Vampire Princesses

Chapter 1 Tendos

The characters of Ranma ½ , Sailor Moon, Vampire Princess Miyu, and Hellsing are own by much saner people than I, since they seek to earn a living with their characters. While I only seek to borrow the characters to tell a tale for enjoyment, I seek no compensation other than the release of a little of the chaos which my family calls my mind.

"I am not cleaning it up this time!" Kasumiyells as she sits on the rocks next to the koi pond and buries her tears soaked face in her hands, after looking at the wreckage. The wreckage that had been her family dojo for over a hundred years, until the attempted forced wedding of Ranma to her baby sister Akane last night. 'The fiancées, the rivals, and even Grandfather Happosai went too far this time. Now everyone wants to blame Ranma, but he was busy protecting his mother, and me, and wasn't responsible for any of this. Father might be afraid of pressing charges against those bullies, but I'm not! I won't be able to get anything out of Grandfather, but the rest can either pay, or get their butts over here and work.'With that, the young matriarch of the Tendo family, Tendo Kasumi stands up and heads into the house. "Nabiki, I need the tapes of the wedding last night, and I need them now unless you want ramen for a month!"

Nabiki laying on her bed reading mangas, jumps up, her eyes wide at her older sister's voice. She doesn't hesitate as she grabs her hidden tapes, and runs down the stairs, skipping, or missing more than half of them. She might push a lot of people around, but never Kasumi, and with her big sister finally doing something besides acting oblivious, and smiling, she is not risking eating ramen noodles for a month. Running up to her older sister, she holds the tapes up to be seen. "Big sister, I really don't want to eat ramen noodles for a month, but I would like to know what you are planning on doing with these?"

Kasumi reaches for the tapes, but Nabiki pulls them back waiting for an answer. Closing her eyes and meditating for a moment, Kasumi says. "Nabiki I have had enough. I haven't been feeling good for a week, and I am really having a hard time keeping up this act to make that brat we call a sister feel good about herself. Because of Akane's feelings you and I have given up so much. For ten years we have had to tiptoe around, and otherwise baby Daddy's little princess. We have to train in secret so that we don't make Daddy's little princess feel inferior. We had to let her have Ranma because Daddy wanted his little princess to have him. Daddy has made her Queen in my own home, while I have to stand around with an air headed smile, as if nothing ever bothers me, never taking a stand. Not this time. I am not letting Ranma take the blame for what happened! And I am not going to stand around watching our family suffer those deluded bullies, while you and I have to get everything repaired. You and I sabotaged the wedding by inviting those idiots, but that didn't give them carte blanche to destroy our dojo, or threaten our lives. We, or at least I, if you don't want to come, are going to the police and pressing charges."

Nabiki takes a deep breath, and then asks. "Whoa big sis, I have never seen you this worked up. This isn't, you know... your... condition is it?"

Kasumi takes a calming breath. "No little sister, it isn't that. I have a feeling that it may be soon, but it could still be years before that happens. Please don't talk about it. Right now you, father, and Dr. Ono are the only ones that know about my condition, and the only ones that need to know. But if I am running out of time, I may have to tell Ranma, if I can ever get her...him to look at me as something more than a big sister." She says getting a wistful look on her face, and then continues. "No, I am just really upset at what they have done repeatedly to our lives, our home, and now the dojo. If my heritage finally becomes a problems and I'm gone, I would like to know that you and Akane have something more than a pile of toothpicks on a sand lot. Besides that, their attacks this time did more than disrupt, they were deadly, and would have gotten Auntie Saotome, and myself, if Ranma hadn't protected us. And besides the exploding food, and bombs, I almost got hit with that cask of spring of drown man Jusenkyo water! I am going to go through enough problems in my life, without being turned into a man. That entire aside, what really has me upset, is that your Kuno-baby attacked Ranma with live steel! This time the parents, and the police can take action, or I will!"

"Well are you coming Big Sis, or do I need to go to the police by myself?" Nabiki says as she grabs her purse and drops the tapes into it heading for the door. Kasumi smiles at her sister while grabbing her own purse, and quickly follows her out the door.

Once out on the sidewalk walking along side her big sister. "You really have it bad for Ranma, especially her girl side. I wonder what Akane would say if she found out that the hentai in the house isn't Ranma, but you Big Sister?" Nabiki teases her.

"She would probably mallet Ranma, blaming her for making me that way." Kasumi says. Then with an evil grin. "You can't blame me for liking Ranma's female side, she is really hot looking. But Ranma is so much more than a hot body. She has the most caring heart of anyone I have ever known. It is that heart that gets her into trouble, by always trying to help everyone, even her enemies. Then there are the things she keeps secret because of her father; like her feelings, her playful side, and her intelligence. Besides I know you like her too. You didn't take all those photos of her just to sell. Don't deny it little sister, I know what kind of manga you collect, and the looks you give a certain purple haired Amazon. What are you two always whispering about anyway?"

Nabiki blushes and starts walking a lot faster. "Better hurry sis. We want to get to the police station before they close!"

"Slow down little sis! Police stations don't close!" Kasumi says while trying to keep up with the fast walking, seriously blushing Ice Queen. "You know for someone with shorter legs than mine, you are really fast. Are you running to the police station, or from yourself?"

Hanging her head, Nabiki slows down until she is walking at a normal pace alongside Kasumi. "I am sorry big sister. I guess I really am running from myself. No matter how I try to reason it out, I really am afraid to admit that I am, ah, might be a. you know a.. lesbian. I am sorry big sister, I know it is childish next to what you have admitted to yourself...But I am not as strong as you are...It is why I created the Ice Queen persona. It keeps people away from me, so I won't have to face them, or myself."

Kasumi lays a hand on Nabiki shoulder stopping her, and pulls her into a hug. "Little sister, I have known the truth about myself most of my life. I have had a lot of time to deal with what I am, and what will happen. I may not show it, but it still scares me. I think it is one of the reasons I have come to rely upon Ranma's strength, and why if I loose her I will be devastated. You on the other hand only discovered the truth about your sexual nature when you entered high school. It is why I have joked with you about my own sexual orientation. So you could at least relax around me, and know that I will listen, and understand."

As they start walking again, Nabiki keeps her eyes down cast. "Okay, to you I will admit that I am just as hentai as you are. I think the reason I keep lying to myself, is because I want to believe that the next guy that comes around will spark some interest in me. Instead I could care less about any guy, and I have to do the Ice Queen routine whenever I find myself around other women." Nabiki looks over at her sister and grins. "Alright, I will admit it. Ranma's girl side is hot! If you weren't after her, I would be. And when I think of Ranma I do think she is really female. I have noticed that she is staying in that form until she is forced by her father to change, and usually she is back to female a half hour later."

"Oh I know." Kasumi says with a chuckle. "I have talked with her when she helps me in the kitchen. She has come to let her guard down then, allowing her body language to go female, and her intelligence to shows. It is strange that no one ever noticed, but with how infrequently her father has allowed her to attend school, but she should only be in elementary school at this time, instead of high school. But when she takes the placement test, she always scores high, and get's to attend with her own age group. That is until she moved to Nerima. She took the placement tests and scored so high, that they had no choice but to graduate her after she had only been in Furinkan for a month. Miss Hinako and I went with her when she received her diploma in private from the head of the school board. I wish you could have been there. Ranma couldn't stop blushing from all the praises she was getting, especially from Miss Hinako, who has talked Ranma into going to college to be a teacher."

