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Chapter 1

It was a normal morning at Youkai Academy. Students were making their way to class with mixed levels of enthusiasm and energy. In front of the school gates the newspaper club was passing out their latest edition. Keeping them company was the headmaster's assistant, Ruby Toujou, who was there to admire her love interest Aono Tsukune. Because some of the school's most popular students were present a small crowd was lingering near the gates. Tsukune was aware of the male students that were admiring the girl he adored, Akashiya Moka; and to a lesser extent to admire the succubus Kurono Kurumu. He was, however, oblivious to the number of female students that were there to admire him with dreamy eyes.

The young women that had attached themselves to Tsukune were not unaware of the gathered students. They did not care about the boys as long as they kept their distance and their hands to themselves. One of the reason they stood behind the table that held the latest edition of their newspaper was to keep a safe distance from the boys. It was with that same desire for a safety zone that made the young women keep Tsukune behind the table with them, preferably behind them, to make sure the other female students kept their distance.

Tsukune was not aware of the quite battle the young women fought everyday to protect their places next to him. Shirayuki Mizore, the stalker of the group, always made a habit of being in surprising places near Tsukune. This kept any other admirers from sneaking in close to him. Sendou Yukari, the talented young witch, used careful charms to keep Tsukune's dorm room and shoe locker concealed otherwise he would have love letters from many of the female students. Kurumu, while she loved teasing and touching her 'Destined One,' also used her frank physical expressions of affection to discourage possible competitors. Teenaged girls that were shy about their bodies were intimidated by the succubus' impressive chest and the way she pressed it against Tsukune. Even sweet and cheerful Moka's presence, with the help of her reputation, kept girls at bay. Even so, sometimes a glare or a quick hand was needed to remind some girls to keep their distance.

Tsukune, and his friends come bodyguards, were a popular fixture at Youkai Academy. But not everybody was frustrated with the group's tightness. Morioka Genei, the werewolf and number one playboy of the school, didn't let much of anything bother him. When female students were fussing and mooning over Tsukune they would let their guard down. Genei was the kind of guy that would put mirrors on his shoes, except that mirrors were easy to see, and break, and because mirrors tended to show a monster's nature. The werewolf liked the illusions of beauty that the female students wore and didn't want to break them. While Tsukune's popularity with girls confused and frustrated Ginei, he wasn't above using it to his advantage. Just a month prior, after one of the violent and messy incidents that seamed to be attracted to the popular boy Ginei had been around for the aftermath. He had captured a picture of a shirtless Tsukune, which he had been quietly been selling copies of.

The quiet scene in front of the school gates was interrupted by a strange sound. It was like a throaty growl blended with the rumble of distant thunder. The sound grew louder as the source came closer. Soon students were making comments of surprise as a motorcycle approached the gates. Students move aside to let it pass. It was a large and powerful looking machine of black gloss and blued chrome carrying two people. The motorcycle rolled to a stop just before reaching the school's gates.

The passenger dismounted, a woman dressed in burgundy and black leathers that showed off her incredible figure. She removed her helmet, releasing a waterfall of wavy, raven black hair that reached to her lower back. She banished the helmet with a gesture before performing a lazy stretch that quickened the pulse of all the boys watching. Her spirit power radiated off her like waves of heat.

The rumbling growl ended as the rider dismounted. He was a large, broad shouldered man with a dark goatee beard and moustache dressed in an oilskin duster. His helmet transformed into a wide brimmed hat that was decorated with a pheasant's tail on the left side. While the woman's moves were fluid and graceful, his were stiff but deliberate.

"Excuse me," Ruby said to the man. "You cannot leave your machine there."

"Heh," The man gave a crooked smile. "Reaver," The man called over his shoulder. "Come say hello."

The motorcycle transformed into a huge black wolf. It opened its jaws wide in a yawn, exposing long shining teeth, before giving itself a little shake. It then padded over to its master, its head almost as high as his elbow.

"Now," The man said in a deep voice. "Should I leave him here by the gate? Or do you want to look after him for me?"

The wolf opened it's jaws in a smile, its tongue hanging a little out to one side. Ruby was wide eyed as she tried to maintain her composure in the face of such a large beast.

"Take a rest, Reaver," The man said.

The wolf shook itself as it stood, then padded over to a shady spot next to the newspaper club's table. Standing at the table, the woman that had just arrived was holding the latest edition.

