Hi! I'm not a fanfiction writer, but this morning I woke up with this image in my mind and I wrote a few lines.

Jack woke up slowly with the sensation of a body next to him. His left hand was in someone's hair and the right one was moving up and down on a back, in an unconscious gesture of comfort.

It took him a while to understand that hair and back belonged to his 2IC. Yes, Samantha Carter was sleeping in his arms, her face rested on his chest.

As soon as his mind began to come back from the dreamland, he realized where they were: a tiny, grey, underground prison in a planet thousand light years away from home. His last memory was the light of a Zat and an incredible pain that ran through his body. Then only darkness.

But now he could feel the warmth of this beautiful body in his arms, smell the perfume of her skin, feel the softness of her hair.

He knew he would have to wake her up. Then they would have to figure out a way to escape from this prison, find Daniel and Teal'c and come back to the SGC. This meant fights, deaths, pain. Again. Like during almost all their missions. That was their job.

Yes, he would have to do it. But not right now. Just five more minutes. Five minutes to save these feelings in his mind.

He thought that maybe one day he will always wake up this way, with Sam next to him. But in a real bed, their bed, in their house. Yes, it would be amazing. Maybe one day. One day.