"But Ranma still goes to Furinkan with Akane; they are in the same grade. She even sleeps in Miss Hinako's class everyday."

"Ranma hasn't been attending high school as a student, she is there as a teacher's aide for college credits. And Ranma never really sleeps in class, she just loves to tease Miss Hinako. She also attends night classes as a female at the University in Juuban where she has a scholarship. That is why she stays at her mother's house a few nights a week. I got a big surprise the other day. Ranma told me that she is thinking of changing her courses so that she can later go to medical school. She wants to become a doctor, preferably an Ob/Gyn, she wants to deliver babies."

Nabiki had already stopped walking and was staring at Kasumi with her mouth hanging open. Closing her mouth, she quickly caught back up with her older sister. "Ranma is that smart? I thought she was just a cute, lovable, dumb jock. What is it with her dumb jock act then?" she asks coming to a stop in from of Kasumi.

Kasumi giggles pulling Nabiki on to continue walking, and says. "She fooled you. But don't feel bad little sister, she is a good actress and fools everyone. She had me fooled for one day, until I was having trouble with one of Dr. Ono's medical books, and Ranma explained the part that I didn't understand to me. That was when she started to drop the act around me. I learned she uses the stupid act to keep people from knowing the real her, the same as you use the Ice Queen. It also keeps her father from knowing the real her. Ranma really is everything the panda hates; smart, loving, and female. Her letting me so deeply into her real life is one of the things that encouraged me, that I might have a chance. I think it is because I am three years older than her that she is afraid to approach me. But I really need to break this last barrier between Ranma and me!"

"Kiss her."

Kasumi stops, and blinks. "What?"

"You heard me. Kiss her. Don't ask her. Don't wait for her to start. She is just as female as you are." Nabiki pauses to let that sink in. "Think of the way Ranma acts in either of her forms. When it comes to relationships, she is just as female as we are, and less secure because of her curse, and the way people have used her. The next time you are alone with her, kiss her. Kiss her like both of your lives depend on it. Destroy any image of Big Sister Kasumi, the Angel of Nerima. Then tell her how you feel about her, and what she means to you. Don't hesitate another day. If you do, the fathers will have Akane married to her, or the Amazons will have kidnapped her and hauled her back to China, or your ... condition will become active, and you will run away from her to protect her. Please Big Sister let her know the real you, everything about you. She has trusted you enough to let you know the real her. Now you need to do the same for her. … I believe Ranma really loves you, and will be with you no matter what. I see it everyday in how you look at each other. She really is your soul mate. I will lay money on it, and you know I only bet on a sure thing? Wait, what is going on up there? … Is that Ryoga? … Who is he beating on?" Nabiki says looking up head at a scuffle about a block away. With the sight of red hair, she screams. "RANMA!"

While Nabiki is screaming, Kasumi is already running. "RANMA! That does it. I am going to kill you Ryoga Hibiki you pig!" She yells as she throws her whole body against Ryoga knocking him away from Ranma.

Ryoga prepares to attack whoever has gotten between him, and his righteous revenge against Ranma. As he goes to swing at the offender he freezes when he realizes it is Kasumi, and afraid of upsetting Akane by attacking her big sister, even if it is Ranma's fault, he proves his bravery, he runs off.

"Oh Kami, Ranma!" Kasumi cries, as she picks Ranma up pulling the smaller girl into her arms. "Oh Ranma, please open your eyes, let me know that you are okay. Please, I need to tell you something. I need to tell you that I love you and can't live without you. Please be alright, please open your eyes."

One hour earlier at Ucchan's Okonomiyaki restaurant. 'I still haven't cooled off, but I have to do something, this has gotten out of hand. I tried to protect everyone's honor, but I think their insanities have already ruined any honor they may have ever had. Damn why did this all have to happen now? I don't feel good. I should see Doc Ono. I think something is wrong with my ki. I keep eating like normal but I feel so hungry, and weak. I wish I could wait but this has to be done now. I have let things go too long, and now when I finally find someone that I love, and I think might love me, I am afraid I'll have to leave Nerima if I can't stop this madness. It will be my only choice; I'll have leave to get this madness away from Kasumi! The only way to fix this is for Ukyo and the others need to make everything right again for Kasumi, and my mother. Then they will see that I am not a trophy, and people I care about are not pawns to be used against me or eliminated.' Thinks Ranma still upset over the events of last night as he moves the noren aside to enter the restaurant.

"Welcome to Ucchan's" Ukyo calls as Ranma enter, and then seeing him standing there in the entrance calls. "Ranchan let me get you a special!"

"No thank you." Ranma says steeling himself for what is to come. "I don't want anything to eat Ukyo."

Ukyo pushes the spatula that she was using down against the grill bending it 'He called me Ukyo. I know I went a little overboard last night, but he should understand I did it for him.' She tries to put on her best smile, and offers again. "It's alright Ranchan, it will only take a couple of minutes for me to make your specials, and I know you love them. Let me make a couple for you, while you sit down at the grill."

'She really is that blind to reality. She doesn't think she did anything wrong last night.' Ranma thinks and doesn't move from his position just inside the entrance to the restaurant. He just closes his eyes for a moment; taking a deep breath he firms his resolve even further. "No Kuonji Ukyo I do not want any food from you now or ever again." Raising his hand up to forestall any comments from her, he continues. "All I want from you is for you to make reparations to the Tendos for all the damage you have done to their home and dojo. And I want you to apologize to Kasumi, and my mother for attacking them. After that, I want you to never bother the Tendos, my mother, or me ever again. You are not, and have never been my cute fiancée. You are a delusional and violent criminal, and I will not stain my honor with even purchasing food from you. I once thought you were my friend, but friends don't do the things you have done. You have attacked people I care about, and have treated me as a prize to be won in some sort of contest."

The okonomyaki now forgotten, smoke rising from it as it turns black on the grill. The spatula Ukyo is holding is being twisted into scrap metal, as the young self righteous chef tries one more time to make Ranma see reason. "What about my yatai? What about the ten years I spent searching for you, and learning the art to be able to have my revenge? You owe me Ranma!"

"!" Ranma asks, while barely controlling his rage. Then as he feels his heart beating harder with his anger his vision seems to change, becoming sharper, brighter. Without trying he sees her aura, and the pulsing of the blood in her the veins in her neck and other exposed skin. The skin pulsing with blood, with life, it seems to draw his attention. His mouth water like a starving man looking at a steak, he keeps licking his lips, fighting the urge to taste that flesh. Swallowing hard, he closes his eyes for a moment to try to clear the vision, only to find it is still there when he opens them again. Letting go of the breath he has been holding. "You are so delusional that you actually think I owe you anything. First, my father, and yours behaved as though this was the Edo period buying and selling their children. I never did recognize their agreement since I am not a piece of property to be bought and sold. Second, your yatai was stolen by my father. I am not responsible for his debts, or crimes. Third, I did not tell you to chase after me, or to invest ten years of your life in the study of your family's art. Fourth and it is a really big one. Your family's yatai was worth at the most a hundred thousand yen. At the latest figures, your part of the damages to my mother's home, and the Tendo's dojo come to over ten million yen. That is not counting possible civil suites for the attacks on my mother, Kasumi, Akane, and for the cost of the wedding... Since I would never have married her, I didn't need to be saved from the wedding. Yes, I love Akane, as my annoying sister, not as a wife. All any of you would have needed to do was ask me, and you would have known that I would not have gone through with the wedding. But not one of you so called fiancées has ever asked me how I felt about anything, because you didn't care about my feelings. Instead you all have always been too busy telling me how I feel! The only person that has ever asked me how I felt about anything is the one person that never claimed I was engaged to her, Kasumi." Ranma says, then as he sees her reaching for a spatula on her bandolier he calmly says. "I want you to think before you take that step Kuonji Ukyo. I want you to think real hard before you try attacking me, my mother, or the Tendos again. I killed a god for Akane, who I consider an annoying sister. What do you think I will do to you, for hurting me, or someone I really care about?"