"So you publish the school paper," She said conversationally. "It looks like you put a lot of effort into it."

"Beloved," The man called out to the woman. "Do you want to come with me, or do you want to window shop some more?" The man had a small smile on his face and humor in his voice, but somehow what he said made the members of the newspaper club suddenly feel threatened in some way.

"Coming dear," She said as she tucked the newspaper under her arm. "Take care," She said to the club members with a smile. A smile that flashed her fangs at them.

The strange couple walked through the school gates. Students moved out of their way. Ruby stood, watching them in confusion.

"Awww," Yukari said. "You're so cute." She was petting the wolf.

"Yukari!" Kurumu said with in alarm.

"Fufufufufu," Mizore laughed softly. She was gently scratching the wolf under his chin with her ice claws.

"Tsukue," Moka said gently.

"Moka?" He answered, looking to her. He saw her cute face was lined with worry. "What is it?" He asked her.

"Did you see that woman?"

"Um, kind of…" He didn't know how to answer that.

"She was concealing her youki just now," Moka explained. "But she is a vampire."

"So she is like you?" He asked. "But her hair…"

"She is from a different family. A different bloodline." Moka gave a small shake of her head. "Also, to hold her spirit power in like that without a seal. She wasn't doing it consciously. She does it out of habit. She is a hunter."

"What about the man?" Tsukune asked.

"I didn't feel anything from him."

"Could he be like me," Tsukune wondered.

"I don't know," Moka said in a low voice.


It was a secluded place. Close enough to the staff room that most students wanted to avoid it, but out of the way enough to offer some privacy. It was a place that Tsukune and Moka knew about, and used with some regularity. After their busy morning the pair had come to that place for a quiet moment together. A moment where the could look in each other's eyes and gently say each other's names. A moment where Tsukune could hold Moka's hand and caress her cheek, before she would give in to her desire and bite into his neck.

He could see that moment coming now. He could see the slight quiver in her lips that warned of her crumbling resistance to her primal nature. He braced himself for that instant of sharp pain.

"I told you this would be a good place," A deep voice sounded.

"Gee-ahh," Tsukune was startled. He snatched his hand away from Moka's face and turned to see who was behind him, almost tripping over his own feet. In his haste his hand connected with Moka's rosary cross. As he turned to face the source of the interruption he heard the ringing sound of metal hitting the ground.

The strange couple from that morning were standing by the corner of the building, watching the students. She had unzipped her leather jacket, showing off her tight halter top, a bare midriff, and some impressive cleavage. He had his duster off, slung over one shoulder, showing that he was wearing a white, short sleeved shirt that left his muscular arms exposed. He stood behind the woman and slowly wrapped his arms around her in a gentle embrace, His right arm around her waist, and his left over her upper chest.

Tsukune tried to think of what he should say or do. While he was worried about being caught he was also aware of the large release of youki behind him as the unseal Moka transformed. Even without looking he could feel agitation from inner Moka.

"What business do you have here?" Moka asked in a firm voice as she moved from behind Tsukune.

"Awww," The woman said with a toothy smile. "Don't they look so sweet."

The man smiled and chuckled.

"If you have come here hunting," Moka warned.

"Stand down girl," The woman warned. Her own youki flaring. "You don't want to fight with me." Her smile changed into something more feral and predatory.

"Moka," Tsukune cautioned.

"Relax," The man said. "We're here for a little break. That's all. We have been a meeting all morning and we just want to have a little time together."

"So you say," Moka said in a deceptively calm voice.

The woman bough her arms up. With her right she reached up and back, putting one hand on the back of the man's neck. With her left hand she petted the man's arm across her upper chest. She made her feral grin wider, showing off her fangs, four on top and two on the bottom.

Moka tensed. The woman was the kind of vampire that killed. The kind that would feed by not just biting into the prey's neck, but by biting the throat out. Moka's body started to tremble, caught between primal instincts and enlightened caution.

Tsukune saw how tight Moka was holding herself, ready to defend or attack. He felt no killing intent from the strange pair. Slowly, protectively, he moved behind Moka and embraced her, copying the stance of the man.

The two vampire stood with their eyes lock. Moka wanted to scold Tsukune for trying to hold her back, but was also grateful for the warmth and support she felt from him at that moment. The man bent his head down just enough to kiss the woman on her ear.

