Hi guys. Good news, I think I've recovered enough from my mental breakdown to revisit some of my old stories!

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Kyugan: Don't remind me. In any case, I'll be touching up a few older works in preparation for continuation, starting with Code Decade but moving gradually up to other works. Yes, this includes Code Tekka and Zero Requiem, Hakuna your Tatas.

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Kyugan: Either up for adoption or being rebooted. If anyone would like to adopt an older fic, feel free to contact me via PM first.

C.C: Anything else you'd like to clarify.

Kyugan: Let's see...oh yes, for those wondering, this fic follows the canon set in place by the R2 anime/Manga, not the one covered in the Movie Canon.

Lelouch: Why not?

Kyugan: Because when I wrote this the movies didn't exist...god i feel old.

C.C: Bitch I fought Joan of Arc, how the hell do you think I feel?

Kyugan: That and the movies totally shit on the whole 'Code Bearer Immortality' thing, basically copy-pasta'd Tatsuya's 'Revive' skill from [Irregular at Magic High]

Lelouch: You watched that show?

Kyugan: I like Magi-tech. Bite me. In any case, elements from the Movie-Canon will appear down the line as the story progresses. Because Parallel Worlds baby.

C.C: Anything else before we begin?

Kyugan: For those curious I'll go over the major differences between Anime & Movie below. That Said, C.C?


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Code Decade

Prologue: Journey Begins.

'Where…am I?' a voice wondered, the owner's eyes opening to reveal an infinite whiteness that transcended all else 'Where is…this place…?'

Scenes flashed before their eyes, like a montage of old movies. As time marched on they witnessed the rise and fall of nations, empires forming only to crumble to dust, millennia passing in mere seconds yet each second seeming to last an eternity.

'What…is this?' the being wondered, looking on with disinterest as they witnessed a Human Life, from inception to bloody birth, boundless childhood giving way to the angsty teenage years before settling into adulthood, an entire lifespan unfolding in a matter of seconds, each precious moment searing itself into their brain.

"What does it all mean? Why am I here?" they wondered, before a sudden sharp pain in their chest gave them pause, one hand coming up instinctively to check for injury, only to freeze as memories flared to life behind their eyeballs, accompanied by the invasive feeling of steel sliding through flesh and bone.

"Oh…I see" the figure noted, as casually as if they were commenting on the weather, realization dawning on their features as they gazed down at the blood that adorned their hands "I guess this means I'm dead?"

[That You Are]

The being jolted, eyes widening as he found himself, for they were indeed male, standing in a strange, off-white world, naked as the day he was born save for the blood leaking from the horizontal hole in his chest.

"What is this?" he wondered aloud, ignoring the barren world around him in favor of gazing upon his blood-stained hands, marveling at their functionality and slenderness as he closed each finger experimentally "Where is this?"

[This Is The Gate.]

The voice that answered was neither male nor female, the naked man turning, eyes blinking at the sight of a strange, human shaped silhouette, if such a thing could be called such, squatting in front of the largest, most ominous looking gate imaginable.

The overall shape of the silhouette was human, but that was where the resemblance ended for it held no features, no gender, no defining details whatsoever. There was no skin, no hair, no discernible bones or muscle, simply a white outline against the off-white background, one 'arm' resting on its 'knee'.

"The Gate?" the man repeated, heedless of his nudity or the weight of the being's sightless stare as it seemed to watch his every movie, instead allowing his gaze to wander warily into the otherwise barren off-white landscape "The gate to where?"

[Who knows?]

The faceless entity quipped, their 'shoulders' rising in a noncommittal shrug, it's gender-less voice devoid of emotion, though the man got a feeling of smugness from it, as if it knew something he didn't, which at that moment, seemed likely.

[If you want to find out, you need to pay the toll.]

"Toll?" the man repeated, blinking in confusion as he gazed at his mysterious companion, if such a being could be referred to as such "I'm afraid I've nothing to offer." He countered, holding his hands out at his sides to emphasize his nudity.

[Even if I had need of Money, The Gate cannot be opened for all the riches in the world]

The entity assured him, their tone dripping with amusement as they held out a hand, palm up as if to clutch something.

[The toll is unique to each person, depending on what they wish.]

The hand relaxed, before extending to the man, as if asking for a hand-up, yet somehow, on an instinctive level, the man knew that accepting that hand would be as treacherous as turning his hand on a snake prepared to strike.