'He means it. Oh Kami his eyes, what has he become, his eyes are glowing gold and don't even have pupils! What is he? He killed a god. He could kill me without a thought. I will do anything just get away from me Ranma!' Fighting her panic, trebling, and mustering what strength she has, Ukyo replies. "I won't bother you again Ranma. I will apologize to your mother, and the Tendos. But, I don't have that kind of money to pay them."

Turning his back on her, Ranma answers as he steps out the door. "I don't care. Sell you shop. Or since you seem to believe people can be bought or sold, sell your body. Just make it right."

No sooner than Ranma steps out of the shop, he hears the words that always bring him joy (yeah right). "Ranma you pervert! How dare you flirt with one of your floozies, after you destroyed my wedding?" Those words are of coursed followed of course by pain and then the wonderful sensation of uncontrolled flight via Akane, and her mallet.

'Ah yes, another love tap from Akane. Maybe I should have left her in China. Let see where I am going to land. Ah yes, of course, water, she seems to have great accuracy for making me hit water. After this the other half of the Akane/Ryoga tag team should show up. Kami, what did I do in a previous life to deserve this?' Thinks Ranma as he prepares for his return to Earth.

Moments later a soaking wet and very angry red headed, female Ranma walks out of the park. 'That was strange. I didn't change as soon as I hit the water. I am not even sure the water changed me. It seemed the change came when I was thinking about becoming female after I was already on the shore. Alright you Kami who loves messing with my life, I'm here, now's where Ryoga? I swear he and Akane tag team me, and I really don't want to deal with him right now. Please Kami, let me have a day without the pig. I'm used up from surviving the blow from Akane's mallet. I feel so weak now, a puppy could beat me.'

"Ranma Saotome, prepare to die!"

"Oh good P-chan, I thought you weren't going to show." Ranma says as she turns to face the voice. 'Great, not only am I weak, but my vision is still funny. Why is the pulsing in his neck so enticing? The spot on his shoulder near his neck is making my mouth water! Why am I thinking that? Why do I feel so hungry?' She thinks then says. "Hello Ryoga, what can I do for you?"

Ryoga blinks looking at Ranma's face, and then yells. "You can die you honor less womanizer! You hurt Akane, and destroyed my one chance at a cure! I am going to make you pay, and don't think your colored contact lens, or fake fangs are going to scare me!"

'What contact lens, fake fangs?' Thinks Ranma as she feels her teeth with her tongue, and painfully discovers fangs in her mouth. 'Owie, I have fangs and they are sharp! Kami, what is happening to me? My tongue is bleeding now...mmmm... Kami that tastes good, I am so hungry!' Ranma raises her hands to block Ryoga's punch as she tries to figure out what is happening to her. She yells. "Ryoga wait! Can't we do this later? Something is wrong with me! I think I am sick or something."

"Something wrong with you, good, then I will put you out of your misery!" Ryoga yells, and proceeds to pummel Ranma with punches and kicks.

Ranma too weak to fight back just tries to cover her face, as she curls in a ball to lessen the damage she is receiving. She doesn't know if it is minutes or hours that Ryoga beats on her, but then she hears her personal angel, in a very non-angelic way. "RANMA! That does it! I am going to kill you Ryoga Hibiki you pig! Oh Kami, Ranma!" Then the owner of that voice, Kasumi is picking Ranma up in her arms. "Oh Ranma, please open your eyes, let me know that you are okay. Please, I need to tell you something. I need to tell you that I love you and can't live without you. Please be alright, please open your eyes."

'Oh Kami thank you, to hear those words from Kasumi is worth all this pain. She really loves me.' Ranma tries to smile as she says. "I love you too Kasumi, and if this is a dream, please marry me before I wake up." Slowly she opens her eyes to look up into the tear streaked face of her angel. "Please don't cry Kasumi, I will be alright, I am just so weak, so very hungry."

Nabiki staring over Kasumi's shoulder sees it first. Ranma's eyes are gold color, even the pupils. She puts her hands to her mouth as she takes a sudden intake of breath, letting it out slowly in almost a whisper. "Kasumi, her eyes, you don't think Ranma is..?"

Looking at Ranma's eyes, Kasumi gently uses her finger to spread the red head's lips on one side on one side of her mouth exposing a fang. She looks up at Nabiki and nods. "Nabiki, run to Dr. Ono, tell him Kasumi needs her delivery right away. It seems Ranma really is my match. I will get her home, clean her up, and try to keep her from killing anyone."

"But what if she bites you?" Nabiki asks as Kasumi stands pulling Ranma up with her.

"Then she will have a snack, won't she? I am the one person she can't do much harm to. I am immune to the gifts, and can stop her from taking too much." Kasumi starts to walk, while holding Ranma up, then looks back at Nabiki and yells. "Nabs, move! The sooner you get my delivery, the less chance she will kill anyone. Please hurry!"

Listening to the two sisters, Ranma begins to panic. "Kasumi, what is wrong with my eyes, why do I have fangs, and why would I bite you? What's wrong with me?"

"Right, sorry!" Nabiki yells as she takes off at a run in the opposite direction.

"Trust me Ranma, you will be okay. I know what is going on, and I will tell you everything when we get home. Do you think you can walk if I help?" Kasumi asks the battered red head, who nods and puts her arms around Kasumi to steady herself more.

"Do you really love me Kasumi?" Ranma ask as Kasumi half carries her so they can walk home.

'Kiss her!' Kasumi remembers Nabiki's advice; she bends to the shorter girl to look her in her golden eyes, then leans in and kisses her. Her tongue finds Ranma's fangs, and carefully dances around them. Breaking the kiss she smiles, and answers. "Ranma, I love you with all my being, and have since the day you came to my family's home. I hope you really meant it about me marrying you right away, because that is what I want to do."

As they start to walk home, Ranma putting her weight on Kasumi waist asks. "Kasumi I meant it. It was all I could think of while Ryoga was beating on me. I just knew that if I died then, I would have been the biggest fool for never asking you. So yes, I love you and want to marry you right away, but I have to ask you something. Kasumi, I believe you know the truth about me. Can you love me as a girl? I love you enough to be him if that's what you want."

