Because of technology, the ewoks traveled back in time and went to Earth. They saw Mr. Darcy riding his horse, and decided to beam him aboard. After this, they went back to the future because they had gotten what they needed. So they brought Mr. Darcy to the forest moon of Endor for some reason.

Mr. Darcy was confused. He was even more confused when the ewoks gave him a sword and told him to go fight.

"What is the meaning of this?!" cried Mr. Darcy.

The ewoks did not answer.

Mr. Darcy was exhausted. He had been fighting for days, and now had finally found a place to rest that was hidden from the enemy. Noticing how dirty his shirt was, he decided to take it off and try to find something cleaner to wear. He was looking through the drawers for something clean to wear when a noise behind him startled him.

"Who's there?" cried Mr. Darcy in fear. He turned around to find an ewok standing in the doorway.

"Who are you?" asked the ewok gruffly. "What are you doing here?"

"Please don't hurt me," whimpered Mr. Darcy.

The ewok eyed Mr. Darcy warily. "What are you doing here?" he repeated.

"I just needed a break from all the fighting," Mr. Darcy said in a small voice.

The ewok drew his gun. "Klingon scum!"
"NO!" yelled Mr. Darcy, throwing up his hands. "I'm on your side!"

The ewok lowered his gun slightly. "Prove it."

Mr. Darcy hesitated. Was it worth it? Could he expose himself like that, to this stranger? To an ewok?

"This is your last chance, Klingon."

"Okay, okay." Mr. Darcy swallowed. Hard. "I have the symbol."

"No outworlder has the symbol."

"I do. You can look for yourself."

"Then show me, outworlder. No sudden movements."

Mr. Darcy gulped, and moved his hands to his belt buckle. Closing his eyes, he began to remove his pants.

"Hurry up," snarled the ewok.

Fighting back tears, Mr. Darcy lowered his pants, exposing the symbol to the ewok's distrustful eyes. Tensing, Darcy waited in the cool air of the room as the ewok's gaze traveled over his exposed backside.

The ewok paused. Could it be? He leaned closer. Yes! It was!

"I'm sorry, friend," the ewok said, lowering his gun. "I did not know." Moving closer, he noticed the tears that had finally escaped down Darcy's cheeks.

"Oh, my poor friend, what have I done to you?" he whispered, running a paw down Darcy's arm.

Darcy continued to sob quietly, collapsing into the ewok's arms. The ewok held him until his cries quieted. Darcy looked up at him with tear-stained cheeks.

"I'm sorry," said Darcy. "I don't know what came over me."

"It's alright, friend," said the ewok, running a paw through Darcy's thick locks. The action seemed to soothe Darcy, and he relaxed into the ewok's embrace.

"What is your name, my friend?"


"You are beautiful, Darcy."

Darcy blushed under the ewok's admiring gaze. There was a warm look in his new friend's eyes, one that made him feel cherished and accepted for the first time since he had arrived on Endor.

"Thank you…?"

"Wicket. My name is Wicket."

"Thank you, Wicket."

Hours passed as they remained locked together in a tender embrace. Darcy felt safe in Wicket's arms. Soon, though, he began to feel something more than friendship in the circle of the ewok's arms.

"What are you…?" he cried.

"I will do nothing you do not wish me to," said Wicket softly.

Darcy paused, staring into the ewok's eyes. He saw nothing there but affection. New, but no less strong for it.

"Yes," he whispered. "Yes."

Many hours passed. Outside the war waged around them, but they took no notice. All that they could see was each other. When it was all over, Darcy stared soulfully into Wicket's eyes.

"I love you," he said. "I didn't think I could, but I do. So much."

"I love you too, friend."