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The teen sat at the breakfast table alone, as everyone else would still be in be at this ungodly hour. The thing that caused him to be up? A dream of a memory from five years ago. Eyes of a rare shade of blue, a blue their late king and Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, had possessed.

Itachi sighed and stood up to finish preparing some tea for himself when the kettle boiled. He had tried researching to find any clue as to the boy's identity and heritage, but had found suspiciously little information on him. It seemed to be a great secret, the boy's past, that he, a Chunnin at the time, wasn't in a high enough position to know. It was unlikely even a Jounin would be able to access the information normally.

He had found the boys name was Naruto Uzumaki, and that his mother and father had died in the Kyuubi attack the day he was born; their names were not revealed on the birth records. To even learn this much had required the help of his friend, Shisui, who was able to get the information with less-than-model-citizen methods. It was a risk that he'd chosen to take, getting Shisui to look for information on the boy, and his friend knew enough to not ask questions about his interest in the blond orphan.

A soft noise reached his ears and drew Itachi from his thoughts. He tensed and reached for a kunai, though as he was within the Uchiha compound it was unlikely that it was an enemy, but old habits were hard to shake no matter where you are. Especially as a ninja. Sasuke's [sleep-filled] face appeared in the doorway and Itachi relaxed slightly.

Silently, Itachi prepared another cup and offered it to Sasuke while the younger Uchiha took a seat at the table, across from where his brother's cup was now resting. Sasuke accepted the cup when Itachi offered it with a small smile and grunt of thanks. Silence stretched between the brothers, somewhere in-between comfortable and awkward. Looking out the window, Itachi noticed that the sun was starting to rise.

"You're Up early Otouto" "You're up early Aniki" They spoke up at the same time. The siblings pause a second and share a slight chuckle. Itachi spoke first this time, "More like up late, and you Otouto?" Sasuke groaned in reply, then elaborated,

"First official mission with Team 7 today, our sensei told us to get to the appointed meeting place about a half hour from now." Sasuke groaned again, dreading having to do a mission with two of the most annoying team-mates he could have possibly ended up with. There was a pink-haired fan-girl who was obsessed with him, she was quite likely crazy in Sasuke's opinion, and a hyper-active blond idiot that had somehow managed to beat him for the highest score of the graduation exams.

The three of them were the only ones to finish early out of everyone in their year, though the Nara boy could have very easily gotten a score as high as Sakura's or even close to his score, if her weren't so lazy. He'd said that 'It's too troublesome' to get a passing mark right then. He would have to try again when the rest of the class took it.

"Shouldn't you get going then, Otouto?" Itachi finally spoke up, breaking through Sasuke's thoughts like a knife through warm butter. Sasuke cursed softly when he noticed the amusement in his brother's voice, before waving a farewell and leaving the house to hurry as calmly as you'd expect of an Uchiha. His destination, of course, was the training grounds Kakashi-sensei had told them to go meet up at. He had enough time that he could walk through the streets of Konoha, though the whispers that followed him were annoying.

"Another Uchiha passed through the Academy"

"Look at that, another Uchiha became a shin obi."

"As expected of Itachi's younger brother to pass the Academy ahead of everyone else," and other such phrases reached his ears. Sasuke smirked slightly, only a little put-off from being compared to Itachi. He was used to it by now. A hushed whisper stopped him completely though.

"Did you hear about that demon brat, Uzumaki Naruto? He passed as well." A woman hissed to her friend.

"Shhh. You're not supposed to talk about it, Sandaime-sama's orders. You know that." Her friend replied in the same hissing whisper. "Yondaime-sama requested that it not be talked about."

Sasuke frowned and took the roof-top path rather than listen to more civilian chatter. The conversation he'd overheard was interesting, he would need to ask the blonde idiot about it.. 'Or Kakashi-sensei since that dobe won't know anything about it probably.'

Itachi, meanwhile, was still sitting at the breakfast table, thinking about the 'idiot blond' his Otouto had been 'sort of' ranting about, since Uchiha's don't rant, unintentionally of course. Could the 'idiot blond' be the same blond he had met five years ago? It was highly likely, as there was only one other blond in that class, if he remembered right, and Sasuke had mentioned 'him' and 'he', so the Yamanaka girl was obviously not who Sasuke was talking about. He would ask Sasuke for the boy's name next time he saw him.

Dragging his thoughts from the blond they seemed to focus on frequently, Itachi stood and washed the cups he and Sasuke had used. He had to report to Sandaime-sama for a mission of his own with his team. At that moment, his mother entered the room and smiled at him in the way that he knew she was going to suggest he try finding a nice girl soon…again. For a few weeks now she had been mentioning his availability and being of age soon. He politely declined all her match-making efforts thus far, but knew that unless he found someone by himself, she would keep after him about it.

He greeted her, and told her that he had to go meet the Sandaime, and that he would speak with her when he was finished with his mission. She looked slightly put-out, but nodded and wished him well on his mission.

He nodded and left the house, moments before his father entered after his mother. He immediately took to the roof and headed for the office of the Hokage. The old man had been chosen as the Kings successor, but was not a King himself. It had caused a stir among the gossip-fanatic's of his family and the servants they had.

He knew the old man Sandaime knew Naruto, and was probably close to the boy. He could ask the man for details about Naruto when he had the time, maybe. It was a subject that was usually avoided in conversation. That was also something that was bugging him. The secrecy about the child. Adults who were more than ten years older than Naruto knew about it, it seemed (as they constantly whispered it whenever the boy was close, Itachi knew this because he happened to have overheard a little of it a while ago).

He was becoming obsessed with the blond, and he didn't know why. For now he would act uninterested, since it would be considered as odd for him to show interest in it suddenly. He arrived at the Hokage's office and met up with his team. The mission was a simple one that required leaving the village over-night. It was a good chance to get his mind off the blond.

If anyone thought Itachi was distracted, they knew better than to mention it… except for Shisui that is. He was in Itachi's team and was unusual for an Uchiha. He was a cheerful person and enjoyed teasing Itachi for being as cold as a stone. When asked why not ice for Itachi, he'd laughed and replied that Fugaku Uchiha was cold as ice, Itachi wasn't quite that bad yet.

"Yo, 'Tachi-chaan~ You seem distracted with something… A cutie perhaps?" He wrapped an arm around Itachi's shoulder and the other merely gave him a deadpan stare. The others in the group stayed back and refused to get in the way of a possible Uchiha fight. Itachi glared when the other refused to let go of him, or of the conclusion he'd come to about Itachi seeming distracted.

He started chanting a foolish little song about Itachi falling in love, and received a strong fist to the side of his head for it. Itachi was visibly irritated, hence the punch he'd given Shisui. Suffice to say, everyone in the room knew not to ask about it, Shisui excluded though he was currently out for the count. They finally got back on track and were soon dispatched to carry out their mission, Itachi carrying the goof-ball of the Uchiha clan, Shisui, on his back until the other woke up from the punch.

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