It would normally be a big question. But with everything that is happening, it breaks Kasumi's tension. She giggles a little, and then straightens out her face. "I'm sorry Ranma. I'm not laughing at you, only at my own worries, and how stupid they have been. Before I answer that, I want you to know that I had decided earlier, that today I was going to tell you that I love you, and couldn't imagine life without you. I was going to tell you my secrets, even why I originally avoided you because of the two problems that I have. The first is I have a hereditary condition that hasn't been active yet, but I think is starting to awaken. One that I was afraid would scare you away. Fate is weird though since now it seems you have inherited the same condition, and we can help each other with it. Now before you ask what it is, it would be better if I explain it after we get home, but it is nothing to be afraid of…'for you or me at least.' The second problem that I was afraid to tell you is that I am bisexual, and actually prefer women. I began to realize that might not be a problem when you allowed yourself to drop the macho act, and just be female around me. I could see then that you were just as female as I am, but like me still seemed to appreciate pretty women."

Ranma giggles in relief, pulling herself a little tighter to Kasumi. "I was afraid that you might not love me, if you knew that the man amongst men is really a woman who loves women." Ranma stumbles as her legs give out, but Kasumi hangs on tight until Ranma can stand again. "I'm sorry Kasumi. I am so very weak, and hungry. I'm scared of myself. The thoughts going through my mind are not right, they scare me. I kept thinking about biting Ukyo when I confronted her, and then Ryoga when he attacked me. I can actually see the blood pulsing in people's bodies; it seems to draw my attention. What's wrong with me? Is this what you have too?"

"Yes Ranma, it's the same condition, but it isn't what we have, it's what we are. We really should..." Kasumi is interrupted by one of the last three people in Nerima that she wants to run into right now, as Ranma is forcefully yanked out of her arms, and pulled into an Amazon glomp.

"What wrong with husband? Violent girl do this?" The purple headed Amazon asks as she holds the smaller Ranma to her.

"Shampoo let go of her right away! You need to get away from her. She's too dangerous for you to be near right now!" Kasumi yells, as normal Shampoo pays no attention, lost in her own world. Kasumi stares in horror as she sees Ranma open her mouth and start to move toward the base of Shampoo's neck. 'Well one more secret revealed today isn't going to hurt.' Kasumi thinks as she spins, her right foot kicking Shampoo away from Ranma, and continues through, dropping her right foot down, allowing the left to climb, then snapping out straight catching Shampoo under the chin knocking her back, and hopefully out. Finishing her spin, she drops to her knees and catches Ranma in her arms, as the red head falls forward. Before she can reposition Ranma, she feels the red heads lips latch onto the base of her neck as she is bitten. Accepting the situation, she reaches over and strokes the red hair for a moment, allowing Ranma to have a little of what she needs. Then as a mother would do a nursing infant, she slides her hand along Ranma's cheek to hook a finger into the side of her mouth breaking the vacuum that seals Ranma's lips to Kasumi's flesh. "Sorry honey, that's all for now. If I am to get us home, I need enough blood left inside of me that I don't pass out."

As Kasumi pulls Ranma's head away from her shoulder, Ranma hungrily licks the blood left around the two small already healing punctures. Licking her lips, Ranma's eyes snap open realizing what she had done. She tries to get away from Kasumi, to put some distance between them, but she is held tight, until she finally collapses into Kasumi's arms crying. "Kasumi what have I done? I'm sorry. Oh Kami I am so sorry! I'm some sort of monster!"

Rocking the red head in her arms, Kasumi tries to soothe her. "You did not hurt me my love, and you are not a monster...we are not monsters. What you did is just natural for our kind. And as far as biting me, it felt kind of nice...giggle. I might just have to return the favor later. But seriously Ranma, I am the only one you could bite without causing lasting harm in your present condition. You and I are immortal, so you can't really kill me by drinking too much. So the worse your bite can do to me, is to weaken me enough to pass out for a while, and since I know how to stop your feeding that isn't ever likely to happen."

"We're immortal? What are we?"

"Yes dear, we are..."

"Then I assume Ranma is with the one person in Nerima that can care for her?"

Kasumi looks up into the wizened face of Cologne, Elder of the Chinese Amazons, and Shampoo's great-great-grandmother. Kasumi smiles, and nods her head. "Yes Elder, I am the only one that can take care of her. How much of that did you witness? And I am afraid that I had to be a little forceful with your granddaughter."

Cologne chuckles until her whole three foot frame is shaking. "You had to be a little forceful? My dear, you would have made a fine Amazon. You have kept your knowledge of your family's art well hidden. I saw everything since Shampoo grabbed Ranma from you. I followed Shampoo as fast as I could, and I was about to hit a sleep point on Ranma to stop her feeding, when you stopped her first. You said that you were the only one she could have bitten without lasting harm, that you are also immortal. I assume because it is daylight, that the two of you are vampire shinma? And are your sisters also?" Ranma had lifted her head and was looking between the two women, her eyes widening at what she is hearing.

"Kasumi are we vampire shinma? We're not human are we?" Ranma asks while trebling.

Kasumi resumes her rocking of Ranma to keep her calm, and keeps her voice paced as if she was talking about the weather as she answers. "Yes dear, you and I are vampire shinma, and neither of us has ever been fully human. No Elder, my two sisters are human. I have a different father, my mother's first husband that she was married to before Soun. I don't mean to be rude Elder, but Ranma's change came as a surprise to her, to us, and the middle of the sidewalk is not really the place for this discourse."

Cologne hops up onto her staff. "You are right child. You saved my granddaughter and the Amazons are in your debt for that. It will not pay off our debt to you, but let us help you home." Pogoing over to Shampoo, she starts poking certain points on the girl's body to bring her too, and keep her calm.

Kasumi kisses Ranma's forehead and looks her in her blue eyes. "Well your eyes have gone back to normal for now. Do you feel better after your afternoon snack?"

Looking like a child caught eating candy before dinner, Ranma replies. "I feel like that little girl in the movie when she said 'I want more'. I'm still hungry, but I feel better than I have in several days. I think I can even walk now."

Kasumi chuckles and says. "Good, since I am a little weak right now after your...withdrawal giggle. Let's get home. I sent Nabiki to pick up some blood for us, and to start regular deliveries. She should be home with it soon."

Ranma blinks, and blinks again, then with a grin asks. "They have takeout for vampires?"

Kasumi giggles as she gets to her feet, only to see Cologne laughing and laying in the grass next to Shampoo. Cologne finally sits up, and wipes the tears from her eyes. "I'm sorry, that comment took me totally by surprise. Ranma child, I am really going to miss you when I go back to China."

Shampoo sits up at this time and looks around. "Why did too too nice girl kick Shampoo?"

Standing before her granddaughter, Cologne explains. "Granddaughter, Ranma, and Kasumi are vampire shinma." Shampoo's eyes widen at this revelation, and pays extra attention as Cologne continues. "As shinma, neither of them is subject to the laws of man or Amazons. Kasumi kicked you to save your life. Her mate Ranma's vampiric nature had just awoken, and she almost fed on you in the throes of her bloodlust. Right now she has no control and would have drunk too deeply from you, most assuredly killing you. Kasumi removed you from harm, and took your place. Being a vampire shinma herself, she was able to handle being bitten by Ranma in her bloodlust. Now because of you both of them are in a weakened state, and we need to help them home."

