Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight Stephanie Meyers does. I'm just playing with the character for fun.


The day I met her I knew my life was about to change, she was beautiful and kind. In my profession I knew women, but with her I was completely lost. She made everything so simple yet was able to tear my heart a part. The one thing I regret most is telling her the truth. I lied to the best thing that ever happened to me. I humiliated her in front of her friends and colleagues for who I really was. With Bella I was able to be myself with no expectations, without her I would wallow in self-deprecation. I even think this has ruined my family. They always loved me, but for what I've done to the most delicate angel, I suffer from their disappointed stares. I'm Edward Cullen and this is a tale about a pompous self-loathing asshole that fell in love at a coffee shop.

A/N: Tell me if you're curious I have more waiting. This is definitely going to be different then Family of Perfection, it is a little more edgy. Basically you won't be able to compare either story. If you want more let me know…