Choose Your Destiny

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" I don't want you"

" You...don't want me"

" No"

" It will be as if I never existed."


He doesn't want me anymore. I stared at the empty space of where Edward once stood. I stared at the empty for a long time before I began walking in no specific direction. I was walking and I heard something behind me. I turned around quickly I saw that the bushes were rattling with a force almost as if a person was going to walk out. Without a second thought I ran of course, being me it tripped over a dozen branches that were uprooted from the ground.

I ran for what seemed like hours, I finally stopped to catch my breath I looked up and saw that I was a waterfall. The scenery was beautiful that I forgot the reason I was running. The water from the waterfall created a mist that just took your breath away. The bushes rattling snapped me out of my train of thought and I turned. I was too tired to run again so I just waited for my fate.

Finally I saw that the bushes stopped moving and a figure arose from the bushes. The figure stepped towards me and I did not move. The figure kept walking until he was under the moonlight and I saw his features.

It was a man and he had silver hair that was in a ponytail from what I could tell his hair were pretty long. His eyes were a silver-blue shade that I have never seen before. I looked down at his attire and I saw that he had a blue toga type shirt that had a black scarf like belt wrapped around his waist. His pants were white and bagging, he had shoes that martial artists usually wears.

He brung his hands in front of him in a ' i surrender' type of way.

" I come in peace child I bring no harm to you."

" Who are you and what do you want with me."

" My name is Raiden and I'm here to tell you about your destiny."

" My destiny what are you talking about."

" Bella it was your destiny to be place on this earth at this exact time and moment."

" What are you talking." In the back of my mind I was wondering if he was crazy.

" Bella do you know of your heritage?" He asked me tiltiing his head to the side.

" Not really."

" Bella you are from a world called Edenia."

" Edenia, where is that?", I asked raising my eyebrow.

" It's a different world, dimension actually." He chuckled.

" Really, tell me about my so-called heritage." I said sitting on the ground. Raiden sat down in front of me.

" Your mother was the sister of Empress Sindel who rules over Edenia. Even though your mother was not ruler she substitutes whenever your aunts is not there or has to do something else. Your father was the general of Edenia's army."

" What about my uncle?"

" Your uncle the emperor was a great man and he ruled Edenia with compassion and firmness. He believed that if the people were happy that Edenia would be happy. But unfortunately about three thousand years ago he died from an illness."

" Three thousand years ago what ... how old are you you know what what are you?"

" I'll be ten thousand this Saturday and I'm in elder god."

" An elder god what is that exactly."

" An elder god is god that rules a two specific dimensions, mine just so happens to be Earth and Edenia. Each god has an element that they can control mine is lightening and we're immortal."

I nodded and took into consideration what he was telling me and for some reason I knew he was telling the truth.

" Tell more about my aunt."

" Sindel was a very beautiful woman as was your mother. Sindel has a daughter named Kitana and she is about a thousand years old too. But when Edenia was taken over by Shao Khan everything changed she died a few years later and Shao Khan became Emperor. Kitana was studied martial arts and later became an assassin for him and then later disappear to this realm."

" Bella there is something you should know."

" What is it"

" Bella there is an evil that is coming that could destroy this realm and your home realm."

" What exactly does that have to do with me."

" Bella it is your destiny to save this realm as well as Edenia from Shao Khan."

" My destiny is to save the world really I can't even walk a flat surface and I'm supposed to save the WORLD ARE YOU SERIOUS!"

" Yes, I'm am and did you ever notice that something was different about you."

I was about to shake my head then I realized that Edward-cringe- could not read my mind.

I nodded my head in agreement.

" Bella, have you ever wondered how you survived situations that you know could have ended your life."

I immediately remembered the incident with Tyler's van, when I was being hunted by James."

I nodded my head again in agreement.

" Bella you were meant to survive those encounters because it was your destiny to fight in battle for this planet. Like your cousin Kitana you have a weapon of your choice. Hers is the fans with sharp blades that can cut through anything from granite to diamond like it was human flesh."

I nodded with admiration as I heard about Kitana's weapons.

" Now before I introduce you to your weapons I must tell you about the powers that are deep within you."

" Powers... what powers?"

" Like you mother you have telepathic powers: like telekinesis, telepathy, you can control minds and influence them as well. From your father, you control the elements: fire, water, air, earth, darkness, ice, snow, about every single thing that has energy you control it. From your Aunt Sindel you can scream at a frequency that can destroy anything in its path in a thousand mile radius."

' That's a lot' , I thought to myself as i absorb all that he was telling me and I couldn't believe that I was that powerful.

" Of course you will not learn control in a days time, you will have to mediate day and night in order to control your powers and of course I will be there every step of the way to help."

I nodded my head in relief as I heard that he would help learn control.

" Now for the weapon of your choice." He said that sound like there was giddiness in his voice.

I watched as he conjured a bluish-greenish portal and I walked to it to see what was inside and to my amazement there was about every weapon know to man and a few weapons that I did not recognize which I somehow new that was not from this dimension. I looked at Raiden and asked him how was I suppose to know which weapons were meant for me.

" You will know, how I can not tell you it is different for each individual."

I continued looking into the portal until one particular pair of twin sais caught my attention. The handle was covered in blood red silk ribbons that just took your breath away. The blades were a bright silver color with a emerald dragon carved into it. I felt a tug telling me that these were mine.

I looked at Raiden and i knew that he was physically telling me to reach out and grab them. I reached into the portal and I the sais flew into my hands and I brought them out. I twirled them around my fingers and brought them towards my face. I looked at Raiden and saw him smile.

" Bella we begin training tomorrow."

As he disappeared I heard him in my mind saying, ' Never forget Bella you can always CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY."

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