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Summary: Edward's dying thoughts in the hospital all those years ago finally revealed.

I feel a gentle breeze as she passed my bed one more time,

The hands that once raised me and soothed my pain

Now turned ice cold in death as it slipped from my grasp

The wheels on her bed were silent as they glided her smoothly away

To lie with so many others that now lie cold and silent

Rows upon rows of those who have moved on just like her

Did they have a family, someone to mourn them when there're gone?

Did they have a lover, a brother, a sister or even a song

Just something to leave behind as they pass on

Did they have a child or did they watch their family pass on one by one

Are they, like her, still restless for those behind still struggling to escape their bonds

That bind them to their bed, when they once were strong

Will they be forever loyal to those they left behind or

Will they watch in bitterness as the world moves on with no one left to mourn

While they lie there cold and hardening slowly in that dark room

Are there others left behind like me who lie beside a friend, a mother, a daughter, a son

And feel the silent breath of wind flowing past as a loved one's hand slips from their grasp

Who still struggle in the darkness between the light and the dark

Knowing a loved one has passed them by and waits on the other side

What they choose the light or the dark?

But which is which? I do not know.

Is it life and death or death and life?

But I doubt anyone else knows that I am still breathing

As a white sheet covers my face, my wheels are unlocked

The stretcher moves smoothly forward towards the room

Where so many lie cold, hard and stacked a mile high

But fate seems to have a different idea of what my future holds

As while I feel my heartbeat slowing and the peacefulness it brings

I feel a rush of wind as two cold hard arms lift me high

And hold me protectively as the light begins to fade into night

I feel the smooth gentle movement taking me far away

From those I love lying together still and cold

Then a slight pain before the world bursts into flames

An eternity waiting silently as the dawn approaches day

Or is it twilight leaving the day to turn black so still and cold

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Updated (18.9.13):

This was my first ever Twilight poem however I'm no longer taking recommendations since unfortunately I'm not a big fanfiction writer and I couldn't get the right flow happening, my sincere apologies to those who asked. I haven't been writing in ages and kind of neglected my account however I'm finally started to get back into the groove of things and there's now information on how to find my original writing in my profile if you're interested in my writing style.