Looking like her world just ended Shampoo walks over to Kasumi, and bows. "Shampoo is in your debt. It is life debt, for as long as you live Shampoo and her descendants owe this debt. Kasumi is Shinma, Shampoo thinks her family is going to be in debt very very long time to too too nice girl." Shampoo then grins. "Grandmother, too bad too too nice girl Shinma. She make good Amazon. She kick like Horsee. Shampoo sore all over."

Kasumi returns Shampoo's bow. "I am sorry that I had to kick you so hard, but it was necessary. But don't you mean kicks like a mule?"

"No know no Mu Lee. Shampoo mean Hor Se, she warrior from another village. Wins kicking contest every year by kicking boulders. Nobody want to be kicked by Horsee. Kasumi come to China, you two compete. Go to Hor Se village, ask for Hor, everyone know her. She kicks good. When farmers need to clear fields of rocks, they hire Hor. She good for getting rocks off...field?" Shampoo stares at her three companions laying face down on the sidewalk. "Why everyone on ground?"

Cologne picks herself up, and jumps back on top of her staff. "It is nothing child. Your innocence is as always refreshing. But in the future, if you wish to talk about your friend Hor Se, I would suggest you use her whole name."

Kasumi rubs her eyes, and not just because of what Shampoo had said, turns her golden tinted orbs to Cologne. "Elder, is it possible to transfer Shampoo's debt to another of my family?"

As the quartet start their slow walk back to the Tendo home, Cologne answers. "It is possible. What do you have in mind child?"

"Ranma and I are for all practical purposes immortal. Because my father was a vampire shinma, and my mother wanted me to understand, she taught me what was going to happen to me. Something that was neglected to be told to you Ranma, so it's not your fault you didn't know what was happening. Anyway, with that knowledge I began to become aware of changes in my body and behavior about a week ago after a kitchen accident, where without thinking about it, I ingested a large amount of Ranma's blood. I tried to ignore that incident, but I have been feeling really irritable, and feeling like I am still hungry after eating my meals. I kept hoping that it was just something like low blood sugar caused by the stress of these past few weeks. From the way I am feeling right now, I am pretty sure I am awaking also. Maybe because of my proximity to Ranma, but for whatever reason our changes seem to be synchronized. Now with the blood bond between us, I think I will be going through my own bloodlust very soon, as I can already feel the hunger much stronger than a mild craving." Kasumi pauses to kiss the red head who returns the kiss, making both of them blush. "Anyway, what I am saying is, probably some time shortly after my bloodlust, Ranma and I will need to leave. We haven't discussed it yet, since we just now proclaimed our love for each other, and our desire to be married, and we didn't know that Ranma was the same as me. But I have had my whole life to contemplate my change, and I do not think it would be wise for us to remain in continuous close proximity to our human families. They would expect us to conform to their human behaviors and expectations, and I would hate to imagine what could come of that. Also, shinma usually are not allowed to stay on the mortal plain, which is what we believe happened to my father, that he was sent back to the shinma realms. However it happens, if we leave, I would like to know that Nabiki is safe. I know that Shampoo and Nabiki have become close friends, and I think both would be served better if Shampoo's debt to me is transferred to Nabiki."

'Ah Kasumi is very observant on how Shampoo and Nabiki are to each other. Yes very observant and very wise.' Cologne pretends to consider it for a minute, and then answers. "As long as it is alright with Shampoo and your sister Nabiki, I see no problem with transferring the debt. Shampoo what say you child?"

Shampoo looks like a kid in candy store as she tries to sound serious. "Shampoo think it good. Mercenary girl need someone to watch over her. If Mercenary girl agree, Shampoo agree also."

Ranma wisely stays quiet, she had already figured out Shampoo and Nabiki months ago. And that Shampoo was only chasing Ranma for the show, so she could stay in Japan and close to Nabiki.

When the quartet reaches the Tendo compound, Shampoo opens the gate and is almost knocked over by Nabiki who looking frantic, was carrying a small ice chest and running toward the gate to leave. "Shampoo, have you seen Ranma and Kasumi? I have to get this to them right away."

Shampoo grabs Nabiki's shoulders stopping her from running. "If that food for Ranma, she already had snack on way home, Kasumi too too good snack. Now she ready for main course, maybe you?"

Panic rising, Nabiki looks to the gate to see Kasumi leaning against it giggling. "Relax Nabs. We didn't make it home quite fast enough, and Ranma had a little sip from me. Nothing to worry about, I feel fine other than my eyes are starting to act up a little. Your right Ranma, you can see their blood pulsing. I don't think it will be long now for me. Is anyone else home yet Nabs?"

Nabiki hands the chest to Shampoo and steps closer to Kasumi. "Your eyes have turned golden like Ranma's. It looks fantastic on you big sister. Akane is home, that was one of the reasons I was running back out to meet you. She just went upstairs in her room as I was running out the door, but with Shampoo here, there could be trouble."

"Thanks. But with meals in that chest for Ranma and me to assure everyone's safety, let's head this off at the pass as they say in the movies. First Elder I think you were coming here for a reason before we ran into you."

Cologne pogos up to Nabiki and says. "Ms. Tendo, I started over here to make restitution for what my granddaughter had done last night. She has been corrected on her behavior, and I have a check for you that should cover her share of the damages. Plus I have a possible deal for you personally if you accept something else from Shampoo. You big sister Kasumi saved Shampoo's life when Ranma's bloodlust overcame her. Shampoo owes a life debt to Kasumi. This is a debt that Shampoo and Kasumi have agreed to transfer to you, if you will accept it. If you do, Shampoo will be taking over the Cat Cafe, and my share will be going to you. Do you accept?"

Shampoo whispers something into Nabiki's ear causing her to blush. After swallowing hard, Nabiki faces Cologne again. "Elder, I accept the life debt of Shampoo." Shampoo hugs Nabiki, causing the Ice Queen to turn as red as Ranma's hair. Trying to force the blush down, Nabiki says. "Well yes, that takes care of the incident last night I believe. But Akane is still going to be on the war path when she hears everyone in the house."

"That is perfect Nabs. I am going to tell her that she has no longer has any say concerning Ranma. That Ranma and I will be getting married, and if she touches my fiancé, she will be dealt with." Kasumi says then adds. "I also need to ban her from the kitchen again. I don't want her to find, touch, or otherwise mess with Ranma's and my meals that we need to keep in the refrigerator. So let's go in, and face the beast. I need to get that blood closer to room temp. Though Mom said my father preferred it to be body temperature."

Nabiki looks at the chest in Shampoo's hands. "Dr. Ono gave me four packs, and said he would have someone bring over a weeks worth for both of you tonight. He was really surprised about Ranma. I told him I was sure Ranma was really surprised to."

"Less talk, more move feet. Yes I was very surprised, not sure that I am over it yet. But right now I am very hungry, and how ever this bond works, I can feel the hunger building fast in Sumi-chan!" Ranma grumbles pushing forward. "I hope I am not going to be like this all the time. I don't like feeling this hungry or looking at my friends like fast food."

