For Future Reference,Here are the teams for gym:

Kira's team







Emmett's team








I headed towards the lab table.

As I sat down the "butt head" as Keira calls him looked. He smirked and looked up and down me. What the hell?! This is gonna be a long year…

"We have a new student today. Isabella Swan." The teacher said.

"It's Bella." I said

"I'm Mr. Banner." He said directly to me. He turned to the whole class. "Today we will be talking about different types of…" blah blah blah. I already learned this.

I turned my head a little meeting my eyes with a pair of stunning green eyes. I finally saw who eyes they belonged to, so being me I blushed and looked down. I heard him chuckle. He had the most beautiful laug- wait Bella your supposed to hate him. But he is so sexy and has the most gorgeous eyes. Bella Swan is now falling for Edward Cullen. Crap…Worst of all,I have gym I'm guessing Edward does too,because he's following .


FINALLY! A nice day outside so in gym instead of staying inside we get to go outside. I have gym with Alice, Rosie, and my new BB Keira!

We are playing soccer and Kira is one team captain, I'm the other. This is gonna be so easy.

We began choosing teams and a various amount of people later… I'm gonna kick Keira's butt.

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. She won and she picked the worst players, well not the worst, but still a girl beat me! Another reason she is my BB, she is athletic! But still a girl beat Emmett Cullen?! That's just not right.

"Hey burrito! Good game!" Kira yelled while coming over to me.

"How did you win?" I asked randomly.

"I dunno. I'm an athletic and competitive person."

"I KNEW IT!" I screamed at her.

"YOU SHOULD!" She screamed back. We started cracking up.

Coach Clapp blew his whistle. "Hit the showers." And that's what we did.