"It's all good," He said in a gentle voice. He raised his left arm up.

The woman slowly bit into the man's arm, closing her red lips against his skin to capture the blood she had drawn out. She let out a soft moan and her eyes slid half closed.

"Tsukune?" Moka asked softly.

"I think they understand us, Moka." He raised his own arm up, just a fraction.

Moka pushed Tsukune's sleeve up, exposing his smooth arm. Carefully, she made a small bite into his arm. Just enough to break the skin and poke into a vein. She closed her lips against his arm and drank in his blood.

The two couples stood facing each other for a few minutes. The man kissed the woman's ear, cheek, and neck; showing intimacy and passion. Tsukune wouldn't dare do that with Moka, especially inner Moka. He settled for just holding her close.

"Moka," He whispered in her ear.

The woman finished her macabre snack. She stopped sucking on the man's arm and just kissed it lightly a few times. She made eye contact with Tsukune and flashed him a mischievous smile.

Moka released Tsukune's arm slowly, then stepped from his embrace. He let go of her, seeing that the tension of just moments ago was gone.

"You were right," The woman said. She looked up at the man. "This was a good spot."

"I'm glad you approve," She smiled down at her. "Shall we return to the meeting?"

"If we must," The woman sighed.

With their bodies close, they turned to leave. The man slipped on his duster and tugged it into place. Just before the strange couple turned the corner and walked out of the sight the man looked back at the students.

"We'll see you later kids," He winked.

The couple disappeared around the corner. Tsukune blew out a breath in relief.

"Fheew." He gave himself a shake. "That was unexpected."

Moka didn't answer right away. After the strange couple had left she stayed on guard for a moment in case they came back. When she was satisfied that they would not, she walked back to pick up her rosary cross. Tsukune turned to face her as she moved.

"Tsukune," Moka said in a firm voice.

"Yes?" He answered starting to feel an edge of nervousness again.

"What did I tell you about grabbing on to me?"

"You said any further and you would not forgive me," He answered.

"I am glad you remembered," Moka said. He rested her hand on his chest lightly, brushing his blazer aside to place her fingers against his thin shirt.

She could feel his heart beating. It was beating strong and quick. She wasn't sure if it was the tension from a moment ago, or from her presence. She looked into his face and saw his cheeks flushed. She felt her own heart beating a little harder as she stood so close to him. She could feel the heat of his body, and the quiet rolling of his sealed youki. She could smell his unique scent.

"Thank you for your blood," She said softly just before replacing her rosary cross.

Inner Moka was sealed away once again. Her hair turned from silver to pink and her posture softened. Outer Moka stumbled for a bit as her mind recovered from the shock of the change.

"Tsukune," She said with a touch of surprise. She blushed for a moment before snatching her hand away from his chest. She crossed her arms and frowned at him.


"I'm fine," She said briskly.

"Moka," He said gently, knowing that she was upset. He knew that she felt pangs of jealousy whenever he shared a close moment with her inner personality, even while she felt happy that he accepted both sides of her. "The others will be looking for us soon," He reminded her.

"We need to meet them for lunch," She said, returning to her normal self and hurrying forward.

Moka and Tsukune had trouble finding time for just the two of them. The few places where they could steal away to were precious. The didn't want the others to learn where those places were. Because if they did then they would be interrupted before they could so much as hug, and that was not something ether wanted.


Tsukune and his friends were just finishing their lunch break when Ruby found them.

"Tsukune," She said in a happy voice. "I was sent to bring you to the board chairman's office." She looked him in the face as she spoke, with a hint of blush in her cheeks. "All of you," She amended. "Please come with me."

Everybody did as she asked. While they had questions, Ruby didn't offer any answers. Together they made their way through the school.

"Welcome everybody," The Board Chairman said with a smile from behind his desk.

His office, like always, was under lit. Most of the light in the room came from the tall windows behind the desk, back lighting the Board Chairman, adding to his creepy image. In front of the desk stood the strange couple that had arrived that morning.

"Thank you for coming so promptly," The Board Chairman continued. "As you know, the criminal group Fairy Tail is continuing to use monsters in support of its activities. Because of your encounters with them in the past they have marked you out as opponents to be dealt with. They are also in opposition with this school, whose purpose is to teach monsters a better understanding of humans to promote coexistence.