"No love. Mom told me that it would only be like this when the bloodlust hit. The bloodlust is because we didn't know that human food we have been eating has been doing less and less for us everyday for about two weeks. Two weeks that we should have been drinking blood, but didn't know we needed it. We finally hit a point when our bodies are starving and the maximum about of physical change takes place at the same time. Even though we are immortal, as in any other starving creature, the upper brain functions are shutting down, and our instincts for survival are taking over. We need blood, and our instincts don't care where we get it from, as long as it is human or shinma, and we normally don't want to feed off of another shinma, because it can create bonds between us. But as soon as the bloodlust is sated, our hunger will be as manageable as they were before." Kasumi says as she grabs the chest from Shampoo and starts moving faster to the kitchen. "Sorry Shampoo, but unless you want to end up back on the menu, I need to get these set out to warm up. Ranma's right, I am starting to feel very peckish myself, and talking about it has just made it a lot worse."

Cologne pogoing behind Ranma and Kasumi tells them. "Children when you are ready for your meal I will show you a way to warm it quickly with your ki. It is a method I use for thawing frozen food at the Cafe. It thaws things quickly without cooking the food as long as I stop at body temperature, which is what you want anyway. It is better than using any modern appliance, because they would damage the cells by cooking them. Even putting it in hot water will cook part of it. Kasumi, you told me how you came to be this way, but do either you or Ranma know which of his parents or maybe a third party is responsible for her condition?"

"Old g...I mean Elder." Ranma ducks waiting to be hit by Cologne's staff, but she only chuckles. Ranma then says. "Sorry habit. Elder, you have met both of my parents, and I have spent ten years on the road with that panda I call father. I don't believe either one of them to be a vampire. So I think we need to keep it a secret a while longer if possible. At least until I can try talking to my mother. But you know how she is, she exist in her own little world. I used to be afraid of not being manly enough for her. I have since found that I can wear a bikini in front of her and she will tell me how manly I am. I hope I can get an answer out of her, but I am pretty sure that no matter what, it will be manly."

"Don't let it worry you too much child. You have the only answer you need for happiness standing right in front of you, in the form of Kasumi. I never said anything before because of Shampoo's pride, but as Nabiki would have said, my money was always on you two getting together." Cologne says with a wink, and then looks closer at Kasumi. "Child are you alright, you lips are trebling?"

"Kami Ranma, how did you stand it for so long? I feel like I am starving to death."

Ranma scoops up two bags of blood off of the counter where Kasumi had laid them. "Gran...Cologne, you were going to show us how to warm these. I think I know how you mean, but I don't want to screw these up experimenting right now!"

Cologne takes the two bags, one in each hand and holds them out. "Like this children, watch the color change in the aura." Her aura rises easily visible to Ranma and Kasumi with their new sight. A soft blue aura rises from her, except around the bags where it is a much lighter blue, almost white. After a few seconds the aura around the bags starts to darken until it matches the rest of Cologne's aura which is where she stops, her aura going back to a faint outline around her. "It is really simple to warm something to match your own body temperature." She says as she hands each a bag, and stares in fascination as both young vampires quickly raise the bags to their open mouths and bury their fangs through the plastic. Seconds later both of them are sucking their bags dry like someone dying of thirst, squeezing the bags to get the last drops. Cologne reaches for the other two bags and Ranma stops her from picking them both up.

"Cologne, I fed off of her earlier, and have less body mass. She may need the other bag more than me. Let me watch you warm that one for her, and we will see how she feels after having her second."

Kasumi bends over and kisses Ranma. "That's my Ranma, she may be a blood sucking vampire, but she is a thoughtful blood sucking vampire. Thank you Ranma, Elder, if I may also watch you warm that bag for me."

Cologne just shakes her head as she warms the bag. "The both of you are probably the most polite, thoughtful vampires around. Much more of this, and people will be volunteering to be bit by both of you. Here child, watch do you see the change?"

Kasumi blushes as she accepts the bag. "Yes Elder, thank you." She doesn't say anything more, because she has sunk her fangs into her dinner, and is draining the bag dry. Kasumi licks her lips when she finishes the bag. "For all those years that I knew I would end up this way, I was afraid I would hate the taste of blood. Instead it is the best tasting meal I have ever had."

"I know what you mean. I had tasted my own blood many times because of fights splitting lips, etc. It never tasted like anything special, nothing that I would want to make a meal out of at least. Now I can't think of anything that could ever match how good it tastes. The one thing I noticed is that what I got from you Sumi-chan tasted so much better than the bag stuff. I always thought you had wonderful taste, now I know you taste wonderful too." Ranma says with an evil grin.

"Fresh from Kasumi the blood has more life, and no chemical additives that they put in medical blood to help preserve it and keep it from clotting in the bag." Cologne explains.


"Well, it looks like dinner is being interrupted by a sudden squall, Typhoon Akane. Are you ready for this my dear?" Ranma asks Kasumi as they both hear the thunder of steps coming downstairs.

Before Kasumi can answer the storm arrives in the form of Tendo Akane bursting into the kitchen. "Ranma what is your hussy doing in my house? She helped you ruin my wedding, and what are you doing in the kitchen with my sister you pervert?"

As Akane raises her mallet for a little pervert bashing fun, Kasumi steps around Ranma and grabs it out of her hands. "There will be no mallets in my kitchen, which by the way you have no business in."

Akane tries to grab the mallet back while trying to get Kasumi to see reason. Well at least reason as Akane sees it. "But he… being perverted with you. Give me my mallet, I will teach him his place!" Akane then tries to push her big sister aside, while trying to grab her mallet back.

Kasumi tosses Akane's mallet behind herself with one hand, as she uses the other to palm strikes Akane away from her and onto her butt. "Akane give it up. If Ranma was being perverted with me, then I must be perverted also. As well as Cologne who is standing right here talking to both of us. But it is just as well that you are here right now. You as well as our fathers seemed to have forgotten something for way too long. You were not Ranma's only fiancée in this house. Nabiki and I were Ranma's fiancées also. As of today, I am Ranma's only fiancée, and we will be getting married as soon as we can arrange it. As for as Shampoo and Cologne being here, they came to apologize for last night, to make restitution, and for Shampoo to see her friend, and business partner Nabiki. Ranma has always been too forgiving of you, and allowed you to get by with hurting her. But I won't allow you or anyone else to hurt her again! Now unless you want to see why Daddy kept trying to tell you that you were not the heir of the Tendo family art, I suggest you apologize to everyone and get out of My kitchen And stay out of it until I move out with My Husband Ranma!"

Ranma and Kasumi can clearly see the aura building around the youngest Tendo as Akane stands there trebling. "But he's my fiancé. Give me my mallet, I'll fix things right again."

Kasumi just shakes her head as she picks up Akane's mallet. She flips it into the air hitting it with a ki burst. As the splinters of a former mallet float down to the floor, Kasumi looks at Akane with her eyes glowing gold. "Who told you that Ranma was your fiancé? Ranma was given all three of us to choose from and Ranma never made a choice until today. No matter what our fathers said, it was always Ranma's right to choose. Now little sister, Ranma and I have had a very rough day, and our patience is wearing very thin. But since you felt you could storm into my kitchen, I want you to learn a few things while you are here. First, your mallets don't fix anything, they destroy things. Just like they destroyed any chance you had with Ranma a long time ago. Second, you are not the guardian of morality in this house. You will not bother Ranma, Nabiki, Shampoo, or me with your fears that someone is doing something perverted. It has never been any of your damn business to start with, and the only one being perverted little sister is you, with your lies to yourself. Now tonight when I go to bed, Ranma will be going with me. If you try to interfere in any manner, I will demonstrate on you, how Ranma felt when you hit her through walls, ceilings, and floors. Do you understand little sister?"

