Vampire Princesses

The characters of Ranma ½, Sailor Moon, Vampire Princess Miyu, and Hellsing are own by much saner people than I, since they seek to earn a living with their characters. While I only seek to borrow the characters to tell a tale for enjoyment, I seek no compensation other than the release of a little of the chaos from that which my family calls my mind.

Alright, before anyone reads this story, if girl/girl pairings bother you, read something else. Usually I write Heterosexual stories, but if I don't like the way the pairings are working out, or if the story demands it, then I have no problem writing Sappho stories. Take it from the title that is how this story came out. So for that reason, some adult language (really, I hear worse out of five years these days), a few jokes, and scenes insinuating some things, this story is rated M.

This work didn't start out to be, but has become AU as far as Hellsing, and Sailor Moon are concerned.

I was working on ideas to irritate Alucard in another story, when this story came to me. Now all you Alucard fans out there don't get upset at me. I was just having fun. I like Alucard, and my family thinks the writers of Hellsing got the idea of Girlycard from me. It is not my fault that these past ten years I can't handle the sunlight, I can't seem to wake up until the night, I laugh through horror movies, and my friends and family say that I am scary when I smile. Speaking of horror movies, what's with these new vampires drinking blood out of wine glasses? Blood in a glass would chill too fast, and exposure to air makes it lumpy. Yuck clots!

Speaking of blood, I use how inventory is handled in blood banks in the story. The information that I have comes from my friends working in those places. They told me that is how it is done in some, but it varies depending on whether the bank is a donation bank, or one that pays people for their blood.

I am sure that I will hear some things from the Miyu fans. I'm a Miyu fan also; her picture has adorned my screen for years. I have read all the Miyu mangas, watched the TV series, and the OAVs, and her story is different in each. So I used some from all of it, and added in a bit of Vampire Knight, Dance in the Vampire Bund, and some of my own stuff. In other words, I am a fiction writer and I cheated. That's why this isn't listed as a Miyu crossover.

Now if anyone really dislikes this story, blame it on my daughter. She is the one, who keeps forcing me to eat food, and she uses that cookbook; Cooking made Easy, by Tendo Akane, with supplemental guide to the Necronomicon. I like my meals served at 98.6F (37C), but they shouldn't be able to pick up my steak knife and fight me. Just how many tentacles does a steak have anyway? Well, at least people quit asking me why I keep a katana on the wall of my dining room.

Vampire Princesses

25 February 2010

Shannon Dee M.

I had several spelling errors and grammatical errors pointed out to me in my first posting of this story. This is what I get for trying a new word processing program. I loaded the pages into my old program and couldn't believe the mistakes that it found. I guess I have gotten lazy over the years trusting the program to point out my spelling and other errors. I hope that my pages from here on will be of a much better quality.

Vampire Princesses



Nerima, Tokyo, Japan

Lying on her bed, Tendo Kimiko hugs her ten year old daughter against herself, trying to calm the child. "Don't cry my little Kasumi. Remember what you were taught at the Shrine. Humans get to be reincarnated. So I will be back again. Maybe the next time I will be with you as a friend, or a cousin, or even your little girl. Until then I will always be with you inside your heart, just like you father is. And you have your Daddy Soun to be with you still. He will always be there to help you, and when your time comes, he and Dr. Ono will have everything ready for you. Now I want you to keep training, and no slacking off little one. Daddy Soun is going to keep teaching you our family's art. I am sure you are going to make me proud my little one."

Kasumi raises her tear stained face from lying against her mother to look her in the face. "Yes mommy. I will keep training until I am Master of our family's school, just like you told me to. I promise."

"I know you will my Kasumi. I am already proud of you daughter. For three years now, you have known what your future will bring you, and you have never cried over it. Soun help her down please." Kimiko says before giving her daughter one last hug and kiss. "Now Kasumi, you are going to be the woman of the house. I need you to be strong now for your sisters Nabiki, and Akane. Soun, bring in my other babies please, I don't think it will be much longer."