"While you are at this school you have some protection against these foes, But I cannot protect you absolutely. There are many students here who do not possess the strength and power needed to protect themselves, nor the personal conviction to avoid the lure of what Fairy Tail has to offer them. It is these students that I must see to the protection of. Do you understand?"

The students nodded and expressed their understanding of the situation so far.

"Good. Because I am counting on all of you to help with protecting your fellow students and this school," He explained. "If you are not willing to cooperate, then for the safety of this school and its students, you will be expelled."

"I'll do it," Tsukune blurted out.

"So will I," Moka added her support even as she moved to stand closer to Tsukune.

"I'm with Tsukune," Kurumu said as she grabbed his right arm and hugged it tightly between her breasts.

"Yes," Was all Mizore said from close behind the others.

"Count me in," Yukari insisted from her place beside Moka.

"I will help any way I can," Ruby said, with her eyes turned towards Tsukune.

"Good," The Board Chairman nodded. "With that settled, let me introduce you to my guests," He gestured to the couple. "This is Lord Brone Gray."

"Pleased to meet you," The man nodded once.

"And the Lady Tara Hemonoira."

"Hello," She said in a smooth voice.

"They are from over seas," The Board Chairman explained. "I have asked them here to help train you so that you will be better able to protect your selves and this school."

"Then if it's alright with you," Brone said to the Board Chairman. "I would like to get started. Once we know a little more, Tara and I can adjust their training to fit."

"Please," The Board Charman nodded and gave a small wave of his hand.

"M'lady?" Brone inclined his head to the raven haired vampire.

"Thank you, sir," She nodded back. She then looked towards the students. "Akashiya Moka, Kurono Kurumu, and Shirayuki Mizore; Girls, come with me." Without waiting for an answer Tara headed for a door at the right hand side of the room.

The trio named all gave quick, worried looks towards Tsukune. After a smile and a nod from him they hurried to follow the woman.

"Aono Tsukune," Brone called out. "Sendou Yukari, and Toujou Ruby; You're with me." He turned towards the Board Chairman briefly. "Until later," He said, before starting towards a door at the left hand side of the room.

The three followed him. Passing through the door Tsukune felt a chill like a cold breeze; he recognized the feelings from the times he had gone to 'Paradise' to train. On the other side of the door, he saw an expanse of beach under a twilight sky.

"This is our training area," Brone said to them. "While some of your training will be physical fighting, I will be concentrating on developing youki powers." He gave a sharp whistle.

There was a loud crack, like a gunshot, and suddenly the large black wolf Reaver was at its master's side.

"My friend here is going to help you train, Mr Aono…"


"Alright girls," Tara said to the three students. She had lead them through a dimensional doorway to a nocturnal forest. They stood in an open clearing illuminated by a silver moon high above. Tara gave her charges a moment to gawk about before bringing them back to the business at hand. "I am hear to help you develop you fighting abilities." She reached under her leather jacket be hind he back and pulled out a coiled whip.

"That's Belmont," Kurumu said in recognition.

"That's right." She tossed it to Moka. "Hold on to this."

Moka caught the whip and it's magic immediately canceled out the rosario seal. As pink hair turned silver the young vampire subtly changed. Small changes in her posture that made up her transformation to match the personality of Inner Moka.

"Glad you could join us," Tara smirked.

"What do you want?" Inner Moka glared.

"I am going to train you to be a better fighter."

"As if you had anything to teach me."

"That's the wrong attitude to have girl," Tara said. Her youki flared as she held her hands a little out to the sides. The woman floated into the air. Her dark hair rippled as if in a breeze as her fingernails grew into sharp claws. "You need to get over your self before I give you a spanking."


Tsukune ran on the firm sand along the water's edge. He tried to keep his mental focus as he ran. He needed to concentrate on his inner power, drawing it out so that he could run faster then his human legs should have been able to manage. He had to run, because if he didn't the wolf, Reaver, would get away, and it had a leash tied to Tsukune's holy lock. If the wolf got away it would break off the lock that protected

Tsukune from his corrupting ghoul state.

Ruby held her wand tightly to help focus her mind. Brone had dragged his boot heel in the sand, making a long gouge. Her task was to smooth it out. She chanted softly to herself as she used her power in a way she had never tried before. It was a challenge to tune out the noisy distraction coming from Yukari's direction.

