chapter 1: different fate

How could they betray me again? I though team 7 was going to be my chance at a real family Now, like everyone else the just prove to me how gullible and stupid i am. Kakashi the leader and teacher of team 7 spoke of team work but never even tried to teach anyone but the precious Uchiha. Sasuke the genius of the team never tried to pretend that we meant something to him at least but you would think after you spend half you life alone that someone might possibly understand. And then there was Sakura who was once the weakest in the group had somehow managed to "persuade" the toad sennin to take her on as an apprentice leaving me without a teacher or anyone who would care... What else can i do but train? I can't be a burden to Sakura when she tries to bring back Sasuke.

You would think that after a life of being hurt by people it wouldn't come as a surprise and you usually be right but aster someone spends there time telling you they can be trusted it can make you drop your guard.

"Fuck" i hissed as the kunai stopped spinning in my hands and i felt it puncture skin. I looked at the kunai lying in my bloody hands and tried to remember why i was doing this. And at the back of my mind i could hear Kakashi telling me that i needed better control to be taught with Sakura and Sasuke.

"I (sigh) Just need to master this technique" muttered Naruto as he stopped to clear his head trying to concentrate on the right ratio of physical and spiritual energy and the kunai started to slowly rise and spin getting faster.

Half an hour later after finally mastering the exercise i laughed as i thought of how much my life had changed since the chunin exams, i'm training alone, again. But who really cared? Who wanted to train him? Who didn't hate him? Kakashi thought i was a complete idiot and apparently, too dumb to understand the difference between liking someone and hating them. The later of the two was probably the reason since i met the man i could tell he hated me Gaara once made a joke that Kakashi probably taught Sasuke the chidori to kill me.

When Sakura finally did introduce me to Jaraiya the first thing that struck me was he had his hand on her lower back and kept whispering things that made her look like a tomato and all that came to mind was the little slut was fuck a paedophile, she was obviously lying when she said that she managed to frighten an old man into training her, it was quite clear what he was receiving for the training.

It was hard to believe that the great Uzumaki Naruto who beat a junken prodigy was being denied training. I watched as my hinds healed themselves i got up wondering what i would do while Sasuke was still in the hospital and Sakura was away on a mission.

"Oh hello Naruto-kun what are you doing out so late." I turn to see Neji walking towards me with TenTen and couldn't help but smile what might be my only really friends.

"Hey guys i was just heading out to the hospital to check on how Sasuke was doing. What about you guys." TenTen seemed oblivious to how i was feeling but Neji's eyes narrowed slightly but let the false happy tone slide.

"We were just going to check on how lee was going. Do you mind if we walk with you?" it always annoyed me how formal he was but then again he did come from a noble family.

"Yeah sure and thanks guys for getting those chakra control scrolls. I was just wondering what i should do while team 7 is out of commission. I'm being compensated for it but i would like to do something during the weight any ideas?" they howl of team ten new about my tenant and new it was unlikely i could get a job working with civilians.

"Well Neji gave you those scrolls a week ago so how many exercises have your mastered?" it wasn't unlike Tenten to be curious.

"All of them, i just finished the last one and i'm thinking about combining it with water walking." I heard Neji chuckle something about most surprising knuckle headed ninja and gave a little mock punch.

"Well why don't you volunteer at the hospital? None of the doctors hate you and the exercise you learned was at a jonin level control and with your chakra reserve you could be one of the best medical ninjas like Tsunade." As she said this little harts appeared in her eyes, and she started talking about all her achievements. The next thing Neji said had them running to the hospital.

"dike." Tenten snapped out of her day dream and took out a senbon.

After 5 minutes they reached the hospital with only a few senbon in a couple of uncomfortable places and made their way to the front desk. The sectary was new and as her eyes ran over me i could tell she already hated me, her eyes swept over Tenten and lingered on Neji which for some reason.

"Hello i was wondering if i could talk to yuuhi Suki." She somehow managed to tear her eyes away from the Hyuuga and back to me without looking to put out.

"I'm sorry but she's in a conference and doesn't want to be disturbed." All was said with the fakest smile."

"It's ok Orihime-san i would be happy to speak to my favourite client." Suki look like a near copy to her sister Kurenai the only real different was the fact that her hair was a pale gold colour.

"Naru-kun why don't you and your friends come to my office and discuss what it is you need." All this was said professional with a hint warmth behind it and slight smile. As we entered her office i was shocked by the amount of things in the office but what shocked him was the pictures of him Kurenai and Suki.

"O.k. Naru-kun what is it you would like to discuss." The professional edge was gone and the playful teasing tone was left.

"Suki-chan i was wondering if i could volunteer here at the hospital and maybe when my team is fully formed again i could enter the medical ninja program." she walked over to the cabinet and pulled the team 7 file.