Nerima, Tokyo, Japan

Two figures blur in motion across the Tendo dojo. As kicks and punches are traded, smiles betray the participants' joy. "Come on Kasumi, you can do better than that. I can see that kick coming with enough time to do my nails ..oooommmfffff!"

As Tendo Nabiki finds her self temporarily parting company with the ground, her opponent Tendo Kasumi laughs and says. "True little sister, but you forgot that I have two feet."

The sound of two loud claps stops the action in the dojo, and brings the girls' attention to the gentleman that had just entered, their father and sensei, Tendo Soun. "Girls, I need you to do me a favor. Your little sister Akane wants to believe that she can be the next heir to our family's art. But every time I try to work with her here in the dojo, she gets discouraged from seeing you two of you train in front of her. I need you both to confine your practice sessions to times when Akane is occupied away from home, or in her room."

"But Daddy, why do we have to give up our time for the little princess?" Nabiki asks while lifting herself off of the floor from her earlier landing.

At the mention of calling his baby a little princess, Soun turns red and glares at his middle daughter. "Because I am your sensei and that is what I am requiring of my students. Now go wash up. It is now training time for Akane."


Christchurch, England

In the maternity ward of the Christchurch Hospital in Christchurch England a tall willowy blond woman around thirty stands next to a bed occupied by a slightly shorter blonde also around thirty who is nursing her newborn daughter. The woman standing is smiling down at the newborn baby girl as she says. "She is beautiful Demi. What are you going to name her?"

Stroking her daughter's cheek as she nurses, the young woman Demi looks up at her friend. "Oh Gwen, I think you will like this. We are going to call her Seras. It is means 'her victory', which goes with our last name Victoria, and it is also a variation of my own name Demeter, or Ceres."

"Well little Seras, I think you are going to be a fine playmate for my little Tegra. Your eyes are even as blue as Integral's eyes." Gwen bends over and kisses the top of the baby's head, and then kisses Demi's cheek. "I am sure our two daughters will be as good as friends as we have been Demi."

Nerima, Tokyo, Japan

"Kasumi, willya do me a favor?" Asks Saotome Ranma gender cursed martial artist, and house guest of the Tendo family. He is also the reluctant fiancé of Tendo Akane.

"It depends on the favor, and if you can drop the jock act when we are alone." Kasumi says, turning and putting her fists on her hips to face the young man. "Your grammar is perfect when you are helping me with Dr. Ono's text books."

Scratching the back of his neck, Ranma blushes at being caught. "Gee Kasumi, can you keep that a secret for me. I really don't want my old man to know how smart I am. Every time he would catch me reading text books while we were on our training trip, he would beat me, and make me train even harder. He caught me studying calculus one day and ended up tying me to a train to teach me to run faster."

"I have to walk to the shopping district to borrow books from Dr. Ono. Where did you get books from while traveling all over the globe?"

Ranma shrugs his shoulder looking to make sure they are still unobserved. "It wasn't all that hard. Some monks at one temple that we visited got me started when they gave me some books. Then the next place we stopped, I traded them for new books. I continued trading at the various temples and dojos that we visited. This is kinda what I want to talk to you about Kasumi."

"Watch your grammar Ranma, please. What can I help you with? Do you need me to help you get some more books? Won't your teachers at Furinkan help you get books?"

"No, I don't need any additional books at this time. That's not the problem. Now don't make a big deal of this, but I'm not a student at Furinkan High." Ranma winces as he says this waiting for Kasumi to yell.

Kasumi stands and stares for moment. She looks at the empty bentos that Ranma, Nabiki, and Akane took for their lunches that morning. Just this afternoon, when they returned from school, her little sisters complained about Ranma sleeping in his classes. Too many things are just not adding up. "Ranma, that doesn't make any sense. Did you quit school today? Because I know you attended with my sisters, they both complained about your sleeping."

