand as she shook his.

"S-Seymour," He replied, adjusting his almost-broken glasses, "She's Audrey," he then gestured to the blonde.

"And I am William Schuester, their teacher-in-charge," Will said, in his most formal tone as Sue rolled her eyes. He, too, shook Seymour's hand.

"Please, this way to the shop," Audrey told him, in her small voice, as she led them up the steps.

"Hey, Santana! Look at that cool plant," Brittany said, amazed, at the odd plant displayed. She pointed at it for all the others to see, and their faces couldn't hide their amusement. Even Sue cracked a small smile.

"What's it called?" Artie asked, having a hard time rolling around on the cobblestone floor.

"It's an Audrey II," Seymour replied, his eyes twinkling.

"AW! That's, like, so sweet! Naming it after her," Brittany giggled, punching Santana playfully.

Both Seymour and Audrey blushed, as they simultaneously opened the door to Mushnik's.

"Lost, you say?" Mr. Mushnik said, stepping away from the counter, "Here's a map." He then handed Will a copy of, indeed, a map without batting an eyelash.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Mushnik." Will said, his face filled with gratitude and relief, "C'mon kids, let's kick some Vocal Adrenaline butt!"

At that very moment when everyone was about to rejoice, Mr. Peterson came rushing in, his face red and sweaty, "Mr. Schu, big problem…Our tires…One of 'em…broke."

"Whaat?" The students' jaws dropped.

"That means…we're stuck here until it gets fixed." Rachel attempted to calm herself down.

"Hey, at least we're with the awesome plant!" Brittany squealed, walking closer to Audrey II.