[That said, what is it you that you desire…***********?]

"My…desire…?" the man repeated, grimacing at the static that filled his ears at the end of the entity's words, his eyes going to his own hand, which he noted now was rather slim, hardly that of a man's at all. "I want…"

A sudden, distant pain lanced through his chest, drawing his attention back to the gaping wound that had opened there, though oddly enough, no blood seemed to be flowing from the wound.


'What?' the man wondered, flinching as he reached up from his chest wound to clutch at his head, an echoing voice rising from deep within himself, sending flashes of pain through his skull 'What is this…?'


'Why would I want to destroy anything?' the man countered, suddenly dizzy, the hand on his chest growing sticky with blood as he swayed before the impassive entity, a split-second vision of a girl in a chair flashing across his vision 'Who was that?!'

"Destroy worlds... to create…"

"Worlds…" the man breathed, his words coming out as a ragged gasp as he staggered, landing on his knees and doubling over, his arms wrapped around his bleeding chest as he fell face first onto the unforgiving floor "Worlds…"

[So your wish is for worlds is it? Not an easy wish, even by my standards…]

The entity confessed with a note of intrigue as it slowly rose to their feet, padding towards the gasping man, or at least moving towards him, for their steps made no sound on that strange, barren floor.

[Still, a toll must be paid, and far be it from me to deny you…]

The man looked up, his eyes gazing upon that featureless face as the entity knelt, extending a hand towards him, almost kindly, one hand uncurling from around his chest to reach towards the offered limb with bloody fingertips, only to hiss as those flesh-less fingers latched onto his hand like a viper's kiss, a wide, menacing smile, laced with mockery splitting its featureless face in two as the man gaped on in horror

[May you find your worth in the worlds to come…Good Hunting, Devil Emperor…]

Before the man could even draw the breath to scream, The Gates looming behind the entity crashed open, unleashing a mass of darkness filled with glowing red eyes, pain lancing through his fragile frame as shadowy tendrils lashed out drag him into the darkness beyond, screams tearing from his lips in a rising crescendo.

Inside the Gate

"Do you know why the snow is white?..." a familiar voice asked, the tone soft, lilting and female, "It's because it's forgotten what color it's supposed to be..."

'Who are you?' the man wished to cry out, but he could find no means to voice his plea, for all he knew he could still be screaming himself hoarse as the clutching hands continued to repeatedly tear him apart whilst putting him back together as they pleased.

"The world and the people in it…" another voice declared, this one laced with determination and resolve, decidedly male "they will never be what we want them to be!"

'Make it stop!' the man demanded, the voices tearing at his heart and mind, even as he was carried even deeper into the darkness, his agony increasing with every second of the descent 'Dear God make it stop!'

"All this power…" yet another voice murmured, another woman's, but this time laced with amazement and growing anger, which exploded before him with all the brilliance and passion of a supernova "ARRGH, do the right thing!"

'What is the right thing?' the man demanded, seeking a face to tie to that voice, only for the agony to increase, a sense of loss coming over him as he sank deeper into the ever-growing abyss.

'Why is this happening?' he wondered, a sense of loss washing over him as he fell deeper into the realm of pain and fading memories 'What did I do to deserve this…am I being punished?'

"It wasn't me who was wrong..." a new voice declared, this one strong and firm, laced with absolute certainty and anger, though like the others, the man could not quite place where he had heard it before "It was the world!"

'The world?' the man wondered, the new voice's words striking a chord somewhere deep within his tattered heart of hearts, driving through the pain as he sought to latch onto those words, to keep them with him 'Then…what should I do…?'

"The world won't change with pretty words alone" the voice declared, the words ringing true to the man's mind as the agony began to fade away. "The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed."

'The resolve to kill…or be killed…' the man wondered, even as scenes flashed before his eyes, scenes of giant, armored machines clashing in mid-air, or at sea. Of people, kind faced and scowling, of men, women and children, all in various stages of emotion 'But what is that resolve for…?'

"In order to change EVERYTHING." The voice proclaimed confidently, prompting yet another surge of memories to wash over the man even as he continued to fall into the darkness.

'Who…are you?' he wondered, trying to place a name to the voice that was echoing in his head, one hand, which was little more than several particles held loosely together, reaching out in wonderment 'Who are you…?'

"I am the ally to those without power…"

The images changed, replaced with a scene of a barren canyon, the man looking on in wonderment as what appeared to be a full-scale war broke out.

