She was laying on the bed, with her arms around her knees, crying… She had always knew that she lived in the real world, but she believed that they belonged there too... She believed they existed... But... Now everyone tought she was nuts. That she should be in the hospital. In the nuts house.

She was crying out every feeling she had, all her fear, embarrass, and most of all, sadness... Sadness, because she had always believed that they existed, and that they would come for her someday...

That was when she felt arms hugging her. She was alone at home, her best friend wasn't there, so... She wasn't scared. Because, as soon as she began to be hugged, she knew who was it. She turned around, facing a girl with brown eyes and big round glasses...

- Miyako... – she said.

The violet-haired girl smiled and help her sitting.

- Look at yourself!

Miyako dragged her to the mirror.

- Look at you! Your hair is a mess, your eyes are red, your skin is filthy, c'mon, I know that isn't you!

Miyako was right. Where was that girl that believed, and that was happy because of that? The girl with a kind smile and a generousity bigger than anything? The girl that had spend hours in front of her computer, of her books, of a piece of paper, writing, drawing, reading, watching... dreaming...

She cleaned up her tears, smiling.

- I know...

- Hey... We will come for you... Just wait. Like you have waited all these years. Don't give up on dreaming now. You are almost there. We are just... Finishing some stuff, and we will come for you... So, you better be pretty good looking that time!

- Why?

- Because, sweetie, it will be us all coming.

The girl laughed, knowing what she meant. She had always believed. Now her dreaming was coming true.

- Well, now I must go. Keep on dreaming. Keep on smiling. Keep on trying... And don't worry... We will come for you...

With this, she pointed her D-3 to the girl laptop, going back to the Digital World.

From that day on, I cleaned my tears and made up my mind. I know they will come for me. I'm still waiting. Just in case, my hair is always brushed, a smile is always on my face, and I'm always happy... Who knows who might I face the next time I enter the bus?

If I hang my head and droop my shoulders I'll never arrive
At the wonderful, hope filled goal

I'll keep on running, keep on trying, I'll get stronger!

This time I'll take off with courage
Spread the wings of my heart and fly to the unseen future
Now I'm headed towards an endless sky
This dream adventure has only just begun