He grabbed my wrist and pulled me close to him, holding me into him. I tried pushing away but he was too strong and I was an emotional wreak, I could barely pry away one of his fingers. I stopped struggling and just cried in his chest. I felt as though I had nothing, everything had been taken away, Edward was gone, Charlie left, Renee didn't want anything to do with me every since Charlie told her. There was only one person who I could truly count on. Jacob. He had always been there for me, he never let me down. And even now he's here. I lifted my head to look at him; my red puffy eyes looked up at his perfect face. And I knew then.

I took his left cheek in my hand, he grabbed my hand to take it away, but before he could do anything I stood on my tippy toes and kissed him. I kept my other hand on his arm, gripping it to me. He tried to resist, but I kissed him harder, moving my lips over his.

Finally he gave in and took me in his arms, wrapped them around my body, I took my free hand now to his other cheek, his kiss so passionate, so intimate.

His lips lifted off mine and traced my jaw line; he took them lower down my bare neck and collarbone, his touch made me shiver. I put my hands on his shoulders, holding him, kinda.

He pulled himself back up taking his hands and pulling them up the back of my shirt and under it. Lifting my shirt, I lifted my arms letting him take my shirt off me.

Jacob being himself already had no shirt on, and I traced his chest and abs with my hands, they felt so smooth and hard. I kissed him again and his hands moved down my back to my pants, and moving them to the front he unzipped them, I couldn't help but giggle. He pulled away and just looked at me. I smiled shyly, and I could feel colour going to my cheeks, he smiled back at me and kissed me again, carefully slipping his tongue into my mouth, I let him explore. I knew how long he had wanted to do this and now all I wanted was him.

His pants toon left his own hips and he pulled my legs up and I wrapped them around his hips. IN between my legs I could feel something hard, it made me feel so different, so aroused. Jacob walked us to his room, and carefully put me on his bed, I sat there in my undies and bra, looking at him, he moved his hands down to his boxer's and slid them off. And soon enough he was on me. I moved my hands down his chest and hips but moved them off to my own and slid my underwear off.

I kissed him again, and again, and waited for that moment, when it would happen.

He seemed reluctant to do it, but when he moved his hand down to my area I encouraged him by moaning at his touch. He moved faster and slipped one finger into my vagina, and used another to rub my clit, I moaned. And pumped faster.

"Oh, God! Oh God!" I yelled. A relief just washed over me, and I relaxed down to his bed, Jacob was bent over me and I smiled up at him, "Jacob," I said his name once and he knew.

Moving fast he leaned down over me and slid into me. "Oh my God!" I yelled when he entered.

He thrust into me, moving harder every time. It felt so good for him to be in me, he moaned and I knew he felt the same way.

Harder and harder he pushed, reaching to a full climax I screamed and he exploded.

We both lay there panting.

I didn't know what to do next, if I should say anything or wait for him to say something, but my mouth apparently knows better. "Oh Jacob that was, there are no words."

He smiled at me and kissed me again.

I knew from that moment that this was bliss, nothing wrong with what was going on in my future anymore.