I looked down at the perfect angel snuggled against my chest. My Amelia was not one for sleeping through the night. Since her mother and I had brought her home from the hospital a year and a half ago, she enjoyed being a night owl.

I think having a little girl was the scariest thing to happen in my life. Rosalie teased that it was my punishment.

She started to move again and her little green eyes met mine. "You like seeing Daddy awake, Amelia?" I asked softly.

Her auburn curls were starting to fall in her face. I wondered if she would always look like me or if as she grew she would favor her mother. Carlisle said it could be possible, but there was nothing wrong with her looking like her daddy.

She reached up touching my face and my heart was hers. This little girl with all of her innocence and giggles loved me. It still had me in awe. I had worked seven years to get to this point and I never thought I would be where I was right now. Taking a deep breath, I remembered the opportunity that changed my life forever.

The cold Chicago air bit at my skin. I forgot how cold the winters had been here. Mom would always bundle Rose and me up in layers before we would go to school.

Once the trial took place, Volutri Agency was seized by the government. Aro and his brothers were charged with drug and prostitution trafficking landing them in a white-collar prison for forty years. Aro's employees and clients even had sentences to face.

Emmett and I came to the decision it would be best for me to move to The Platt Estate in Chicago. Carlisle stepped in and talked to a few contacts at Northwestern Memorial Hospital securing me a research position.

The whole time I had to deal with the mess of a life I created, I couldn't stop thinking of her. Bella still had my heart the day I left her in Forks. She was cold and defensive, but she had every right to be.

Alice would offer to help but I told her Bella deserved to be happy, she deserved someone that could be an honorable man. That didn't have his past lurking in every corner. I was trying to become a better man here in Chicago.

I didn't want to date or socialize, but the therapist I started seeing when I arrived said I couldn't isolate myself. I ended up dating a girl named Lauren for sixth months. She was a social worker I had met working at the hospital.

I told her up front on our first date about some of my past, mostly the drug and alcohol abuse. She explained that she thought everyone needed a chance. I liked her well enough but it wasn't love. I knew love and my heart and mind screamed at me that only Bella would have my love. Lauren and I never made it past our sixth month.

I pulled my wool coat tighter around me, hoping that the trip from my house to work would warm me up. The hospital was only a few blocks away, making it pointless to drive.

I saw a coffee shop ahead and decided maybe coffee would be my answer for my search for warmth.

"Hi sir, how may I help you today?" The barista chirped I saw the hope in the young girl's eyes.

I averted my gaze to the menu board above her head.

"Medium coffee, black, please," I asked politely as she marked my cup and rang me up.

This place was self owned and reminded me of things from last year. As the girl handed me my drink I could feel eyes on me. I turned slowly and the air rushed out of my lungs as if I had been hit.

Bella was sitting at a table in the corner of the store. A laptop opened a half-eaten scone sitting next to it. Her hair was shorter than before, but still long. Her skin was sun kissed, which confused me because it was at least ten below outside. She was sitting right in front of me in a coffee shop in Chicago, eyes locked with mine.

"Hi," she breathed out quietly.

"Hi," I repeated back still dumbfounded.

We both remained quiet just staring at each other. I wanted to kiss her, but knew that wasn't appropriate. Her lips gave me a small smile. She didn't hate me anymore?

"Bella," I sighed, "you're in Chicago."

"I live here," she replied. She was different, she seemed confident, but not in an arrogant way.

"How? When?" I questioned taking the free seat at her table.

"I'm going to Northwestern," she smiled. "And someone once told me how great this place was."

"I…don't, you're so," I couldn't from a coherent sentence I was awestruck.

"Jasper told me everything," she whispered gauging my reaction. "After the trial and reading about it in the paper he told me. I was so angry with you, but you couldn't tell me."

"I should have said something, Bella. What I was before… I was a mess and I dragged you into it. You and Rylan didn't deserve that."

"Sometimes bad things turn into good things," she said a new light dancing in her beautiful brown eyes.

"You really believe that?"

"I do," she nodded with a sad smile. "I'm going to college and I'm surviving out here on my own. Well I have Rylan with me, but we're building a life."

"How is he?"

"He's excellent. He's getting so big and is inquisitive. He loves finding out how things work and asks a lot of questions. It always amazes me that this little person is mine," she laughed pushing her hair behind her ear.

"That's great," I said trying to give an enthusiastic smile, but failed.

"He's at daycare right now, he goes there while I'm in class or if I'm studying," she rambled now she was looking nervous. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm a lab researcher at Memorial."

"Wow, I'm happy for you Edward," she said and she was being sincere.

"Thanks," I said awkwardly, playing with the lid of my cup.

This woman sitting in front of me was happy and optimistic. She had moved on and was surviving for her and her son. A part of me was angry because she made me feel like that day on her father's porch was a stepping-stone for her. I was jealous that she was able to just be happy. I wasn't happy; I was still suffering from my consequences.