Tens, hundreds, thousands of armored figures rushed into the canyon, some of them riding on vehicles, others charging on foot.

From the sky came a great roar, and two trains, one red and white, the other green, descended from on high, the warriors mounted on their hulls opening fire, only to be cut down in a fiery explosion.

An enraged roar heralded the arrival of a giant fortress, like a medieval castle, only with the head, wings, and tail of a massive dragon extending from its sides. Mounted on the prow of this strange fortress was another armored warrior, and flanking it were two more dragons, of oriental design, one red, and one black, with corresponding warriors on their backs.

"Those with power, fear me!"

The dragons launched their attack; only to be shot down, the fortress dragon collapsing on its side with an agonized roar, even as it's fellows continued their reckless charge.

From behind, a massive armored figure, like a gorilla almost, reared up on its hind legs, angered by its comrade's fall, only to be silenced itself by another explosion.

"Those who are powerless, seek me!"

Undaunted by the giant's fall, the surviving armored warriors continued their reckless charge, roaring out in unity as they advanced on their foe, only to be cut down en masse, the survivors crying out as the ground beneath them exploded.

"You either live with me or die with me!"

The man shielded his eyes, waiting for the smoke and debris to clear, only to gape in horror at the sight before him, of the numerous armored warriors, which now lay lifeless on the ground, the smoking heaps of their vehicles and weapons lying scattered all around them.

"What the hell…?" he wondered, realizing with a start that he was standing in that barren canyon, that he could smell the scorched earth, feel the clamminess of the air, hear the crackling of the fires and the dying echoes of destruction "What is this?"

A cry from the distance drew his attention to the end of the canyon, where the body count seemed the highest, the red oriental dragon letting loose one last, keening roar before collapsing, revealing one last armored figure hovering in midair, arms held to the sides, palms out.

The man blinked, gazing at the figure terrified wonderment as it loomed ever closer, unable to turn nor avert his gaze as they descended on him like some evil angel, those sinister green eyes seeming to bore into his own like miniature suns.

"I am the Destroyer of Worlds."

A garden in the rain...

"-!" The man gasped, stumbling forwards with one hand outstretched as if to grab something, the other clutching his chest, only to blink as he found his fingers brushing against the bark of a Sakura tree.

"What…?" he wondered, blinking in confusion at his extended right hand, marveling at the texture of the tree bark even as he slowly became aware of the rainwater trickling down it, noting with some surprise that he was now dressed, though his clothes were soaked through.

'Was it all just a dream?' he pondered, pawing awkwardly at his new clothes, a black shirt under a red denim jacket and black pants, wondering where in the world they had come from, and more importantly, how they came to be on his person 'But then where…?'

"Good Evening…" a voice greeted from behind in Japanese, prompting the man to turn around, only to gape in surprise as it turned out the tree he'd been leaning against was part of a massive garden, lined on all sides by an ornate wooden fence decorated with crescent moons.

Before him lay a western inspired Japanese mansion, the roof, walls and railings marked with the same crescent moon sign that adorned the fence, giving the place an austere presence, almost as if he was being judged simply by standing in its shadow.

However, as unnerving as it felt to be judged by a piece of architecture, what drew his attention was not the house, but rather the lone figure lounging on the walkway, sheltered from the rain by the sade.

At first glance, he appeared to be little more than your typical Japanese teenager, his thin, lanky frame clad in an elaborate men's Haori over an otherwise practical kimono. Indeed, the only unusual thing of note were his mismatched eyes, one a piercing blue, the other a dull gold, that gazed out at the world from behind a stylish pair of glasses and the long Kiseru that rested between his delicate fingers.

"Right on time…" the youth noted, glancing down at a pocket watch that swiftly disappeared into the sleeve of his kimono as he sat up, the smoke from his Kiseru seeming to wrap around him as he turned his mismatched eyes towards the man before him, his features welcoming yet oddly detached.

"Um…good evening…" the man replied uncertainly, blinking in alarm as he realized he'd responded in perfect Japanese, even going so far as to offer a polite bow to the teen before him "Where am I?"

"In my garden." The teen replied cryptically, a small, cryptic smile adorning his lips he took a draw on his Kiseru, blowing a trail of smoke into the air, watching it weave between the raindrops before fading away "Or rather, in the garden of my shop."

"A shop?" the man repeated, looking up at the large house behind the man, a sudden feeling washing over him, a certainty that there was more to those wooden walls and shutters than met the eyes.