"Naru-kun it says here that Sakura would be best for the program not only that but it say that you have very poor chakra control which is the bases of hi-jutsu. Kakashi has stated that you are one being trained for frontal assault" Her crimson eyes looked me over trying to figure out what i was thinking when Neji spoke up.

"Actually yuuhi-san it is Sakura who is being train for frontal assault by Jaraiya of the sennin. Also, Naruto was able to learn a jonin level chakra control exercise in less than a week." Her eyes widened at the implications of this. If this was true Naruto always had the potential for good chakra control but was never taught which meant his education was being sabotaged. Reaching under her desk she pulled out to kunai.

"Naru i would like you to use the kunai spinning technique please." She placed them on my hands and i slowly but steadily increased the amount of chakra until it was one inch above my palm and slowly rotating.

"Near perfect control it seems and with the amount of chakra you have its amazing you could be one of the most talented medical ninja this village has ever had. O.k. I'll make you schedule for your rounds in the hospital you will be learning bed side manor and the hospital protocol then if everything checks out you will be entered in to the program." As she said this she was also writing something down.

"Naru this is the list of books you will have to read and i will personally quiz you on them and if i may ask what has Kakashi taught you?" the atmosphere in the room went from happy and warm to tense and cold and funny enough it wasn't coming from Naruto.

"Tree walking." i muttered under my breath.

"And" her eyes were slightly narrowed.

"that was it he said i needed better chakra control but never taught me anything but tree walking and i had to learn water walking by myself." She closed her eyes and took three deep breaths and slowly opened to see the three genin look at her like some new project. She handed over the paper and left the room with thoughts of sterilizing a certain scarecrow.


8:00-9:00 : change bedpans and sheets.

10:00-11:00: checks on non-critical patients.

12:00-2:00: study on the human body and functions.

After exiting the office finally a little better we went to visit lee who was at the time asleep and Tenten made her exit.

"Naruto i was wondering if you weren't doing anything would you mind coming to get some tea with me." I turned to see Neji with a slight blush on his cheeks and realised that he was being asked out on a date. By a boy.

"Neji are you asking me out?" while i don't have a lot of experience in these maters it was hard to miss a clear invitation. He took a deep breath and seemed to remember his Hyuuga training.

"Yes Naruto I've had these feeling since the chunin exams and wish to see if anything can come from a relationship." I had to stifle a small snicker at the formal words and decided to play it call.

"Well of curse I'll go with you i couldn't turn down a generous offer like that and obviously your paying." I watched as the words sink in and he grabbed my hand and we left the hospital.

"We of course the man always pays." Running away from an enraged blond.

(Ramen stand)

"Hey old man can i have a Naruto special." Amye and her father turned around to see Naruto and another older boy standing next to him. The boy had long brown hair tied into a loosely down his back his skin was like pale cream but his most fascinating feature was his pale pupil less eyes.

"Hey Naruto who's your friend?" Teuchi tried to hide it but after years of seeing Naruto as a son he couldn't help but be a bit over protective.

"Oh this is Neji Hyuuga he just asked me out on a date and i said yes." To say they were both shocked was the understatement of the year.

"I thought you like Sakura-san?" the truth was Teuchi didn't mind that Naruto like boys but he remembered how boys Neji's age where.

"Well let's just say I've been given a rude awakening." Teuchi might not have understood the remark but he understood the dark look coming from both boys but was most surprised by his own daughter's outburst.

"Naruto thank god you finally figured out how cheap she was. I heard that boy with the dog say that he did things with her against a tree." A blush slowly showed as she realised what she just said.

"Gomenai." And both boys burst out laughing and started making small talk.

"So Naru-chan you look different." Naruto frowned and then realised what it was.

"Oh i'm growing my hair out but i'm not sure how long." Both Teuchi and Amye laughed as they saw Neji not so subtlety bring his arm around his shoulder and slowly towards his waist.

It's been a long time since i saw Naru-chan smile and talk like this it's almost like old times. Amye thought to herself.

"o.k. nee-chan, old man i'm going to take Neji to my favourite place in the hole of Konoha!" for once when he smile it wasn't that stupid fake smile but a beautiful curious smile that they thought had disappeared in his youth.

Neji paid for the food and they slowly made their way to the hokage monument while Neji's arm around his waist whispering things as they climbed to the top of the monument. As Neji layered down on the fourths head he pulled Naruto to straddle his hips.

"I've liked you a long time Naru-chan and i'm just glad that you feel you can be yourself around me." He caress Narutos cheek and lowered his face feeling Narutos warm breath his tongue snakes out asking for acceptance. His lips hesitate for a second as he lets him in the two tongues battle for dominance.

They both lay there looking at the same thing.

Is this what it feels like to belong?

"Neji i am yours for as long as you truly want me." There was something about the way he said it you could tell he wasn't certain why he was saying it.

"Then we shall be together for the rest of our days for i will want no other." They both knew the words the spoke had changed their lives for the better.

