Authors Notes: This is my first story and this is the first chapter of a hopefully epic length tale.

Disclaimers: I do not own SG1, SGA, SGU, or Young Wizards. If I did there would be longer and more seasons and movies done perfectly (especially Fred). So if anyone could get me ownership I would appreciate it.

Nita Rodriguez III was not having a good day. Probably the most valuable person on Earth had decided to try and get a job on a starship a couple of months ago, and to her horror he had gotten the position. It wasn't that she had anything against working on spaceships, she would have humped at the opportunity, but even with the technological advancements over the past 100 years it was still much more dangerous than remaining on Earth, and they couldn't lose some like him, not again. There hadn't been this much trouble with people like hum since her ancestor, Nita Rodriguez the First's time. She was going to have to call the President again and see what could be done, and those talks always ended badly. And if that failed she would have to get one of her people on it, and do so without explaining the problem.

Authors Notes: Sorry this was short, I can't really do long chapter until I have character names, which I am terrible at making up. So to help me along I have a contest. The first person to figure out why him is so important gets to name him.

And the person who figures out what position Nita Rodriguez III holds gets to name another very important yet to be revealed character.

As a last note, I discovered on my previous English paper I am very bad at grammar and such, please point out any mistakes.