"Yes…a shop." The teen confirmed, taking another draw on his pipe before blowing a stream of smoke into the air "Though you'll forgive me if I don't invite you inside." He regarded the man with a lidded stare "Your kind aren't normally welcome here."

"Is that a fact…" the man mused, a sense of irritation rising from his gut at the teen's words, one he immediately squashed in favor of turning on his heel to walk away "In that case, I'll take my leave."

"No such thing." The bespectacled teen countered, shaking his head as he held up a hand to stall the man, "Why do you think I'm out here? I can carry out a transaction just as easily on the porch as inside."

"A transaction?" the man repeated, honestly bewildered by this strange, enigmatic teen. On the one hand, it was clear he was human, or at least could assume the form on one. On the other, the look in those mismatched orbs implied he was far older than he appeared, old enough to have seen things that made a stranger appearing in his garden seem unimportant by comparison "You mean…with me?"

"Just so." The teen confirmed, tapping out his pipe and refilling it with fresh coal as he spoke "You have a wish, correct?" he nodded at the man's look of shock "Don't be surprised, that just so happens to be this shop's specialty."

"Um…I think there's been a mistake." The man countered, looking confused at this sudden turn of events, recalling his words with the last person that had mentioned a 'wish', and the pain that had resulted from it "I don't have a wish…"

"Oh, but you do." The teen assured him with a wry smile as he gestured behind the man to a set of ornate gate posts crowned with the same crescent moon as the rest of the house "Everyone that comes to this shop has a wish." He elaborated, his gaze growing lidded "What matters is whether you can afford the price."

"I'm afraid you've caught me at a bad time then." the man confessed slowly, the teen's words having invoked the memory of the faceless entity and their unnerving smile as he emptied out his pockets "Like I told the other guy…I don't have anything to trade."

"That hardly matters at this point." The youth countered, his features almost wistful as he eyed the drenched figure from his spot on the porch "In fact, if I'm not mistaken, you've already paid part of the toll simply by coming here…"

"What do you mean?" the man demanded, shivering at the memory of the pain he'd felt mere moments prior, only to frown as the enigmatic teen seemingly ignored his question in favor of turning to face the 'shop' "Hey, I'm talking to you-!"

"Maru, Moro." the bespectacled self-proclaimed shopkeeper called out softly, the man's eyes widening as two girls, one clad in black with long blue pigtails, the other in purest white with short pink hair, seemingly popped out of thin air behind him "I'm sorry to bother you, but would you be so kind as to fetch those from the storehouse?"

"I don't suppose I could get an umbrella while we're at it?" the man demanded politely, but pointedly, only to scowl as the girls giggled and ran off into the house, leaving him in the downpour "I mean, is this any way to run a business?"

"If I did I'd have to charge you extra. Store policy I'm afraid." The shopkeeper countered with a smile that was almost, but not quite, apologetic smile, his mismatched eyes sparkling with some hidden amusement, as if recalling a fond memory "Your kind couldn't enter even if they tried, the barrier around the house would repel you."

'Barrier?' the man repeated, blinking at the bespectacled teen in confusion, wondering what on earth he could be talking about, only to shudder as the memory of the entity from the gate, "Wait…do you mean…"

"Got it! Got it!" the twins cheered, cutting the man off in time to see them race around the corner of the house, the blue one carrying what appeared to be a giant white camera while the pink one carried a strange, metallic case, about the size of a book "Watanuki! We got what you asked for!"

"Indeed you have." The teen, Watanuki, acknowledged, blowing a gentle stream of smoke into the air before turning to regard his by now thoroughly drenched and confused guest "It is not easy to pass between worlds, most do not tolerate outsiders and will reject them in time." He nodded to the girls "In order to grant your wish, I must send you to a world where you can exist."

"A world I can exist in?" the man repeated, only to blink as the twins raced up to him, the blue one fastening the camera to his belt buckle while the pink one clipped the weird case to his left hip, chanting all the while "Hey what're you-HEY!"

"I'm afraid there's little more I can do for you." Watanuki sighed, looking on impassively as the twins proceeded to manhandle the taller man, shoving him towards the gateposts at the end of the garden with surprising strength for girls their size "The rest of your journey depends on you."

"Hold it!" the man demanded, looking over his shoulder, trying to free himself from the grasp of the clearly inhuman little girls, only to stagger as they shoved him out the gateway and onto what appeared to be a city street, only his outstretched palm keeping him from slamming headfirst into a street-light.