I needed to get out of this coffee shop. I needed to be at work and that was a good excuse. So that's what I did, I was a coward as we said our polite goodbyes.

Amelia wasn't going to sleep in her bed and the last forty-five minutes I spent with her was only proving that fact. I stepped into the hallway where my son was stumbling out of his room. Rylan's black hair was everywhere; I would sometimes look at the pictures of Jacob hanging in his room and definitely see the resemblance.

"What are you doing up?" I asked as he turned to me looking confused.

"I wanted a drink," he shrugged. "Hey Mia."

Her head was lying on my shoulder and I could see her smile. "Rywan," she giggled.

"You wanted to see your mom?" I asked knowing that was the real reason he was awake.

Without waiting for an answer, I placed my hand on his shoulder guiding him into our room. Bella was lying on her side and I could see her large belly poking out of the sheets.

"Mommy!" Amelia squealed instantly reaching her hands out.

"Shhh," I chided lightly.

Rylan climbed into my side of the bed, wrapping his arms around his mother. She opened her eyes and smiled as she grabbed her glasses.

"Hey guys," she propped her pillow up a little and adjusted so she could wrap her arm around Rylan. "How long has my Mia girl been awake?"

I carefully laid my princess on the opposite side of her brother. "An hour."

"Sleep is a wonderful thing baby girl," she sighed running her fingers through her short curls. "Daddy should be sleeping because he has work."

"You need to sleep more than I do," I argued playfully, kissing her belly.

"Daddy sweep," Amelia ordered, sticking her thumb in her mouth letting her eyes close.

"Here," Bella nudged Rylan to move over as she scooted over too. She patted the space next to our now sleeping daughter. I climbed in with a sigh letting sleep take me.

For the rest of the day I had received cryptic texts from Rosalie. I wasn't sure if I should tell her that I saw Bella. I had been feeling rather low since seeing her. She was truly happy while I was stuck in this limbo and couldn't move on from her. I knew I should have scheduled an appointment with my therapist, but was hesitant to do so. I felt like I was growing too dependent on her.

A light knocking began at my door. I glanced at the clock noticing it was nine o'clock and was a little late for visitors; I slowly opened the door to Bella and a little boy that had grown quite a bit.

"I called Rosalie for your address," She admitted searching my eyes.

"What are you doing here?" I asked quietly.

I turned my gaze to Rylan who was all bundled up and had to chuckle. I wanted to hug him, but wasn't sure if Bella would allow it.

"Can we come in? It's kind of extreme cold out here?" she asked shuffling in the doorway a little further.

"Of course."

"This house is huge," she added quickly as she started to peel a few layers of winter wear off her son.

"Mommy my face is smushed," he grumbled, while she kneeled in front of him.

"And I'm really sorry about that," she giggled kissing his nose.

"Who are you?" he asked suddenly looking up at me.

Of course he wouldn't remember me, it had been a year and he was three years old. Bella saw my sadness and jumped in. "This is our friend Edward."

"Cool, do you have lots of toys?" he asked with a grin.

"I'm afraid not," I frowned.

"Okay I can give you some, I have lots," he explained walking past Bella and me.

I wasn't sure if I was shocked that they were both here in my house or that they both acted like they belonged here.

"You left rather abruptly this morning," Bella spoke up pushing her glasses up.

"You're happy," I mumbled.

"I need to be happy and me being happy can be credited to my therapist."

My head snapped up and I met her eyes.

"Good, you heard me," she smiled slightly and took my hand in hers. "I had trust issues building up long before you and I should have addressed them. You lied to me, but since I've had time to think about it and the circumstances we were under… You deserve forgiveness."

I wasn't sure how long I stared at her, but suddenly I blurted, "You're here."

"I'm here," she shrugged before she offered, "I would like for us to be friends."

"You want to be my friend?" I asked scratching the back of my head.

"I know no one in Chicago, Rylan and I can use a friend."

"We can be friends," I nodded eagerly.

That's what we were for seven months, friends. Bella was the one that brought up more than friends after that. The first time she kissed me, she pushed me away, I couldn't say I was surprised. By then we decided along with our regular therapy that we should go to couples therapy. We learned that Bella's insecurity when I talked to other women went into a ten fold and that my remorse of what happened consumed me. The couples therapist said maybe we should evaluate if we should be in a relationship together. That night Bella decided we should make love and we did.

We were together for two years when I proposed and she finally agreed to move her and Rylan in with me. Alice and Rose seemed to go crazy when we announced our engagement. We were married the next year on a small island in Fiji with just our families. It was also the first time I met Billy Black. To think Charlie was a scary man was ridiculous because Billy proved to be the scariest. Carlisle also told me how proud he was of me.

