Story: Code Geass: Hogwarts Houses the Rebellion
Chapter 18
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Warnings: SPOILERS, slash, Future Lemons, occasional bad grammar and spelling, Out of Characterness
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Lelouch is determined to find a way to rule his country. When he hears of a war going on in the Wizarding World, he decides to check it out. Which side will gain them as an ally? Gino and Suzaku go with him to Hogwarts to find out. GinoXSuzakuXLelouch, DracoXHarry, LucianoXRolo

Melodious: I now know where this story is going... I made the mistake of starting a story I didn't plan out all the way to the end. But with the help of my sister, I have planned all the way until the end! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Chapter 18

Lelouch sat in the center of the couch in the Gryffindor common room, staring absent-mindedly into the fire. He almost jumped when a hand was placed on his shoulder. He looked back to see Suzaku's caring eyes looking at him imploringly, wanting to know what was wrong with his best friend and lover.

Lelouch offered a half smile, glad for the comfort. Suzaku walked around the edge of the couch and sat in the corner before pulling Lelouch half in his lap. Lelouch's smile continued as he laid his head in the crook of Suzaku's neck, nuzzling the brunet.

For the past few days, Lelouch had seemed almost distant from his lovers. He wouldn't ignore them; he just wasn't acting like himself. Gino and Suzaku had been worried and both tried on several occasions to find out what was wrong.

"Are you ready to tell us what's wrong?" Suzaku whispered into Lelouch's hair. Lelouch seemed to deflate a little in his arms, as he sunk further into Suzaku and the couch's warmth.

"I need just a little more time, I promise." Lelouch said, his eyes tightly shut, as though he was worried Suzaku would be mad. Suzaku just placed an understanding kiss behind Lelouch's ear as he wrapped his arms around Lelouch even tighter.

That was how Gino found them an hour later, fast asleep in each other's arms. Gino smiled at the sight, before grabbing a nearby blanket and slipping it over the two. Grabbing his cup of coffee he had brought with him from the kitchen, he curled up at the two's feet at the other corner and pulled the blanket around himself. He opened his textbook, content to read until the early hours of the morning.

-Line Break-

Lelouch was the first to awake. He carefully lifted his head from its resting place on Suzaku's muscled chest to look around. The only other in the room besides the three on the couch was Neville Longbottom, who was writing more on an already outrageously long Herbology essay.

Lelouch glanced at his feet to see Gino curled up, an open book sitting on his lap. He smiled before sitting up slowly. After kissing the corner of Suzaku's mouth he stood up, stretching and popping his back.

Neville looked up at the sound of movement and gave Lelouch a small smile before looking back at his essay. Lelouch turned to the edge of the couch and carefully pried the book from Gino's hands.

Curiosity got the better of the Britannian Emperor as he glanced at the open page of the book. His heartbeat quickened as he read the title: "Trio Bonding Ceremonies used in Wizarding Society". Lelouch couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to be bonded to the two beautiful, amazing people next to him. He had heard being bonded was amazing with the right people or person. You could feel their every emotion, their every desire…

Lelouch couldn't help the feeling of hope that bubbled up as he placed the book back in Gino's arms. No need to let Gino know that Lelouch knew what he was planning. Lelouch wanted to see if he would really go through with it.

Lelouch sat down on the table in between the two couches (the one with his lovers and the one with Neville) and called a house elf. The one that appeared was named Dobby, Lelouch remembered, having seen him being called by Harry on several occasions.

He asked the house elf to bring up breakfast for him and the other two. Turning to Neville he asked if wanted anything too. Neville looked up in surprise. "Sure..." He said, shocked that someone paid attention to him. Lelouch gave him a tiny smile and turned back to the house elf with a nod.

"Get some breakfast for him too, please." With a bow and a pop, the house elf was gone.

-Line Break-

Clovis sat in the Great Hall, feeling ridicules for getting up so early, almost like a kid on Christmas. He looked around, feeling disappointed. His reason for getting up so early hadn't showed up at all. Clovis got up from his empty table and walked to the Entrance Hall, where he froze in place.

There across from him was the object of his obsessions. He had a hand on a blond male student only slightly shorter than him, with the same swirling gray eyes. Clovis watched as the smaller gave a small smile before turning and walking towards the Great Hall. Lucius didn't even look up at the smaller leave, just turned and walked down the corridors that led to the dungeons, also where Clovis' room resided.

The smaller blond lookalike walked past Clovis with a glance, leaving Clovis to make a decision. Follow Lucius or wait to give Lucius the chance to find him. Clovis started walking towards the dungeons before he even made up his mind.

Winding Clovis hurried down the corridor, intent on not losing his target. He caught up to the blond and almost called out to him when he saw him go into a classroom, leaving the door open. Clovis snuck up to the door, listening carefully for any sign that Lucius would come back out.

"So..." He heard an unfamiliar voice say.

"I did it. We're officially divorced." Lucius said smugly. "I never have to deal with that bitch ever again."

The voice spoke again. "I'm glad for you Lucius, I really am."

"I don't know what I'd do without you, Sev." Lucius whispered.

Silence followed, causing Clovis to glance in curiously. His eyes widened as he saw Lucius embracing the slightly shorter black haired man he vaguely remembered as Severus Snape. He jerked back with a sharp breath before putting his hand over his mouth, eyes still wide. "Did you hear that?" Lucius asked in his voice like velvet, causing Clovis to shiver even in his shock.

By the time Severus and Lucius glanced out of the doorway, Clovis had left as quickly as possible, trying to ignore the burning of tears in his eyes.

-Line Break-

Draco looked up at his father as he placed his hand on his shoulder. "It's really good to see you. I'm happy for you and the Potter boy, I really am." Lucius said.

Draco's eyes widened in amazement at his father's statement as his breath got caught in his throat. Never in a million years had Draco ever thought his father would approve of him being with a male, let alone Harry Potter, the-boy-who-lived. "Thanks dad." He managed to say. Now that he knew his father approved of his relationship, he knew he was ready to tell the world of his and Harry's relationship.

With a small smile, Draco turned to walk to the Great Hall to find his boyfriend and get something to eat. He noticed one of the new princes staring at the direction of where he and his father had been standing. If he remembered correctly, the prince's name was Clovis li Britannia, one of Lelouch's elder half-brothers. He glanced at him as he walked past and into the Great Hall before scanning the Gryffindor table for his Gryffindor.

He caught Harry's eye and stalked towards him, a predatory look in his gaze. Harry gulped, looking scared and hopeful at Draco's expression. Draco walked up to Harry and leaned down, capturing the brunette's lips from across the table. Slowly the whole table grew quiet, then the nearby tables, and eventually the whole room as they watch Draco's tongue search Harry's mouth before pulling back, leaving Harry wanting more.

"Hello, luv." Draco drawled with a smirk at Harry's dumbstruck look, loud enough for everyone to hear. Draco sort of wished he had waited until it was a school day instead of a weekend to get the maximum affect, but overall he was just relieved he could show his appreciation for his boyfriend in front of anyone he wanted. Harry looked at Draco with a blush.

"Hey Dray..." Harry almost whispered in his shock. Then a smile broke across his face as he realized what this meant. "Your father approved?"

"Yeah, he did." Draco said with a hint of a smile on his face. Harry smiled wider.

Harry could see the headlines for the prophet now: 'Boy-who-lived is boy-who-likes-boys?' Strangely, Harry realized as Draco held his hand across the table, he couldn't care less what they thought. He was happy with Draco, his lover, regardless of what everyone thought.

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