Story: Code Geass: Hogwarts Houses the Rebellion
Chapter 0: Changes to the Plot
Story rating: T for now
Beta- None
Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, Harry would have been in Slytherin... with Draco... –dirty giggle-. If I owned Code Geass, the ending would have been a lot different... or maybe the same but Gino would be loyal to Lelouch and I would have started the third season already (with Lelouch being immortal of course!).
Warnings: SPOILERS, shounen-ai, future Yaoi

Lelouch is determined to find a way to rule his country. When he hears of a war going on in the Wizarding World, he decides to check it out. Which side will gain them as an ally? Gino and Suzaku go with him to Hogwarts to find out. GinoXSuzakuXLelouch DxH

Changes to Harry Potter

*Takes place during the fifth year for the golden trio.

*Voldemort does not have Horcruxes.

*Dumbledore is slightly demented and evil… slightly. All of the Voldemort occasions year 1-4 are actually something Dumbledore created as an illusion to make Harry hate Voldemort.

*Voldemort did not kill Lily and James, Dumbledore did.

*Dumbledore actually killed Cedric Digory.

*Voldemort is actual a good guy... ish.

*Bad Hermione!

*Bad Ron!

Changes to Code Geass

*Takes place right before the Zero Requiem.

*Gino decided to stay with Britannia, and became loyal to Lelouch.

*Lelouch chose two knights; Lelouch and Gino.

*Nunally did not 'betray' Lelouch and was understanding when she found he was Zero.

*The black knights stayed loyal to Lelouch/Zero.

*Kullen stayed loyal as well.

*Britannia in the show/manga is in the Japan area. In this fanfic imagine that Britannia is an alternate world, if you don't know what I am talking about think about in Kingdom Hearts. The world that never was is an alternate world of Twilight Town. It is basically another world right beside and connected to Earth... if that makes any sense.


Throughout this story there will be spoilers for both Code Geass and Harry Potter, so I highly suggest you finish reading/watching Code Geass and/or Harry Potter, but if you wish you can read this and have things spoiled for you, it is honestly your choice on the matter.

Also this story will have yaoi/ shōnen ai. This means boy on boy (on boy...) couples. This story is rated T, for now. My pairings include; LelouchXGinoXSuzaku and HarryXDraco. So if any of this does not float your boat, do not flame for this factor and do not read.

This also includes a threesome pairing... don't get too freaked out.

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