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~Five Years Later~

Naruto raced through the streets, a yellow-orange-black blur, an ear-to-ear grin plastered to his face despite the hate-filled glares and words directed at his back. Today was the first day back, after the week-long break; The middle of it was the anniversary of the death of the last King and Queen, as well as the attack on the village at the hands of a demon that had been defeated by the King at the cost of his life.

Naruto was excited about going back to school, though he was currently going to be a few minutes late due to over-sleeping. He already knew what Iruka-sensei would be yelling at him about it, as it happened often; even when he was only a second or two late Iruka-sensei had to make a big deal about it. Naruto liked hanging out with Iruka-sensei, since the man treated him like he wasn't some kind of creature to be hated, and he even treated Naruto to ramen some days.

Iruka was like a dad, or a father figure, to him and the old man who had taken over for the King and Queen was like a grandfather to him. The throne itself had been left vacant for a long time, his whole life, and the reason was that the royal family had been, supposedly, killed off the day he was born. Their village had been attacked by a powerful demon, one of nine Greater Demon's, the Kyuubi. The Ninth Greater Demon, and the most powerful.

The Queen had died later that night, after the demon had been defeated by the King, in childbirth with her still-born son. This is what they were taught in class, anyways, but Naruto knew better. Sarutobi-jiichan told him that the prince was alive and well, kept secret from the kingdom until he was old enough to protect himself from possible political threats. There were some among the city council that weren't likely to leave the prince alone should they learn of his existence.

According to Sarutobi-jiichan, the King had sacrificed his life to seal the demon in a newborn child. Naruto knew that Sarutobi-jiichan had left some things out when he told him about the day of his birth, but he let it pass. He had a bit of an idea about what it was, why it was being kept from him, and he knew it had something to do with why he looked like the man that was in the picture in the old man's office, Minato Namikaze, the King that had died ten years ago.

Naruto wouldn't pry. The old man had his reason's for not telling Naruto, and he respected the old man enough to let him decide when would be a good time to tell Naruto. At least he knew why the village treated him like it did; he'd been the newborn that had been used as the vessel for the Kyuubi.

Iruka-sensei's voice called him from his thoughts. Naruto put the grin that had slipped from his face back on, waving to his teacher before giving the man his usual excuse. He then took his seat at the back of the classroom, grinning back at the people that had laughed and whispered not-so-quiet insults about his repeated lateness. He tuned them out and stared off into la-la land as the lesson resumed. Iruka announced that they had a student that would be transferring in, which brought the entire class, minus Naruto, to focus at the front once more.

"Please come in and introduce yourself Sasuke-kun." His words had all the girls sitting up straighter and there was an audible pause as the class held its breath as the door opened to reveal the silent Sasuke Uchiha in all his regal glory. The girls started fan-girling with screams of "It's Sasuke-sama", and "Sasuke-sama look here!" The center of attention, however, seemed uninterested in the reactions.

"I don't think I really need to say anything, Sensei. Seems like everyone already knows who I am…" Sasuke spoke in a detached monotone before he moved to the only empty seat, ignoring all offers from the female fangirl's to sit next to them, next to the oblivious blond. Naruto was vaguely aware of the noise in the classroom, but he didn't pay it any attention. So, when Sasuke's voice broke through the pleasant little bubble he had erected around himself, he was surprised, to say the least.

"Oi, dobe, move your bag." Naruto turned to the voice and was about to tell the person to shove off and go elsewhere, when he noticed the appearance of the boy. It was so like the boy he'd met five years ago, though there were obvious differences, like hair length, and Sasuke was lacking the lines on his face that Itachi had, even at ten years old. Itachi also carried himself with a different kind of arrogance, Sasuke's was based only on the status of his family and not on personal skill level.

Naruto glared at the Uchiha's youngest heir for a long time, and Sasuke looked about to say something else when Naruto finally shrugged and moved his bag to the other empty desk on his other side. Sasuke smirked and sat in his new seat. Naruto then proceeded to ignore the boy beside him.

Class started again after the little interruption and Naruto's focus went out the window again, literally, as he was staring at the clouds in the sky. He occasionally stole a glance or two at the younger Uchiha that sat beside him. Sasuke was pale, with very noticeable Uchiha features, the black hair and eyes which turned red when their Kekkei Genkai, the Sharingan, was in use.

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Yes, they are shin obi.. Only the ranks are a little different. Gennin are like medieval squires, Chunnin are the Knights of lower rank, and Jounnin are like the commanders, with a ten-twenty man squad made up of Chunnin and Gennin. Instead of a Hokage, they have a King and Queen.. though currently the throne is vacant.

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