Tears streaming down her cheeks, her body trebling with unspent rage, Akane turns and runs from the kitchen, yelling. "I understand. I understand that everyone in this house is a pervert. I am telling Daddy! He will make you give me back Ranma! I will show you all!" There followed a splash, and Nabiki yelling at Akane.

Kasumi sadly shakes her head, as she turns the hot water tap on to let it heat, and picks up a glass putting it under the now hot water to fill. By the time it is full, she turns and hands it to Nabiki who is cradling the small cat her girlfriend had been transformed into.

Taking the glass Nabiki pours it onto the cat which promptly turns into a wet and naked Shampoo. "Stay here Shampoo. I'll go get your clothes." Nabiki says and walks back out of the kitchen.

Ranma who was washing her own face, hands a towel to Shampoo to dry off with while wondering why Shampoo's cat form hadn't scared her. 'Cat cat cat, I can say cat! I guess having teeth bigger than theirs helps. I guess it is hard to be afraid of them, when my bite is a lot worse.'

Taking the towel from Ranma, Shampoo dries herself off and says. "Shampoo either need bath, or talk with Akane no go so good."

Ranma and Kasumi started giggling, followed by Cologne, and Shampoo, which was the scene that Nabiki walks into. "Oh I can't leave you four alone. What's got you all giggling now?"

"I think it is more a release of tension than really being funny. But we were just enjoying what Shampoo said about getting splashed by Akane." Kasumi explains, then in her best Shampoo, repeats what had been said. "Shampoo either need bath, or talk with Akane no go so good." Kasumi doing Shampoo being funnier than Shampoo starts the five of them laughing.

When they had laughed themselves out, Ranma explains. "Akane didn't take loosing me very well, and is sure that she can get the fathers to force me back with her. She also has decided that this is a house of perverts and she is the keeper of morality. I don't think she likes having Kasumi's status in your family art shoved in her face, or that Kasumi vaporized her favorite mallet, while putting Akane in her place. Sumi-chan, you and I are going to have to talk later. I want to know just how good you really are my love. You learned real fast how to use your ki to warm our meals, and then a ki burst destroying Akane's mallet. But for now, Cologne, Elder, would you do the honors on that last bag of blood. I think Kasumi still needs it."

"Thank you Elder, but I believe I can warm that myself." Kasumi says taking the bag from Cologne.

"Kasumi child, I fear Akane is the least of your worries. As soon as one of the rivals or other fiancés hears that you are with Ranma, they will all come."

"Thank you Elder, but you don't need to worry. Between our family's art, and our vampiric abilities, we can handle them." Kasumi says giving her red headed partner a hug, and then taking the bag from Cologne. "If you will excuse me, I really need this, and I was taught not to talk with my mouth full." Kasumi smiles showing off her fangs before using them on the bag of blood.

Shampoo and Nabiki stare in morbid fascination as Kasumi sinks her fangs into the bag and sucks greedily on it, happy mewing sounds coming from her until it is drained and shriveled. Looking at the bag as Kasumi tosses back into the cooler, Shampoo says. "Shampoo glad Kasumi save Shampoo from becoming Ranma's dinner. No want to look like bag, girlfriend Nabiki wouldn't like Shampoo all shriveled up. Still too too young."

Nabiki blushing exclaims. "Shampoo, we were supposed to be keeping us a secret."

Almost simultaneously Cologne, Ranma, and Kasumi said. "Nabiki, it was only a secret from you." Fortunately Nabiki had sat down at the kitchen table, and didn't have that far for her face to fall.

Then Cologne, Shampoo, and Nabiki are treated to an amazing sight. Ranma and Kasumi without saying a word start pulling out pans and food. Like a well rehearsed dance, the two start moving around the kitchen preparing dinner, and while the three onlookers chat amongst themselves the two vampires interjecting words every so often. Finally Nabiki has to ask. "Big sister, you and Ranma seem like you are reading each others' minds while fixing dinner. Is this part of the change in you two?"

Kasumi and Ranma both stop and face the other three, big grins on their faces and answer simultaneously. "Yes and no." Giggling Kasumi finishes answering. "Yes, it surprised us, but we now are able to read each others minds, though it's going to take some getting used to. But that is not why our fixing dinner is like this. It is because Ranma has been helping me in the kitchen for so long, that we just seem to move together, always knowing what the other one is doing, and needs. I don't know if it has always been part of our nature, or just because we have done it together for so long. It has always just felt right to work together like this. Excuse me, I need stir the meat."

Kasumi looks at Ranma, and then turns to Nabiki. "Nabs, would you and Shampoo please set the table. I can hear the fathers are now home, and the second act is about to begin. So as soon as Father is free, please send him into the kitchen by himself, do not let the panda or Akane follow."

"I understand big sister. Come on Shampoo." Nabiki calls, as she picks up dishes to hand to Shampoo, and grabs the rest for herself.

Kasumi faces Cologne and says. "Elder, please go make yourself at home at the table. I will have some tea out for you shortly."

Cologne looks warmly at the two new vampires. The two people that even before the revelations of today, she had come to respect, and love like her own family, and makes a decision, one from Ranma's slip earlier, she felt Ranma had already made in her own heart. "Kasumi, Ranma, I would like it if you two would accept me as family. Ranma you have always been a joy to me, and I am proud that I was able to be one of your teachers. I have felt for the longest time that you are like a grandchild to me. So if you two will accept me, I would like to adopt you into my clan." Cologne says then quickly pogos out the door.

As Cologne leaves the kitchen wiping tears from her eyes she hears Ranma quietly say. "I love you too grandmother."

Kasumi calls after Cologne. "Thank you Grandmother."

Turning back into the kitchen Kasumi sees Ranma grinning at her. "Want to see something amazing Kasumi?" At Kasumi's nod, Ranma concentrates for a moment, and shifts from female to male and back again. "It seems our change also changed my curse to ability. Water no longer changes me. I only change by willing myself to change. This means no more changing to a guy unless we want me to."

Kasumi sweeps the smaller girl up into her arms. "Oh Ranma, that is wonderful!" She gives Ranma a really prolong kiss, and as she puts the smaller girl down, she hears her father politely clear his throat.

"Kasumi that behavior is a very unseemly between yourself and your sister's fiancé, especially in his current form. Ranma, you need to change, and go out to your fiancée Akane." Soun says, unsure if he should use his tears or demon head attack.

"One moment father and we will talk about what is going on. Please don't either of you say anything until I return." Kasumi says, grabbing the tea service and leaves the kitchen.

