No mermaid with common sense would've wandered away she had even on such a fine day.

Little Ariel didn't mean to swim so far from her family nor did she intend for the strange object she picked up to flash like her Daddy's trident.

The first time she found herself at the edge of a rocky shore. She knew she broke her father's rules, but she was so curious she couldn't stand it. She swam up behind a rock and peered out to the side, no land creatures in sight. What's more, to her confusion and unease, everything seemed to have gone as quiet as a ship graveyard. That could only a mean a predator was in the area.

Ariel looked left and right, only a strange looking bird glaring out intently at the ocean up on the rocks. It didn't look like a pelican or a seagull, it was larger, darker and its green bill was sharp looking.

Still it was best she leave before something else happened. She started to lower herself to the water only to slip into full view.

The bird started and twisted and turned for a moment but calmed down when it saw her – probably seeing she was no threat. Alarmed, she stared and it stared straight back, as though her sudden appearance had taken it by complete surprise.

Even so, she slowly began to back away… why wouldn't it take its eyes off her?

Finally the sound of approaching footsteps was what had Ariel dive down into the water. As she swam a large shadow fell over her and the ocean floor but before she even turn to see the cause, a blinding flash transported her someplace else.

While she glanced around uneasily at her new surroundings, seeing no sign of her father or sisters, the shadow of a ship began passing overhead. She'd seen them before, except this one looked vastly different than the ones she'd seen back home.

There were humans there alright, but they looked different too. Then she saw him first: A young boy against the railing, observing the waves. He'd looked rather sad.

She watched him from under the water, as Ariel caught up to the side of the ship, the boy started briefly. He must've seen her!

At first she was a little scared. What if the grown up humans spotted her too? However, she couldn't dwell on the fact too much, because the boy had been leaning too far, and promptly fell into the sea!

He'd flailed and thrashed like a fish caught in a net, but when he saw her he visibly calmed down.

Ariel then finally got a good look at the human boy.

His black hair had come loose and now floated around his head freely. Something in his deep, dark eyes assured the little mermaid princess that she was in no danger. He had a gentle smile. She was certain that he was the most beautiful human she'd ever seen.

Then he reached out his hand towards her in wonder as did she. Their hands touched, fingers intertwining with one another's and it felt magical.

Somehow in some inexplicable way, the heart finds its own. It is said that everyone has a soul mate, regardless of age, gender, geography, race...or, it seems, species.

But then the moment was broken, as one of the sailors dived in then grabbed the boy round the waist before pulling him back up to the boat.

Ariel had been too stunned to react, when she finally swam up to the surface, she saw that the boat was already more than six feet away.

Discouraged, tears sprang to her eyes, certain she would never see him again. "My friend…"

She dove back underwater sadly and began swimming away. Then another flash startled her and she sees her family swimming towards her.

Her father asked her where she was for the past ten minutes, leaving her astonished. She said she'd only followed something and briefly lost her way, but as they swam home she took one last glance upwards. Was it just a dream?

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