Yukari had summoned up a dust pan many times. She was supposed to use it for cleaning up messes, but mostly she used to the punish Kurumu for her harassment of Tsukune. This time she was using it to defend herself. Brone had produced a long switch that was thin and flexable. Yukari had to use her magic to block the switch by directing her dustpan's movements. A loud clang told her she had successfully blocked an attack. A flash of hot pain told her when the switch wasn't blocked. She understood the reason for the training. If she could get good at this kind of thing, she could expand upon it to defend Tsukune and the others.


Moka, Kurumu, and Mizore were worn down. The woman had been beating them at every turn. Moka's infamous kicks had only given Tara something to grab on to, pulling the younger vampire around by her ankle and throwing her in some random direction. At first Mizore and Kurumu were content to see their friend and rival in love get tossed around, but then the woman had said something that brought out their fighting spirit.

"That boy you like looks yummy," Tara had said with a smile. "I wonder if he is a good kisser."

Kurumu saw that trying to get close to the woman would be hard so she had decided to use quick, slashing attacks. This turned out badly when after only a single attack Tara had gotten behind the succubus and caught her in a painful hold on her wings. She liked the girl's ear playfully before shoving her into the ground, hard. Before she could get up again, Moka landed on her, hard.

Mizore launched her attack when the others were out of the way. She cast out a hail of sharp ice sickles at the woman. With every wave of her arm the snow maiden hurled lethal shards. Tara escaped the first volley by dodging to the side. She then flew higher for a moment, taunting Mizore with a floating target. The deadly storm proved ineffective.

"My turn," Tara said.

She dropped out of the sky, landing only a foot from the snow maiden. Before Mizore could react the woman had sharp claws resting lightly against her throat. The youki of the woman washed over the shy student like a physical force. Its power made Mizore feel small and vulnerable and her body started to shake with fear and a sense of futility. Tara moved her hand away and turned her back on the snow maiden, who sank to her knees.

"Listen up ladies," She said as she walked a short distance away. "You have the power and determination to fight, but you lack the discipline." She didn't even look over her shoulder towards the three school girls as she spoke. Some day, if you live long enough, you will have power close to what I have shown you today." She did a slow stretch. "But right now you are just three girls waiting to get hurt." She gave a loud sigh. "You all fail. None of you used your powers to their potential." She turned and stalked back to the students.

"Mizore," She grabed the snow maiden's jacket and pulled her to her feet. "Some day you will be able to burry a village under a blizzard of ice and snow. Think of the nature of ice and how you can use it."

She let Mizore go and she stumbled to keep from falling again. She went to where Moka was still trying to climbing to her feet. With a casual kick she sent the younger vampire tumbling across the clearing. She reached down and grabbed Kurumu hair, pulling her the girl up to her tip-toes and giving her a good shake. When she saw that she had the girl's attention she spoke again.

"You are supposed to be a succubus," Tara nearly spat with frustration. "The object of every man's desires. You're pathetic." She let go of Kurumu's hair and watched the girl stagger into a feeble fighting stance. "You are lazy. You have been ignoring your development." Tara casually reached out and slapped one massive breast.

"Ahh!" Kurumu gave a short cry and covered her breasts with her arms. The pain brought a tear to her eyes.

"And what about your illusions?" Tara continued. "Why don't you use your glamors to help you? Fahw," Tara made a dismissive gesture. "Boys these days are too weak, too easy to corrupt. Show them a little skin and they drool all over themselves. Is your mother as useless as you are?" Tara leaned in, glaring into Kurumu's eyes. "Have you even fed yet? Ever?"

"What?" Kurumu was confused.

With a gesture Tara conjured the door back to the school. It appeared at the edge of the clearing.

"You to go back and wait for the others.," Tara dismissed them. "I still have words for this one," She said as she walked over to where Moka stood, holding herself up against a tree."

"We won't leave her," Kurumu started to protest.

Tara wheeled about and her Youki flared up anew. Her eyes glowed with an inner light and her hair stood out in all directions. Her very will pressed down upon the succubus.

"This is the affair of Vampires," Her voice was sharp and commanding. "This is not your concern. You are not needed and not wanted. Leave!"

Kurumu and Mizore hurried through the door. It closed behind them then slowly faded from sight again.

"As for you," Tara said as she turned back to Moka. Her Youkai ebbed and her posture relaxed. "We need to have a little talk about your boyfriend."


