Made of Glass

Song fic.

Song used: Made of Glass

By: Trapt

The child, no older than five at the time, ran blindly through the streets of Konoha no Sato. His eyes were shut tightly as tears threatened to break free of the lids. Behind him ran three older, taller, and meaner boys shouting out rude names to his fleeing back. The boy didn't know why he was always so hated, it was just another fact of his life, along with him being an orphan.

He didn't pay any attention to where he was running, and he didn't notice the older boys had stopped chasing him a while back. He didn't know that he'd run all the way from the poorest district into the very fancy, upper-class district. He also didn't notice that his feet were taking him to the infamous Uchiha estates.

So, when he came to an abrupt stop against something warm and firm, the boy was surprised. His surroundings had changed drastically from what he was used to. Also, there was the matter of just what he'd run into. Looking up, he saw it was a who, and not a what, that he'd run into.

Blue eyes as deep and clear as the sky widened in recognition and surprise when they met eyes of black onyx. He noticed all the little details of the older boys appearance, from the clothing which screamed of nobility, to the symbol of the Uchiha clan stitched into his clothes.

It was the oldest son of Lord Fugaku Uchiha, Itachi, who was around five of six years older than Naruto himself.

"I-I-I'm… I'm so-sorry, I-Itachi-san… I wasn't watching where I was going, or where I was. Please forgive me!" The blonde stuttered, bowing in respect and cringing as though afraid of some kind of beating.

He was cursing his luck that it was the acclaimed genius and heir to the Uchiha clan that he'd run into. Though he also couldn't help the thoughts of how pretty Itachi was from racing into his mind. Even he had heard of the Uchiha's, and Itachi as well. The older boy was supposedly a genius, at only ten or eleven, and was announced as the heir to Lord Fugaku's position in the council of nobles upon his coming of age.

He gave the older boy an apologetic grin and scratched the back of his head in a display of embarrassment, and took off. He didn't want to wait for the boy to get angry and hit him or something. So he missed what the other boy said.

He had been about to ask if the young blonde was alright, and to tell him to be more careful, but no words came out until after the boy had run off. He was left standing their looking at least a little ridiculous, though as an Uchiha he managed to still look cool.

Itachi had been quite stunned by the young boys appearance, and not the fact he looked like he needed to soak in the tub for a minimum of three hours to remove all the dirt and grime covering him, but because of those intense blue eyes. They were the most intense shade of blue he'd ever seen on anyone's face, and his hair, though very dirt-covered and messy, was a vivid shade of yellow-blonde.

It almost reminded him of a picture in the main house of their late king, who'd died five years ago. That boy looked about five, and I believe mother mentioned the queen having given birth to a child… Though the child had supposedly been stillborn and the queen died of grief at losing both her husband and son.

Itachi had continued walking, thoughts centered around the mysterious blonde and an older man the boy resembled. He wasn't called a genius for nothing, though right now there was little proof for his speculations, and the King's son had died, or so they were told.

Naruto, meanwhile, had made it back into a poorer, shopping district. It wasn't too far from his 'home', but no where near the place those bullies would think to look for him if they wanted to pick on him any more. He found a small park-like area, framed by trees and sheltered from view of the hateful villagers, and sat down under a tree. He leaned against it and closed his eyes, picturing instantly a pair of deep onyx on a face that he couldn't help but like thinking of.

He, being a five-year-old, and not having parents to ask, didn't know what to make of the fluttery feeling he got when thinking of the older boy. He sighed and tried remembering every thing he knew of the Uchiha, though it wasn't much, and it was all public knowledge.

Itachi had by now returned home and made his way to his rooms in the main house. No one was around, which didn't surprise him in the least. His mother had probably taken his outotou out shopping for school things, as he would be starting at Konoha gakuen soon, Father would be in another council of Nobles meeting, and the servants were around, but knew not to bother him.

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