Putting his fingers in front of his face in a shushing motion, Ranma lowers his voice even more. "No, I didn't quit school. That is what I want to talk to you about. I need you to go with me to the President of the School Board tomorrow. You remember that I had to take the placement test when I first came here for the school to find what grade level to put me in? They just got the results back, and they can't place me in any level. I scored too high this time, and they have to graduate me out of high school. They want me to have a family member there when they give me my diploma tomorrow, and I don't want anyone else to know."

"Ranma that's wonderful!" Kasumi says as she rushes to give the young man a hug. Then blushing at what she had just done, she lets go, and backs up. "But everyone will know when you don't attend Furinkan anymore."

"I have that covered. Miss Hinako helped me get a scholarship at the University in Juuban near my mother's house. I will be going to night classes there three nights a week, and staying at my mom's on those nights. During the days I will be working for Miss Hinako as a teacher's aide for college credits, so everyone will think I am still going to high school." Ranma says, and then manages to lower his voice even more while looking at an interesting spot on the floor, he adds. "Just in case anyone that knows me should see me at the University, I am attending as … a girl. I have a wig to cover my red hair, and had Nabiki take me shopping supposedly for her pictures."

Sitting down on her stool, Kasumi quietly giggles, looking at the young gender switching marital artist. "Well Ranma it sounds like you have it all worked out. So yes, I will help you. But like Nabiki says, nothing is free."

Gulping Ranma looks at the Tendo Matriarch surprised that she would pull a Nabiki, but knowing that he is in a corner he asks. "Okay, whatever the cost. What do you need Kasumi?"

"You can help me get dinner made tonight, so I can prepare for tomorrow and then help me make breakfast tomorrow morning so we can get out of here on time." She says laughing and throws an apron at Ranma.

London, England

Two men look upon the two little girls playing together in nursery at the Hellsing Estate. "Walter, I want you to take Mrs. Victoria's baby to an orphanage. See if they can foster her out, until her mother returns. That is if her mother and my Gwen return. It is time to start Integral's training and she doesn't need the distraction of playing house with a one year old infant."

"Yes Sir Hellsing. But shouldn't we worry about the child's heritage?"

"What of it? Guinevere and Demeter should have thought of it before they ran off to where ever. Keep track of the girl, and if she becomes a problem, we will deal with it then."


Nerima, Tokyo, Japan

"Look out Ranma!" Kasumi yells at the now female red headed Ranma as the two of them move for the same cucumber and Kasumi accidently slices Ranma's finger with the knife in her hand.

"Owie! Look out Kasumi; you're going to get blood all over you." Ranma says as she tries to pull her hand back from Kasumi.

Without even thinking about it, Kasumi sticks Ranma's bleeding digit into her mouth, as she reaches for a towel to place under the hand. Pulling Ranma's finger back out of her mouth, they both stare in amazement at the no longer bleeding cut. "Ranma, I could have sworn that you were cut to the bone. With all that blood it had to be deep."

Ranma looking at the cut pulls at it, then shaking her head. "I thought so too Kasumi, but now it looks no worse than a paper cut. I always knew I was a fast healer but not that fast."

"As much as we work together in here, I am surprised that one of us hasn't gotten cut sooner. I am glad it isn't as bad as we thought, but let's try not to do that again, even if you do have some tasty blood for a short red head." Kasumi says while washing the knife off.

A week later:

It was supposed to be a wonderful occasion, the wedding of Tendo Akane to her fiancé Saotome Ranma. Well it would be a wonderful occasion if it weren't for several factors. First, that the groom had no intentions of marrying the bride. A minor inconvenience as far as the father of the bride and the father of the groom were concerned. They figured that the boy would do what was good for him, or they would beat and bribe him until he understood. Their plans were to be to no avail since someone else had battle plans of their own, and theirs' worked better, in fact too well. Somehow every other fiancée and rival of the groom received invitations to the wedding. That should have been sufficient to stop the wedding. But the invited participants had their own battle plans and they involved martial arts mayhem and exploding food. The wedding ended as planned, with both the bride and groom still single, but now the Tendo dojo lays in ruins. Of course all the participants except the groom blamed the whole disaster on the groom. In Nerima Japan, if anything is wrong, then it must be the fault of Ranma.