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BPOV(Bella Point of View)

Forks, place I'm being forced to call home from now on,but it won't be that bad.I'll have Charlie,my father,and my siblings to make it better.

Kira, Daniel, and I haven't seen Charlie in forever. You see Danny is my twin brother. Kira is my younger sister. She looks exactly like me but is taller and prettier. I hope Danny hasn't told dad about the accident. Danny is already over-protective of Kira and she hates it.

"Bella! Time to go!" Phil and Mom called. "Get your brother and sister and lets get going."

I sighed. "Fine. Danny! Kira! Lets get going!"

"Whatever." Keira said coming out the door.

"Kay Bella-boo." Danny said. Why does he call me that? Well I don't care.

"Well let's get going." I said,and with that, we took off.

KPOV(Kira Point Of View)

This plane ride is taking forever. Bella fell asleep and started saying random things. That was the best thing that on the ride.

We finally got off the plane.

"Hey Dad." Danny said. I turned around and saw my dad. I haven't seen him since I was eight years old.

"DAD!" I yelled giving him a hug. He laughed at that motion, so did a lot of other people. I stuck my tongue out at them and immediately they stopped.

"Wow Kira. A lot has changed about you." It was true. Back then I was a shy little girl. Now I'm a really hyper, out-going, funny, super band geek, tomboy and I love it!

"I know!" I said.

Now Bella stepped in. "Wow Bells! You two look a lot alike except Kira is taller," dad said. I never really noticed that Bella and me look alike. Well, now I do.

"Yup." Bella said, talking for the first must still be tired from the plane ride.

"Well, it's getting dark. We should be getting home."

"Ok." By that we got into the car and drove off to Char- our house.