When Emilie got down to the village, she saw so many different types of people. From those rich enough (and 'smart' enough) to stay with the Victorian style clothing to those poor people who have the island style. Not to mention the people who like to stay with the styles of France and wearing shorter skirts. Most Grand Hommes were appalled by this new look and would not allow it in their homes, so their children would wait until they got married to wear that style. Among those people was Raoul DeGaul. Since his great-grandfather was a friend of Armand's, the curse did not keep him on the island. When Emilie was fifteen, they had a little fling, which ended when Raoul's parents decided to move to France.

'Excuse me, Monsieur, do you have a passport?' Emilie asked teasingly tapping him on the shoulder.

'I didn't think I was such a noticeable tourist.' Raoul explained putting down his suitcase and searching in it for his passport

'You're not, I just remember your face. It hasn't changed much in three years.' Emilie stated going down to his level.

'Emilie Beauxhomme, it has been too long.' Raoul smiled standing up and taking her with him.

'So long that you don't recognize my voice.' Emilie frowned.

'I was just playing along.' Raoul explained now lifting her up and spinning her.

'Put me down.' Emilie laughed. 'I'm not fifteen anymore, I have an image.'

'Oh, an image, eh? Are you sure you don't mean that your father has eyes everywhere.' Raoul pointed out cradling her. 'Why don't we go for a walk? Like old times?'

'I don't know, I have a busy schedule.' Emilie thought out loud playing hard to get.

'Of course you do, Emmy, just one walk? That's all I'm asking for.' Raoul begged.

'I guess one walk wouldn't hurt.' Emilie agreed. 'But I'm going to ride a horse, I don't know about you.'

'Fine, we can ride horses.' Raoul agreed. 'But that means a longer trail.'

'Deal.' Emilie smiled. Then the young couple hurried away to get their horses.