Tsukune sat on the sand, breathing hard. He had managed, just barely, to keep up with the wolf for ten minutes. He was out of breath and his legs burned. Near by, Ruby stood on a smooth patch of sand looking as tied as Tsukune felt. Yukari was using another stretch of sand and a stick to write out some kind of formula while talking to herself. She had a angry red welt across her face.

"Not bad," The man said as he stood next to Tsukune. "If you can learn to use your demon power then one day you can be rid of that lock."

That got Tsukune's attention. He looked up at the man. Brone was looking out over the calm water with his hands in the pockets of his duster.

"I know that your girlfriends would be happier if you could control your power." He turned his face to the boy. "Her is your next lesson. Remember what it felt like when you were pulling out your youkai to help you run?"

Tsukune only had time to nod before the man continued.

"Reach for that again. This time I want you to pull that energy up and hold it between your hands," Brone pulled his hands from his pockets and demonstrated. He held his hands eight inches apart as if holding a ball gently between them.

"Concentrate on the space between you hands and use your will to push your youki into that space."

Tsukine did his best to concentrate at the task as the man spoke. He listed to Brone's words but focused his mind on himself. He felt his hands becoming warm as he looked at them, looked at the space between them. Every time he exhaled, Tsukune felt a ripple of something move down his arms and into the space between his palms. It didn't feel very long before his arms ached, as if from holding something heavy. With all of his attention on the space between his hands he was only dimly aware of someone moving in front of him.

Following Brone's directions, Ruby came over to where he was instructing Tsukune. The man was mostly focused on the boy, but spoke to her as well.

"Continue to breath slow and steady," Brone said in a low voice. "Draw it in and breath it our. Let it flow into your hands and shape it into a ball." With a small gesture and only a slight change in his voice the man instructed Ruby. "Kneel in front of him."

She did as she was told and knelt in the sand.

"Concentrate between your hands on the energy you are putting there. Pushing it out of yourself but holding it under your control. See the energy between his hands? Hold your hands together, cupping them under his. Focus on the energy, Tsukune."

Tsukune could feel the pressure building between his hands. He could almost see it, like a small space distorted by the shimmer of heat.

"Very good," Brone said. "Now I want you to give it to Ruby. Just turn your hands down gently and let the energy flow into Ruby's hands. Just like that."

Tsukune followed the man's instructions. He turned his hands until they were cupped together, palms down. He lower his hands until he touched Ruby's lightly. Suddenly he could feel the energy he had been holding just drain away, making him feel lighter as the muscles in his arms and shoulders relaxed, freed from the strain from their efforts.

"Ahhhhh!" Ruby gave a small, pleasant cry as Tsukuni's youki energy flowed into her.

Tsukune's eyes snapped up and saw her. Ruby's body was shaking slightly and her face was flushed. He saw beads of sweat on her forehead and a small smile on her lips. She looked into Tsukune's face, shyly, blushing a little more.

"Thank you," She said softly as she hugged herself.

"W… What just happened?" Tsukune asked, puzzled.

"Remember," Brone said. "You and I are human. Your friends are not. For them certain types of energy, chi, youki, whatever, are is important as blood is to us. Humans need very little energy to survive compared to them. Part of the reason you have to wear that lock is because your body has been changed. It is now producing too much youki. By learning to control it you can use your supernatural strength to empower your body. Or you can push it out of yourself and use it in other ways." He gestured to Ruby.

"That is what her people do. A weak witch is almost identical to a mortal human, and there are a lot of them that chose to believe that they are human. Given enough time you will be able to perform magic also."

"Wha…" Tsukune was amazed by what her was hearing. "What I just showed you, you can use that trick to drain off some of your energy and use it to refresh your friends. If you are willing, A witch can draw upon your energy to increase the power of their spells."

"This is fantastic," Tsukune said. He looked towards Ruby, who was smiling at him with a mix of happiness and hopefulness.

"But for now," Brone said. "I think it is time to head back." He waved his hand and summoned the doorway back to the school. "Ladies first."

"Yukari," Ruby called, breaking the younger witch's concentration. "It is time to go."

"What?" She looked up from her formula. "Alright," She said. "Let's go Tsukune."

"You two go back first," Brone said. "Tsukune and I have something private to talk about."

"I'm not leaving without my Tsukune," Yukari protested, hurrying over to embrace him.

