Choose Your Destiny

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Chapter 8: You Said What Now!


I walked up to Esme and pulled my sai from the wall she was attached to. When I freed her I found myself wrapped in her embrace. ( as lovely as it was, let's just say I heard my spine pop.)

" C-c-cant b-b-breathe E-e-sme."

" Sorry dear", she loosened up her hold on me but did not let me go, I wrapped my arms around her held her as tightly as I could.

" What are you doing here Esme?", I said as I tried (keyword being tried) to let her go; I guessed she missed me more than I realized, not like there's anything wrong with that .

" I have been so worried about you I just had to come and see you regardless of what Edward said", she said finally letting me go. I stretched and heard my spine pop again.

" Oh yep, I'm gonna feel that in the morning." I murmured. I heard Esme chuckle at me and I just smiled at her.

" So I'm guessing that he doesn't know that your here."

She shook her head in response, " No, none of them do actually, I came here when they went hunting, I'm pretty sure they're wondering where I am now."

" Alice doesn't know that you're here either." I said in surprise.

" No, it was a split decision."

" Aww Esme breaking the rules for me I think I'm going to blush." I said hugging her again.

She hugged back, and was a gentler with me. I let her go and led her to the living room. We began talking and she told me about how Alice had visions of me when I was training with Blaze, and how everyone was worried. I could still hear the worry in her voice and I reassured her that I was alright.

" So you are training with the God that's over our realm, while trying to save the world, and your current trainer is mean to you. Do I have that about right dear." She said to me after I sum it up to her and she repeated back to me.

" Yep, that's pretty much sums it up and I have to say it sounds ridiculous coming from you Esme."

" Well, it does sound a little outlandish dear." I can hear the doubt in her voice so I decided that Blaze could convince her.

" Don't worry Esme I have just the person to convince you." I said standing up.

" Who dear?"

" Blaze"

" How dear? I don't see him dear."

I took a deep breath and brought m hands to my mouth, " BBBBBBLLLLLAAAAAAZZZZZEEEE!"

I turned to Esme and saw her shocked expression and was about ask me something when all of sudden you could hear a puff of smoke and I saw her mouth drop open and I knew that Blaze had arrived. (oh yeah you know I was smirking it up with this; I guess having a showoffy mentor has its benefits.)

" She's telling the truth." That was all he said before he disappeared again in a puff of smoke.

I shook my head and muttered 'showoff' and I sat next to Esme again.

" Believe me now?" She nodded I think she was still in shock and trying to process it.

She was about to say something when her phone started ringing. I saw that she was not going to answer it , so I reached into her jacket and grabbed her phone and answered it.

" Hello."

" Esme?"

" No, she is not available right now may I take a message." I said in my chirpy secretary voice.

" Who is this?"

" It's rude to ask for someone's name without stating your own."

" It's...

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