When America flew over the Atlantic to make it to the next World Meeting with his brother Canada, he was bored, and, knowing that all the nations would never agree with each other, didn't want to waste his time with it. But no matter what he thought, he had to go, with a smile on his face and a cheerful personality. And it was all worth it to bother England. At least, then, he wouldn't be bored during the Meeting.

Alfred glanced over at Matthew for a second; almost forgetting he was even there. The nearly invisible country was sleeping on his shoulder peacefully, having abandoned the idea of taking the window seat from Alfred since the taller nation first rejected the notion.

Boredom made Alfred a very devious country. As Matthew was sleeping he blew spitballs in his hair and stuffed pieces of napkin up his nose, courtesy of the lunch they were served a little while before. When he ran out of more creative ideas and ignored the looks he got from the other passengers, Alfred too finally fell asleep. He got up again when they reached the airport because Canada was too soft-voiced and unnoticeable, even when he was jabbing and prodding at America furiously after he woke up to an unpleasant – and disgusting – surprise.

He made Matthew carry all the luggage because, Alfred proclaimed, during the trip he was officially his sidekick, and sidekicks always did things heroes didn't bother with. Carrying the luggage to their hotel rooms was one of them. Matthew sometimes wondered why he even put up with his annoying brother.

By the time they finally got to the Meeting, they were both very late. But most of the nations didn't even notice that Canada was there, so they just rolled their eyes at America as he noisily sat down, the last one to do so.

"Late, as always, America. I guess punctuality doesn't mean much for such a stupid, bloody git, after all," England commented haughtily, arms crossed over his chest.

"Hey! I had to fly over an ocean!" Alfred shot back.

"I had a long flight as well, aru," China piped up. "And I was early, aru yo!"

Embarrassed, Alfred sunk back into his chair. Maybe he shouldn't have stopped at McDonald's to buy a few – okay, maybe a lot – of hamburgers. Once again, he preferred his own country's fast food over Europe's. Alfred watched Arthur's face turn from a conceited smile into a disgusted frown as he pulled out a still-warm Big Mac from his suit jacket.

Germany started the Meeting after shaking his head disapprovingly at the tardiness, banter, and fast food. It proceeded as usual with surprisingly minimal fighting between America, England, and the other nations.

Alfred was finishing up his last hamburger just as the Meeting was ending. Arthur looked like he couldn't wait to get out of there, especially since he had been watching America's eating habits and it appeared that he was about to vomit.

Still, the atmosphere was very cheery. So every single nation was caught completely off-guard when all the doors banged open at once, and men in black suits came charging in with large guns.

"What the bloody hell is going on?" England reacted first. Some of the other countries were starting to panic, but the more militant ones remained silent, sensing the danger.

One man who appeared to be leading the black-clad army answered him, "We know who you all are. Remain seated and stay calm, nations of the world."

At these words, nearly everyone performed the opposite. The next few minutes were hell. The countries were clamoring over each other and trying to find a way out. The soldiers rushed toward the center of the table and grabbed at any nation they could. There was no escape; only chaos.

America did not know what to do. He, unlike the others, remained seated, but only out of shock. England grabbed his shoulder and made him stand.

"Come on!" he told him over the shouts. "Follow me!" Arthur almost had to drag him to the nearest window, sneaking away from the chaos in the center of the room. "I thought you were a hero. Shouldn't you know what to do?" he smiled faintly. Alfred was still wordless from astonishment.

Bracing himself for severe pain, England smashed the window open with a strong thrust from his elbow. Reeling from the agony, he forced America through the broken glass and watched him tumble through the sill. Adrenaline and desperate strength helped him accomplish his goal. But now all his resolve was drained.

As Alfred was falling through the air, his shocked face and frozen blue eyes stayed locked on Arthur's distant, emerald orbs. Merely a few seconds later, a gun struck the island nation behind the head and knocked him out. Before England vanished from America's view, he saw that blood was gushing down his blonde hair and a soldier held his limp form in his arms.

Alfred landed in one of the huge bushes surrounding the tall building. He fell on his back but was mostly alright because nations didn't die from mortal wounds. However, he did have bad bruises and his clothes and skin were cut and bleeding from the broken glass.

At first, Alfred could barely get up because his whole body was aching from the fall. His head was facing skyward, but he couldn't see the window anymore because of the angle he was in. The young nation's eyes were wet and he realized he didn't want to see what else was happening in that room.

"Iggy…" Alfred whispered. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply for a couple of moments. The day had started out like any other, so why was this happening? Questions were pulsing in his head. How did those people know that they were the world's nations? Did someone tell them? How they break in? And why did Arthur rescue him before anyone, including himself?

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