There is an island where the rivers run deep. The sea sparkling in the sun earns it the name Jewel of the Antilles. My story starts on a day like that. All the Grand Hommes and Peasant children are waiting for the bell to ring. Brrrring, it's summer! All the Grand Homme children hurry to Alphonse De Gaul's house for his famous stories. The only people who ever see him. He lived on the top of a giant hill right by the sea and never left. Some say that he has a secret to hide.

"Bon Jour Monsieur De Gaul." They all said in unison.

"Welcome." Monsieur De Gaul smiled.

"Monsieur, tell the one about Ti Moune." A little girl begged.

"No, the one when Papa Ge went on the hunt for the dying girl." A middle school boy argued.

"No!" All the girls exclaimed.

"How about we let the seniors decide?" Monsieur De Gaul solved.

"The one about the gods, please." One of the eldest listeners whispered.

"Ah, yes, my favorite, Mademoiselle Giselle." Monsieur De Gaul nodded. "There once was a very rough time here. The peasants suffered from many rain storms and us rich Grand Hommes could care less. It was because Agwe, god of water, was punishing Asaka, mother of Earth. Erzulie, goddess of love, tried to stop him. But, Papa Ge, god of death, would always stop her. So, they finally decided to have people from the island take their place.