Hello everyone, I know that this isn't a chapter but I have news about my stories

The reason I made the poll was to see what you guys wanted to thats what I did and the results are in.

What came in last was 'The Love Of Their Lives'

Second Place was 'A Life Without You'

And what came into a tie for first place was 'A Story That Repeat's Itself' and 'A Woman Scorn'

And its tie breaker was the reviews so the story I will focus the most will be 'A Story That Repeat's Itself'

What means for the rest of my stories is that it will be on hold until I finish with the first one. Sorry if I disappointed some of you but it had to be done.

I might do another poll in the near future asking the same thing, but other than that, I'm really truly sorry.

Enjoy for whats more to come.

This is Wonderwomanbatman siging out :) See you guys soon :D