When Kasumi returns she moves to hold Ranma in front of her, and wraps her arms around the shorter girl, so they are both facing her father. Being eight inches (20.32cm) taller than her partner is, Kasumi looks over the Ranma's head, yet her lips are close enough that she tips her head forward slightly to kiss the red hair in front of her before looking up at he father. "Father, two years ago when the Saotomes came to our home, you offered my two sisters, and I as choices for Ranma to select from for her bride. No matter all the games you and her father played over these past two years to get her married to Akane, until today she had not chosen her fiancée. Today that choice was made, and sealed in a way that you can not understand between Ranma and me. No matter what Akane or anyone else wants, I am Ranma's fiancée, and we will marry as soon as proper arrangements can be made. As for…"

Soun interrupts Kasumi. "Daughter, for two years your baby sister has had her heart set on marrying Ranma, and continuing our school, which you are unable to do because of your condition, that also makes you a poor choice for Ranma. Surely you must send Ranma back to Akane, apologize to her, and continue to stay here to take care of your family, as is only proper." Soun finishes, sure they will see reason, but still preparing to unleash his demon head attack, combined with the dreaded Tendo crybaby attack.

Kasumi having thought of her own attack beats her father to the draw using the attack of cold hard fact. "Father, there are two things that you haven't considered. First, it is not yours, or Mr. Saotome's, or Akane's choice. It is Ranma's right, and your own honor demands that you allow Ranma to choose for her self. You offered all three of us to Ranma. You can not change your offer to make Akane feel better. It is Ranma right to choose, and I am the one she chose and asked to marry."

"But the boy belongs with Akane, Mr. Saotome agrees, it…" Soun starts, but is interrupted by Kasumi.

"Father, I said there were two things you needed to consider. Even if I think the first, what Ranma wants is the only one that matters. But the second thing you need to consider." She reaches into the ice chest to pull out the empty blood bags from earlier and hands him the empty but bloody bags. "These are the leftovers of Ranma's and my lunch."

His attacks routed before they can begin, Soun stares in horror at the bags in his hands, and collapses into a kitchen chair. He looks from the bags to his oldest daughter, unshed tears in his eyes. "You changed today? The bloodlust came on you?" Kasumi nods to each. Soun closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "You are not my baby girl anymore are you?"

Kasumi kneels down in front of him, tears of her own in her eyes. "Yes father, I changed today, I am no longer human, and I am a vampire, but I will always be your daughter. You have been the only father I have ever known, and I will always love you."

Soun reaches out and strokes Kasumi's hair, a few tears finally trailing down his cheeks. "I supposed it was too much of a dream, believing things would never change, that you would always be here as my little girl. I always knew though that your birth heritage would catch up to you one day. Your mother said it could happen anytime since you were a small child. I guess I should be thankful that I have had so many years with you then. I assume Dr. Ono knows then?" He asks looking at the empty blood bags clutched in his left hand. Then he recalls what she had just said to him a few minutes ago. "You said this is the leftovers of 'Ranma's, and your lunch'. Why would you give this to Ranma for lunch?"

Ranma steps behind the kneeling Kasumi, putting her arms over Kasumi's shoulders, hugging her mate, she answers. "Because sir, that is what I eat also. Since my Kasumi found me today in the very painful throes of my own bloodlust, and saved me from killing anyone."

"You Ranma, your a vampire like Kasumi?" Soun ask, his shocked face looking back and forth between the two girls in front of him. "How did this happen? I have known your parents since before you were born, and neither one of them are vampires. We must tell your father immediately!"

Stepping around Kasumi, Ranma lays a hand on Soun's shoulder, stopping the man from jumping out of his chair as she shakes her head. "No sir, at this time the last thing that Kasumi and I wish to happen, is for my father to find out about us. I especially don't want him to know about Kasumi, and if he knows about me, he will find out about her. As for how I came to be a vampire, I would like to know that too, and the one person that would know for sure, is my mother. Kasumi and I want a chance to talk with her in private to find out how I came to be. I am sure you understand that it could be a very personal matter, and is the reason we don't want my father to know yet." Ranma pauses, and looks at Kasumi as if they are communicating somehow, then continues. "For now we would like things to go on as normal, with the exception that Kasumi and I are now to be treated as if we were all ready married, since we will need to share her bed tonight. We need you to acknowledge that, and that we will be legally married as soon as arrangements can be made."

'Kasumi and Ranma think they should share a bed before they are married!' Now Soun feels he has a subject in which he can assert himself as the head of the house, and the girl's father. "Kasumi, Ranma that would not be proper. You two can wait a couple of nights before you share a bed. Ranma will sleep in his own room with his father and you in yours." Feeling on a roll, he adds. "Also Ranma should change back to his natural form."

Once again a silent conversation seems to pass between the two girls, followed by a giggles that rolls between the two. Ranma walks over to tend dinner on the stove, as Kasumi responds to her father. "Father, Ranma, and I have chosen to honor you by getting married. For what it is worth, the pledge will have been honored, our two families joined. Excuse me." Kasumi pauses licking her lips as if tasting something while still facing her father, then. "Ranma add just a little more salt to it please. Sorry Father, as I was saying, we are getting married to honor you, but that is a human convention, something that Ranma and I are not bound too. You need to remember that Ranma and I are not human, we are shinma, immortals. The rules we live by are our own. While Ranma and I would love to maintain at least the appearance of a proper relationship while within this home, we must insist on certain accommodations for everyone's safety. We are vampires, freshly come into our abilities, and bloodlust, something that changed things in our heads. We quit thinking of ourselves as humans, and started thinking of humans as food. Earlier today Ranma came close to killing Shampoo until I interfered and took her place knowing that Ranma couldn't harm me. Do you really want him sharing a room with a 130 Kg dinner that snores? What if I loose control during the night, who will stop me, who will end up as my late night snack? Add to that, if you haven't noticed, Ranma and I are telepathic with each other, and because of sharing blood between us, we are bonded, mind, body, and soul, sharing everything. What do you think will happen if someone attacks either one of us when we are alone? The other will probably rip the offending human to bite size bits. Ranma that picture was not a nice!"

Ranma giggles from the stove, and turns to face them. "Sorry Sumi-chan, but that is what I would do to anyone that touches you. At least after I let you feed off them since you haven't tried fresh blood yet." Ranma licks her lips sending shivers through the father and daughter looking at her, each for very different reasons Kasumi for something that sounds yummy and Soun out of fear. "Sumi-chan, if we are done talking with your father, I will start serving dinner, everything is done."

Kasumi looks to her father to see if he understands everything now. "Alright then, I guess it is best for everyone that we do things your way. But you two are getting married in the next couple of days. Ranma are you going to change?" Soun asks, hoping that at least something is still normal.

Kasumi answers for Ranma as she heads to the stove. "Ranma is no longer cursed. As of today her curse changed to an ability, which she will use for the wedding. Otherwise, she, and I do mean she, since that is what Ranma really is. She is in the form that appeals the most to both of us. Something you better get used to, since I think your other daughters prefer women also." She finishes with a giggle as she kisses Ranma on the cheek, and begins to transfer the food to serving dishes.

Ranma with her hands loaded with dinner heads for the door. "Are you coming Mr. Tendo. I am sure there is a hurricane brewing on the other side of this door, and it would be safer for the hurricane if you went first."


I have all the chapters completed already, but I only put this first chapter up to see what kind of reception it received. As I said on my profile page, this story started out as an idea for an element that I was working on for another story. Instead of writing an outline and a set of rules for my universe, I only created the rules, and let my characters have their lead in creating this story, as long as they incorporated the elements that I desired. This story started out as a romp and turned into so much more. That seems to be a reoccurring theme in my writings. I write something for fun, a short story, and it turns into a trilogy.

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