NOTE: I DON'T OWN TOY STORY OR OBAMA! THIS IS A FAN FICTION! Please don't sue! This idea just popped into my head after reading Ash (from Army of Darkness) Saves Obama! Again, this is just for amusement purpopses only, please don't sue!

Toy Story:

Buzz saves Obama

It was a sunny day in Andy's neighborhood. People were busy playing around the block at the 1st annual 'Tri-County Toy Festival'. A big electronic sign was set opposite from Andy's house that was counting down time for a 'Special Guest Arrival'. Everyone was so busy checking out all the latest toys and gadgets, that they didn't hear the sounds of a game playing coming from Andy's room, even though no one was in there.

"Oh, that's it, Rex!" Hamm exclaimed quickly mashing the buttons on Andy's Super Nintendo, "I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna...Agh!"

"Hooray!" Rex cheered as the game was over, and he was once again the champion, "I win again!"

"That's because of your high spirits." Hamm said to himself.

"Something wrong, Hamm?" Buzz asked, lifting himself onto Andy's desk.

"Nothing." Hamm grunted.

"Good." Buzz explained, "Because Andy's coming for me tonight, and we're going to his Dad's."

"You sure?" Mr. Potato head asked, "Because, eh, I remember what happened with Woody that one time."

"Ha-Ha." Woody laughed sarcastically as he carried an oversized newspaper over his head.

"What's that, Woody?" Rex asked.

"The big news!" Woody explained, opening the paper, "Of the big man."

All the toys gathered around to see a black and white photo of an racially-mixed man with big ears. The headline read: President Obama expected to promote 'Woody's Roundup Revival'.

"It says here," Woody read, "That President Barrack Obama is expected to approve a new toy company in the Tri-County area that will revive the Woody's Roundup media. But it also says that he's expected to stop by right outside today to meet with fans and make a purchase for his daughters."

"Ah," Buzz said before turning to Woody, "So...who is this Obama, Woody?"

Woody was about to reprimand Buzz for not watching the 44th Inauguration on Andy's laptop, when they heard a noise.

"It's Andy!" Woody said, "Hide, now!"

Everyone took their hiding spots where they had been previously left, before Andy thrust open the door.

"Hey, Buzz!" He said taking Buzz off from where he had left him, "Ready to go to Dad's?"

Andy pressed the red button on Buzz's chest to open his wings, but to his astonishment, only one wing came out. Andy gave a surprised look, as he put the wing back in and tried again. Still only one wing came out.

"What?" Andy asked confused.

Andy tried pressing the blue button, expecting everything to hopefully be fine, but all that came out was:

"To In-In-Infinity... And beyond!"

Just then, Andy's mom stepped into the room with a why are you not in the car yet? look on her face.

"Andy," His mom said, "Come on, Molly's already in the car and I want to go before the President gets here and everyone goes nuts."

"But Mom," Andy whined, "Buzz is broken and I wanted to take him to Dad's."

"I'm sorry, Honey," His mom explained, "But I told you toys don't last forever."

She placed Buzz up on a shelf as Andy looked at the ground. His mom put one arm around his shoulder and they both left.

Everyone awoke to look at Buzz with astonishment.


But outside, something larger than what was going on outside Andy's house than on the inside.

As Andy's car drove away, it passed a black limo pulling up to the curve. Inside, the current leader of the free world, and possibly the greatest man on this planet was finishing something up in his limo.

"So," He said to his attendant, "I'll give the speech, pick up something for the girls and get back here in an hour or two."

"Okay, sir," The assistant said as his security opened the door and he stepped out, "Then we'll get you back, so we can make it to the toy factory, and back to Air Force One."

As Barrack Obama stepped out of his limo, he was met with thousands of cameras trying to get a good shot of him.

"There he is!" Somebody exclaimed.


"Mr. President, over here!"

"We love you, Obama!"

Inside Andy's Room...

"Buzz!" Woody called, "What happened?"

"I..." Buzz said trying to speak, "I don't know, Woody. I don't know."

"Try using your jet pack again!" Rex urged.

Buzz pressed the jet pack button again, but only one wing went out once more.

"Maybe I'm broke..." Buzz thought out loud, "But where am I going to find a repair shop..."

"Well," A booming voice said on the speakers from outside, "Take care kids, I'm off to get this toy factory opened, so remember to stay in school and do well!"

That caught Buzz's attention and he rushed toward the window and jumped out of there.

"Buzz!" Woody screamed rushing over to the window.

Woody watched as the old 'Lightyear Luck' kicked in and Buzz landed in a bag being carried by Obama, unnoticed by anyone.

That's when Woody realized what Buzz was doing.

Oh, Woody said to himself, I get it! Buzz will head down to the factory, Obama will notice him, fix him up and send him back. I mean he is the democrat after all. How hard can it...

Woody's thoughts trailed off as he noticed something no one else had.

Or actually, Woody saw someone he never thought he'd see again.

"Prospector..." Woody whispered.

Even from where he was standing, Woody could hear Prospector loud and clear.

"So," Stinky Peat said out loud, waiting to hitch a ride in Presidential Style, "They won't let me be chosen, hm? Well, if I can't be the first daughter's favorite toy, no one can!"

With that, Prospector managed to climb into the back of the limo unnoticed by anyone.

"Buzz!" Woody yelled as the limo took off with the two unnoticed passengers, "What am I going to..."

"Hey man!" A voice called, "Can I get the directions to the new toy factory, I gotta drop these pizza's off by there."

Turning, Woody saw that the voice was coming from the driver of a Pizza Planet truck.

"Bingo!" Woody exclaimed, sliding down the water pipe.

"Woody!" Everyone called as Jessie got on Bullseye.

"Come on, Bullseye," Jessie exclaimed, "Yah!"

With that, she road Bullseye onto Andy's Hot Wheels car, doing the loopy-loop and flying out the window, they bounced on the roof of an inflatable play-pen and landed safely on the ground unnoticed by anyone.

Hiding, Bullseye and Jessie watched Woody get in on the passenger seat.

"What does he think he's doing?!" Jessie whispered as she and Bullseye got to the trunk.

Jessie pulled herself up and assisted Bullseye as they both climbed in through the back window.

Once they were in the trunk, Jessie went over to the back window, to notice Woody placing the seat belt over him to secure him in the seat. The driver, however, did not notice.

Jessie sighed before the driver took off at lightning fast speed, sending Jessie flying back and into a wall.

As she regained conscience, she noticed she was at the feet of somebody. At first, she expected to see Bullseye, but looking up, if the toy's purple outfit and black and red cape didn't give any indication of who this guy was away, the big, lightening bold 'Z' on his chest surely did.

"Why do they always have the toy that comes with the meal?" Jessie asked.