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chapter five: ACTION! in the land of snow!


The actress watched entranced by the story as were many of the bar patrons.

"i asked him later what caused the smile **haha** he said it was freedom. It was the smile of a man who had been in chains his whole life and had been freed to do as he pleases." Naruto stayed silent for a while pondering if there was anyway to fix the relationship when he looked up and saw a certain silver haired sensei.

"Kakashi sensei what are you doing here?"


As soon as the words left his mouth the actress ran to the door only to have sleeping gas sprayed in her face.

Naruto watch as Kakashi threw the actress over his shoulder with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"you do know its illegal to kidnap women when they clearly don't want you too, right?" Naruto couldn't help but blurt out as he watch Kakashi walk out of the bar with her draped over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"Naruto we got a mission report to the Hokage's office within the next ten minutes." Naruto knew that Kakashi didn't care for him but he never expected him to be down right hostile.

Naruto made sure to keep his face black as he headed towards the Hokage's office with Kakashi thinking about his sensei's attitude since they met. Ignoring the stares he walked up the stairs.

"Coming in!" He made himself known as he opened the door to his sensei's office.

"Learn to knock already!" Tsunade yelled at him. "I can be in a middle of an important meeting, which you interrupted and possibly ruined!"

Office was empty besides them. "Did I?"

"Well… no. But that doesn't mean it won't be next time." Tsunade shook her head. "So, what brings you here?"

"Firstly, I'm you sent for me. Secondly, i'm confused."

Door was knocked. "Tsunade-sama. I'm here with the rest of team seven as you requested." Shizune stepped in followed by a group of nins. First of them was to his greatest displease Kakashi followed by his student Haruno Sakura and then the brooding wonder that was Uchiha Sasuke. "Naruto-kun, still keeping good time i'm glad to see"

For a past week Naruto had spent at the hospital avoiding all possible contact with his team mates and doing what he did best, train until he passed out. Naruto knew that during Kakashi had been training Sasuke and Jaraiya Sakura but that small dream of never having to work with them again died.

There was a moment of silence. Tsunade was currently searching for a file through her pile of papers. "Shizune, where did you put that file I talked you about earlier?"

"It's in a pile next to you." She answered patiently from the door. "twenty first sheet from the bottom."

"Tsunade- sensei?" Naruto interrupted them. "What am I doing here?"

Tsunade shook her head. "here is your case." She handed him a file. "Yukie Fujikaze

is in the town currently and I want you to do a check up as team seven will be escorting he to the land of snow. And don't let he persuade you to help her escape or promise her anything." She added with narrowed eyes. "I don't need you in her grasp, Especially when it's for someone like her."

Naruto browsed through the filed and his eye brow was raised by the name on the paper. "She is here? I thought it was a very convincing look a like, why she in town?"

"Her manager requested for a mission." Tsunade answered leaning back. "They stay in the dancing leaf Hotel. You will be leaving out tonight for as soon as you can, you will be making your way by boat. You will be meeting at the entrance gates within the next ten minutes and Naruto take this scroll I want you to know it by the time you get back"

Naruto left without another word to his team leaving the building and walking down the road as fast as possible while trying to get a read through of the scroll. The technique was called the mystic palm technique and was the used for the bases for nearly every medical jutsu, if he learned it fast he could probably be of more use in this mission. Entering his apartment he took out one of his scrolls that had containment seals applied and laid it on the floor running into his room he took out the only clothes he had fit for winter.

The coat was mid thigh length and a very dark grey with a collar that covered the lover half of his face, his boots where fur lined except the bottoms so he could channel chakra with out difficulty he placed them on the seal and entered the kitchen taking out the dried meets he had along with fifteen bottles of water placing them with his other belongings he sealed the scroll and left the apartment and headed to the meeting site.

"dobe where's your stuff? Or are you too stupid to pack any?" was the only greeting he received from team seven and the oh so caring sensei.

"team seven move out as Asama-san wishes to make port before eight am." with so much as a look cased his way Naruto moved out with the rest of the crew and Yukie Fujikaze draped over a horse.

"N-Naruto…" Yukie woke up in a bed. "Where am I?"

"your in the cabin room of a boat heading to your next filming location." He answered in a quite as to not worsen her migraine. She sat up and was greeted with a killing headache. Then she saw a man with silver hair standing behind Naruto with a polite smile. "How are you feeling?" he whispered

"Who are you?" she said over his shoulder to Kakashi

"My name is Kakashi. Nice to meet you." He answered. "I'm assigned to guard you."

"By who?"

"Your manager, Asame-san." He answered simply.

"Thanks but… I don't need any protection… how did I get here? I remember going to a bar and…" She saw a flash of her kidnappers silver hair . She looked around.

"You were drinking in a bar before you were knocked out." Kakashi answered. "What are you looking for?"

"Leave? Knocked out? Bar? What's going on here?"

She started running around the cabin room. "Where are my clothes?" running out only to see that they were already on the sea.

"nooooo!" Naruto couldn't help but wince at the sound of mass destruction.

After five hours of complaining and wrestling the poor girl into set the film crew were finally ready for the scene to begin.

"AND… ACTION!" A voice yelled out while Naruto yawned loudly as he realised the he hadn't slept in thirty eight hours. He really couldn't believe it had only been a full day since they had left from Konoha with a boat, filming crew, his so called team and a kidnapped, pissed off actress.

Now they were filming on in the middle of sea whist heading toward the darkening sky and a small looking rock in the distance. After forty minutes of the actress stopping and starting Naruto could see that the small rock at the tip of a massive ice burg.

He was shoved from his thoughts when he felt a rapidly changing chakra signature close by. Others were already moving. Some guy was standing on top of an icy mountain. Naruto turned to talk to Kakashi only to find them in perfect formation and him floundering. Team seven was on the move and once again he was the odd man out.

Acting as fast as possible Naruto stood in front of the actress and henged into her turning to the crew he spoke fast and serious which seemed odd in the actresses high tone.

"hide the actress behind you and make sure she's not seen and address me by her name."

"Sasuke, Sakura! Defend Yukie! Get people back to the ship! Now!" Kakashi ordered rising his fists to taijutsu stance.

The genin followed their orders and jumped to a triangle formation to defend the filming crew and the fear stricken actress hiding in there midst's. "Everybody run!" Kakashi yelled making everybody move. Quickly the filming crew grabbed their things and rushed to the ship, leaving a paralyzed Yukie and Naruto in disguise watching the fight that erupted in front of them. Naruto took the Yukie's hand and ran for the cabin and placing the hysterical girl under the bed.

"don't come out until I come back to you in my true form. The enemy hasn't seen me so you should be safe and no matter what don't move or make any noise."

Quickly making his way over to the corner Naruto sat down and brought his knees to his face and started sobbing as he heard foot steps coming closer to the door only for the door to be kicked open.

"come on princess this will be quick and your uncle will continue to lead us and we will enter a golden age with the treasure you keep." came the cold feminine voice of a women with pale pink hair and strange amour and a headband with three dots as its symbol. As she came closer Naruto gathered chakra to his hand and concentrated it as much as possible and just as she realised that he was wearing a henge Naruto struck her solar plexus and watch surprised as she was flung against the wall only for it to crack and give way.

Naruto watched as the women was lifted by who he assumed was her team mate and rushed off into the frozen waste land. Releasing the henge Naruto went to the bed only to find a princess in a catatonic state under it.

"ahh Yukie have a lot of explaining to do." he murmured as he checked her vitals and lifted her like a child in his arms.

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