**one month later*

It had been one month since that night on the hokage monument and Naruto and Neji were practically in separable but for some reason the only person that had figured it out was Tenten.

"naruuu-chan why does the Uchiha get all the attention." Over the last month Narutos appearance had drastically changed his hair now brushed his shoulder and was a lot smoother, his hai-tai hung around his neck. But the most important feature was that he got rid of his "kill me now orange jumpsuit" with a simple black shorts and a fishnet shirt.

"Well Nej-kun when you get hurt we can play doctors and nurses then." He was just about to crawl onto his lap when an ungodly sound went through the hospital.

"Shit the banshee is back better finish the check up so i can give her some news." 5 minutes later and he was just finishing up when the pink bitch came through followed by a tall bust blond. Even a civilian could tell she was a ninja just by the way she sized everyone up in the room.

"What the hell are you doing in hear dobe aren't you support to be hiding under a rock some were." Tsunade watch as Neji's grip on the chair she was getting tired of the flat chest baka honestly what kind of girl travels by herself with a known pervert.

"Shut it surfboard (joke about both her forehead and chest) gaki can you tell me your report on the patient." Although she already knew the diagnosis she wanted to see how the medics of Konoha were developing. Something about the blonds smile put her at ease and reminded her of her little brother.

"Sure oba-chan the patient is Uchiha Sasuke suffered a broken wrist and is suffering from the adverse effect of a gen-jutsu. From the information i have gathered and my own theory i believe the gen-jutsu rewired the chakra path ways causing the illusion to continue. Basically it started off as itatchi's gen-jutsu and then became powered by Sasuke." Although none but Tsunade could see it Neji had a proud smile on his face while Sakura started sneering as soon as the blond opened his mouth.

"That has to be the stupidest idea i have ever heard. You're trying to say that my Sasuke-kun has trapped himself in that week illusion. Only a dobe like you could come up with a half ass answer like that you really ar-"if she hadn't been cut off by Tsunade the Neji would have sixty four palm the bitch.

"His diagnosis was correct as was his theory. Even some fully qualified medics would have found it impossible to find the cause of the comer. Can i please have your name and how long you've been in the medic program?" she smiled at the brat it's not every day potential like this came around.

"Uzumaki Naruto and i'm starting the program in two days for the past month I've just been a volunteer trying to familiarise myself with hospital procedure and protocol." Her eyes widened as she heard this was the same kid that both Jaraiya and surfboard were calling a waist of skin?"

"Please like he has the chakra control to be a med-nin its worst then that kid who always follows him around." For the first time since they entered the room Neji let his presence be known and the killing intent was enough to make her remember orichimaru.

"Actually while you were away with a sex deprived 51 year old Naru-chan was perfecting his chakra control and the head of the hospital wanted him in the program when he showed near perfect control." Sakura was seething while Tsunade thought of the implication.

I may have finally found a true apprentice, one that could even master my strength and with that chakra reserve surpass me. If this kid is who i think he is then i'm going to have to make him regret missing a genius.

"Neji-kun why are you visiting Sasuke-kun." It was obvious to everyone that she was trying to flirt with him but the next words blew the wind out of her sales. Neji's arm snaked around Narutos waist and whispered something that made him as red as the kyuubi herself while Neji had a thin trail of blood coming from his nose as he started nibbling Narutos ear.

"um yeah Naruto i would like you to pick two people that you believe would benefit from entering the medical program and meet me in my office." Naruto snapped out of his lust induced haze when he heard the stuttering.

"O.k. oba-chan." Naruto giggled slightly as Neji picked him up bridal style and left the room.

"They make suck a cute couple i wonder if they've told anyone yet." I turned to Sasuke and corrected the chakra network not before i caught a sneer coming from surfboards face.

"Cute that was the sickest thing i have ever seen who would have thought Neji would have stoop so low as to date a demon." As she said this sasuke's eyes snapped open and he screamed like the pink banshee it's self.

"A Hyuuga is dating my Naruto!"

**30 minutes later**

Tsunade look around the room and was pleased with what she saw not only had he been able to get people interested in the program but he brought to that had the sufficient chakra control. Hyuuga Hinata already had a lot of control due to her taijutsu and with the Byakuya would make her one of the best med/combat ninja around. yamanaka Ino while she could never truly be effecting in a battle ground but the ability to keep you "information" alive longer meant more information and last but not least was Uzumaki Naruto the one with the most potential to not only act as a medic in a war crisis but he was the most likely to survive. His near perfect chakra control made him possible the only person in the world that could master my strength.

"Hyuuga-san, yamanaka-san you will both be entering into the medic program as part of a new experiment i have going." They both nodded dumbly and i was a little put out that they didn't even squeal.

"Uzumaki-san i am taking you on as my personal apprentice." The words had barley left my mouth as the blond gaki start jumping up and down.

'Reminds me of me when i was that age' Tsunade thought as she watch the blond hugged the two girls.

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