This will probably have kind of short chapters. Not sure yet. This chapter goes through the Dark Knight movie. This story will mainly be from others points of view on Harry.

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Jamie Jones was in a perfect position to witness everything, not that she wanted to be. She'd kept her head down, eyes shut when the shooting started, when the bus came crashing through the side of the building. She only opened them when it stopped and there was only one robber left.

She could see through the open back door of the school bus. She wasn't thinking, too terrified to but she was so surprised, shocked really, when someone else stepped out of the bus that, for a moment, she forgot her fear.

The child was small with dark hair that looked like it hadn't seen a brush in years. He wore dark clothes and couldn't have been much older than ten. Despite her fear for herself, she couldn't keep her eyes off him.

The child looked down at the bodies on the floor and giggled before he stepped over them. Jamie flinched at the sound. It was a horrifying sight, worse than anything she'd seen that day.

The boy hopped up on one of the desks. He swung his legs back and forth, watching the last of the bank robbers. The manager and the last guy were talking now and it took her a moment to realize that the boy was humming something as he watched. When his eyes strayed, swept the room, and met hers for just a second the look in them froze her faster than the grenade that had been placed in her hand had.

She kept her eyes on the boy as he eventually got up and hopped back into the bus. She only forgot about him when the bus pulled away and everybody started screaming…

"There's more. There was someone else in the bank."

As soon as he was alone, Bruce abandoned Batman. He'd seen the security footage of the bank robbery. The psychotic robber who called himself the Joker was not what had disturbed him. The man was no great threat…yet. However, the image of the child who had accompanied Joker had.

The picture from the cameras showed it. A child who couldn't have been much older than ten, if that. It made him nauseous and he considered changing his opinion. He'd been dealing with the mob for a while now but he'd never seen anything like this out of them.

Killing children was a horrendous crime that he had seen as well but this was different and turned his stomach. He had seen the child's eyes in the security footage. It had been a hell of a lot more disturbing than anything he'd ever seen.

Gordon sat across from the boy. The man who called himself the Joker was sitting in a cage and he was planning on going to see what he could get from the psychopath but first he wanted…needed to talk to this boy.

The boy, however, seemed to be ignoring him. He was swinging his legs in his chair, humming while he colored furiously on the paper in front of him. The requests for the items were the only words the child had spoken since they had caught Joker and the boy.

"Are you going to tell me your name at least?" The boy continued to ignore him and Gordon sighed. "This man that you have been…I assume living with. He's not a good guy. He's killed a lot of people…"

"He won't kill me," the boy finally spoke up slowly. His eyes flickered up and Gordon was once again startled by what he saw in them. "Killing people who aren't afraid isn't any fun." It sounded like a quote but there was conviction behind it, like he believed it too. Gordon recoiled and ran a hand over his face. He knew how psychotic Joker was but to corrupt a child this way…

"Listen, I'm going to try and help you, alright?" He said, thinking of his own son and he wondered where this boys parents were, if he had any.

"Going to send me away?" The boy asked. "I'm not crazy." He lifted his head and met Gordon's gaze head on. "I'm an artist."

"This town deserves a better class of criminal and I'm gonna give it to them."

"Get down!" He barked out at the boy who was sitting near the top of the mountain of cash. The boy pouted and slid down the side.

"But I like it," the boy said, rocking back and forth on his feet and staring up at Joker. The other men in the room were startled when the normally unstable man simply rolled his eyes at this before torching the pile of money.

"Like it?" Joker asked, watching the fire blaze. The boy grinned. There was something beautiful about fire, something captivating about watching a fire rage out of control. After a moment, though, he turned his gaze back to Joker and the mobster in front of him. If there was anything more interesting than the fire behind them, it would be this.

"What about the boy?" Batman asked the question of Gordon before he left the scene. They had caught the Joker but everything was still a mess and he needed to know this before he committed himself to being hunted down by the police to protect Harvey Dent's reputation.

"No sign of him. It looks like Joker left him out of this last bit of planning….or he could be dead." The statement was blunt but Batman nodded.

Even months later, when there was still no sign of the kid, when they couldn't get anything out of the Joker about who the kid was or if he was even still alive, Bruce still wondered. He'd probably wonder forever about the child with the green eyes that held the same psychotic light as the Joker's.