"Dammit all!" he swore, righting himself with a grunt before whipping round to glare past the duo towards the storekeeper, only to gape as he came face to face with an abandoned lot, filled to the brim with garbage and various other throwaway items.

There wasn't even a fence anymore, simply a shin-high iron railing that separated the dump from the rest of the street, and judging by the smell, the lot had been like this for some time, so it was highly unlikely any home had existed here for some time now. Indeed, the only indication that the house could have even existed at all were the gateposts, the crescent moons standing tall and timeless in stark contrast to their surroundings.

"What the…hell…?" the man wondered, looking understandably flummoxed turning his head left and right in confusion, unable to comprehend what he was seeing, or rather, failing to see "But it was…just…how?"

Closing his eyes for a moment and taking a breath to steady his frayed nerves, the understandably confused traveler blinked as he realized the rain had stopped, prompting him to turn his attention away from the maddening gateposts to take in his new surroundings.

'Among other things…' he noted with a scowl, patting down his clothes, which had changed from the sodden casual-wear he'd been sporting in the garden to a beige uniform with an almost military air about it, the only adornments being an ID card and the unusual buckle & book the girls attached to his waist.

'Not that I'm complaining to be out of those wet clothes, but I hope this doesn't become a trend.' He mused, patting himself down to make sure there wasn't any unwanted surprises hidden in his new attire, only to blink as he spotted a large duffel bag and briefcase resting by his feet.

"Looks like they gave me some supplies." He noted, kneeling down to unzip the duffel bag, whistling in appreciation as a quick search revealed several changes of clothing, a phone, and a wallet. "Hope this isn't stolen…" he mused, counting the cash within only to grimace as his stomach growled, looking around for a restaurant or café, only to sigh as he realized there were none nearby.

"Right, first things first…" he grunted, slinging the duffel bag over one shoulder and gripping the briefcase by the handle as he rose to his feet and made his way down the street "Find food and shelter first. Question what the hell's going on later."

Unbeknownst to the teen, his arrival had not gone entirely unnoticed, a gloved fist tightening in anger as a cloaked figure glared after the departing teen's defenseless back from the shadows of a nearby alleyway.

"So you've finally come…" the figure noted, watching the teen scamper off in search of food, light glinting off a helmet eerily reminiscent of a chess-piece as they stepped out of the shadows "Decade…"

Reworked the opening chapter a little, for Plot Convenience.

Just confirm, yes, the 'Man' is Lelouch, and part of his Toll for crossing between worlds was Pain for his crimes & access to his memories.

As for the guy in the Zero Mask? Spoilers.

C.C: Rats...I wanted to see Lulu in pink...

Lelouch: It's not pink dammit!

Kyugan: It's pink, deal with it. For those of you wondering how Lelouch, who can't outrun Milly in full frock dress, can be a Rider, I turn to the Deus Ex Machina that is the Gate of Truth. The man was taken apart, one atom at a time, and reassembled back in Watanuki's yard. Don't tell me the gate didn't put him back together a little better than before.

Kyugan: For those of you who ask HOW improved Lelouch is...refer to my Geass Tekka fic. He's not THAT strong as a human, but he's close enough that he can at least pull off some of the stunts Tsukasa did in the world of Faiz.

C.C: Seriously, DBZ meets Prince of Tennis, what the hell?

Kyugan: And yes, Lelouch has no memory of his past. It's such a useful plot device I can't help but use it over and over again, and it worked so well for Tsukasa. Let's see how this saga unfolds eh? in the meantime, as promised here's some of the many differences between the Geass Anime & Movies.

Major Changes:

01. Lord Kewell & Shirley's dad are not killed at the battle of Narita.

02. The Chinese Federation steal The Gawain instead of Lelouch.

03. Jeremiah directly removes Shirley's Geass effect instead of it being random.

04. Suzaku spends most of his time in the E.U after becoming the Knight of Seven.

05. Diethard shoots Villetta instead of Shirley.

06. Anya is the one to fire on Suzaku & Lelouch instead of the Gaiwain.

07. C.C. is shown riding a donkey instead of traveling by cart at the end of R2

08. Kanon is the one to order the killing of Lelouch when Ohgi & Tamaki ask Zero to speak up.

09. Mao is not in the story at all.

10. Rolo does not kill Shirley.