One of the best nights of my life was our honeymoon when we conceived Amelia Rose Cullen. Bella was slightly panicked because she just started her new job as a kindergarten teacher at Rylan's school. They were very accommodating to her needs.

I felt a light patting on my cheek as I opened my eyes seeing Amelia grinning a dimpled smile at me. I looked around the bed noticing my wife and son were missing from it.

"Let's go on a search," I said scooping Amelia up.

Bell was sitting on the edge of Rylan's bed tying his tie on his school uniform. As always, he pulled on it frowning.

"Mom, can't I go to the school we passed the other day? The kids there never wear this and I could wear my Batman shirt," he whined.

For ten he was too observant. I insisted that he go to St. Christians. Although the Volturi were in prison back in Washington, I still wanted to keep my family safe.

We moved into my mother's house, which again was a very secure area. The school was just as protected as our gated community was. I could see in Bella's eyes she wanted to cave and let him attend a normal school, but I would be worried about him.

"I'll make you a deal, tomorrow I'll let you wear your Batman shirt under your uniform," she bartered with him.

"Deal," Rylan grinned shaking her hand.


"Mia girl, come here," Bella, cooed trying to take her.

I shook my head. "She's to big for you to carry."

"Give me my child," she demanded.

"You're eight months pregnant, Bella," I tried reasoning.

She distracted me by giving me a kiss. It wasn't like our behind close door kisses, but she put more force to it. Not even realizing it, she took Amelia from my arms.

"Go get a shower before work and remember Carlisle's flight is due to land at one," she said smugly leaving the room with both kids in tow.

I should know better than to tell her she couldn't do something, but she was a month away from her due date with Claire. When Jasper and Alice visited a couple weeks ago, they told her she shouldn't be carrying Amelia around and got the same reaction.

Our family seemed to be the only one growing. Audrey and Emery were the only children to there parents. With Emery thirteen I knew my sister didn't want to have anymore, she would complain too much about his attitude telling me things like 'just you wait' and 'your girls will be worse'. My response was we still had a lot of time.

I went to work for the half the day and left to pick Amelia up from daycare before we had to get Carlisle. She clung to me as we waited in the departure and arrivals section, I bounced her on my hip hoping she wouldn't start crying. Her grumpiness from lack of sleep was kicking in.

"Edward," Carlisle called when he reached us.

"Hey," I smiled noticing my daughter burrow her face in my neck. She was her mother's daughter with the shyness factor.

"She is beautiful," he said in awe as his hand went to her cheek.

I felt a twinge of guilt that our families only saw the kids a few times a year. Carlisle sensed this giving me a hug. I missed my brother.

"How is Bella?"

"Stubborn as ever," I smiled.

"She's getting ready for Claire," he defended with a smile of his own. "Rose and Alice have their flight arrangements scheduled."

I wasn't surprised they were prepared. They both weren't able to come when Amelia was born, but my sister and Alice were dead set for being here once Claire arrived.

We made our way into the house. Over the years, I let Bella do what she wanted with it because it was hers too. She was reluctant though saying this was my mother's house. I told her this is what my mother would want.

"Rylan, I said do your homework and then you can do whatever," Bella huffed coming down the stairs.

She was wearing my Led Zeppelin shirt, which seemed to be the only band tee that would fit her at the moment and a pair of shorts.

"Some things never change," Carlisle chuckled beside me.

"Oh my god, it's been too long," she waddled hurriedly to us.

I couldn't help but laugh, which earned me a glare from her. She wrapped her arms around my brother and attempted to hug him, but her belly wasn't cooperating. They began talking about everything and I rolled my eyes.

"Dad I need help," Rylan whined from the top of the steps.

"Math," Bella smiled, knowing I was the only one that could help. She hated the subject with a passion I thought it was hilarious because she was a teacher.

I gave Amelia to my brother earning another glare from my wife and made my way upstairs.

Within no time, Rylan was able to get his work done. "Dad do you think Claire's going to be loud and stuff," Rylan asked quietly.

"She'll cry, but Amelia was like that when we brought her home."

"Mia's quiet now," he pointed out.

"All babies are different."

"Was I loud?"

"When I met you, you were very reserved."

"What's that mean?"

"You weren't quiet, just kind of shy."

"I'm not shy," he snorted.

"Now you're not," I smiled looking at all of his sports and academic trophies. He was outgoing; Bella said he was just like Jacob.

I left him to see if dinner was ready yet. Bella was placing Amelia in her highchair giving me a soft smile. I noticed Carlisle watching us once Bella went back to the counter.

"I'm elated for you little brother."

"I'm really happy," I confessed watching Bella move around making dinner.

I loved this woman completely and she made me a better man for it. I will always remember falling in love at a coffee shop not once, but twice.

I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I love so much. All of the while I never knew... All of the while it was you, you! ~ Landon Pigg Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

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