I want it that way

things used to be so easy...the pain of that ones death faded after a while...but the burning never stopped, it had been easy walking, living, but never feeling.

then he layed eyes on Emil Castagnier...the biggest freaking mistake of his life.

the moment his eyes fell on the boys young beautiful face, he knew he would never be able to simply walk away, he saw aster in the boy, and that drew him in and chained him down...

you are my fire

so many things spun out of his control and into the hands of a demon lord whocould care less...Richter would give his all to make sure Emil didn't know...that the boy wasn't able to touch that spot where Asters death had made a grave and caused his heart to rot from the inside out, he wanted emil to keep his perfect vision of richter as long as possible, and then that stupid demon had to get in the way again...

the one desire

he hadn't realized the intensity of the thread pulling him closer and closer to Emil, while leading the blonde closer until "who's aster?" Richter thought for sure he'd have a heartattack, they were working together again, even though they should be enemies,

believe, when i say...

"a part of the past that i don't want to remember..." Emil seemed a little confused "why would you want to forget? i don't understand..." "haven't you ever had something so painful you wanted nothing more than to forget it for good?" "yes...but when i think back now...forgetting would mean forgetting something that was important, if Aster was important...and i believe he was...you wouldn't want to forget the great person he was or the things you did together...would you?" Emil tilted his head innocently, entirely un-aware of the heartstrings in Richters chest breaking because

he was right...

i want it that way

"yes..." he couldn't take it anymore...he leaned forward and closed the small gap of space between them, Emil returned the kiss, but a tear slipped from thee corner of his eye...when they parted, Richter looked too guilty, "i'm sorry, Emi- you're crying..." "i'm so confused! make up your mind! are you my friend or enemy! i can't take it! i love you, richter! but you can't throw me around like this, you and the others SAY we're enemies but i don't understand what that means anymore!"

but we are two worlds apart

richter wiped the tears seeping from the corner of his loves eyes "we are enemies...but at the same time i can't help what my broken heart wants...it wants you emil, it wants you to stay by me forever but theres something in the way..." "ratatosk..." he said without meeting the othes green eyes...

can't reach to your heart

"those things you say...do you mean me or him..." Richter looked confused "me or Aster...are you saying it to him or me..." insecurity and fear of rejection drowned out all else in Emils eyes

when you say

"you...emil...it's you my heart wants...i've accepted that Aster is...dead, i know he's not coming back...i had to face that what seems like forever ago...it's you i love now, emil and no matter how hard i try...i cannot stop..."

i want it that way.