"It will be alright," Tsukune climbed to his feet then offered Ruby a hand up. "You two go on ahead.

"No…" Yukari tried to insist.

"Go," Brone said in a firm voice. "We are just going to have a little man to man chat," His voice softened. "It won't be long."

Yukari pouted, but let Ruby guide her through the doorway. It closed behind them and faded from view.

"Now about your girlfriends," Brone said to Tsukune.

The boy was suddenly all ears as his body tensed.

"Ha," Brone laughed. "Relax man. This is something good for you. It has some risks but it will help you get along with her better. Do you want to hear it?"

"Yes," Tsukune said honestly.

"Good. That trick I showed you about sharing your energy can be used with a vampire as well. All you have to do is concentrate the energy into your blood where she bites you. You saw me off my beloved my arm earlier, rember?"

Tsukune nodded.

"It is easier to focus on an arm, or hand, then it is on your neck," Brone explained. "Because you can see that part of you. You can look at it and concentrate on it."

"Vampires need blood, but only for the smallest amount of nutrition. It is our energy that they truly need. It is one of their weaknesses. While they can produce frightening amounts of youki, the can use it up much faster then they can replace it. They need to feed on others to make up the difference. Blood carried our energy, symbolicly as well as literally. If you can channel your youki to her as she feeds she will need less blood. Do you understand?"

"I think so," Tsukune said.

"Good," Brone nodded. "I suggest you practice that trick and show it to your vampire girlfriend this evening."

"Why so soon?"

"Because right now Ruby is still holding some of your youki. To the creatures that are sensitive to such things that makes her appear very close to you. Think of it as your scent being all over her body right now, and most of the people you know will be able to smell it."

Tsukune started to wide in the eyes as he understood what kind of trouble he could find himself in.

"Now for the bad news," Brone broke into the boy's train of thought before he could start to panic.

"B-b-b-bad news?" Tsukune's voice cracked. "There's bad news?"

"Two things," Brone smiled. "The lesser evil is that all of your girlfriends are going to want to share your energy, and be very jealous about who you do and don't share your youki with. It can be a casual thing, or very intimate. Ruby was your 'first,' and from the looks of things, you were her 'first' as well. Most monsters are unwilling to share their youki."


"The fact that your vampire girl was willing to share her power, her blood with you indicates how important you are to her."

"Moka…" Tsukune said softly.

"And now the greater evil," Brone's smile faded. "If you are not carefull it is possible to use up all of your energy, and if you do, you will die."

"Die?" Tsukune was shaken.

"Just use a little caution," Brone said gently. "And remember to rest when you are tired and you should be fine."

"Oh," He sighed. "Thank goodness."

"This is for you," Brone pulled a small book from his pocket, about the size of a manga, but with a hard cover. He handed it to Tsukune. "Don't let the witches have it until you have memorized it," Brone warned. "You might not get it back. The lessons in this will help you learn to develop and control your energy, your youki."

"Thank you," Tsukune accepted the book.

"Any questions before we go back?"

"You said you're human, right? Like me?"

"Yes," Brone nodded.

"The lady Hemonoira," Tsukune asked. "She is a vampire?"

"That's right."

"Um… How did… how did you get her to accept you?"

"I did it the old fashion way," Brone smiled. "Vampires are big on tradition after all."

"The old fashion way?" Tsukune wanted to know.

"I fell in love with her," Brone explained. "I told her that I loved her and accepted her for everything that she was, is, and ever will be. She tried to scare me off, but I refused to run. She tried hurt me, but I accepted it and forgave her. She even flaunted her ability to seduce men, showing off how easy it was for her to get men to say that they love her. I swallowed my jealousy, offered her my friendship and support, and stood with her. Because when the night gets the darkest, when the creatures show their true faces, no kind of shallow emotion will survive. I will kill or die to keep her safe. When she saw that I would not waver, that she could come to me and cry or rant whenever she needed, she accepted me."

"Remember, it isn't that she doesn't love you. It is because she lives in a world of shadows and predators and she has to be cautious."

"Thank you," Tsukune bowed to the man.

"Just remember," Brone summoned the door again. "There is more then one kind of love, and the strongest love is one that is shared." He turned and walked towards the door. "Come on," He called.

The wolf came up from where it rested and bound after the man. Tsukune had to hurry to catch up. He returned to the school feeling a new confidence.