"Inu….Inuyasha…" Her arm reached out so far below her she could feel her muscles hitting their limit.

"Kagome! Hang on! I will find you!" She could hear his voice but her vision had become a mere blur, all that was visible was a red blob.

As she slowly came to she noticed a small man lingering beside a fire. "Ah..so you're awake.."

As she shifted beneath the covers, she realized she was only in her underwear. Quickly grasping the covers over her cool body she glared at the man. "Who are you? And where are my clothes?!"

"Oh hush up…They were covered in blood. You think I was going to let my dinner soak in disgusting half-demon blood…?"

Her eyes widened at the word "dinner". "Wh..what did you say..?"

"You heard me..I'm going to eat you.."

Her eyes quickly shifted from the left to the right trying to spot her bow and arrow, but to her surprise she looked at the fire and noticed that they were now the source of her warmth. "You.." she pulled the covers closer to herself as she tried to back away. Her eyes scanned the area. She had no where to hid or to run, a vast terrain covered in tall grass. Where was Inuyasha when she really needed him. Since her clothes had been washed his scent was now gone, and trails can get cold.

A shift in the nearby grass caused both of their attentions to turn towards it. She spotted silver hair and instantly smiled, "Inu…" Her smile disappeared when she noticed a giant wooden stick behind the silver head of hair. "No..but…" She couldn't help but feel lucky but then the feeling soon sank, why would he help her?

There was a awkward silence as Sesshomaru stood a distance staring at the old man, then back at Kagome. She could hear faint murmurs from Jaken. Her eyes darted towards his empty left sleeve, the memories of his battle with Inuyasha still fresh, it had only just happened.

"Who are you, demon? What are you looking at? Merely dinner, move along."

Sesshomaru's expression of emptiness soon turned into irritation. She had only known of him for a few months, but she knew that he did not take orders well. She watched as his hands started to clinch.

"Oh you wish to fight me? I wouldn't suggest that. I'm hungry..and quiet upset. It took me quite sometime to get this treat. I hope that half demon is dead somewhere."

Kagome's heart got a huge sting. She had almost forgotten Inuyasha's injury. Soon the memories flashed back into her head.

"Kagome. Stay here!"


"You'll just get in the way. Now go hide..this guy means business, and I can't let you get hurt, alright?!"

Reluctantly she nodded and took shelter. She watched at the gruesome battle happened before her eyes. The old man took form of a grotesque gray demon, with spikes protruding from his head and back. His skin looked tough as nails and his claws as long as swords, and as she watched Inuyasha's reaction she knew it wasn't going to be good.

"Even uglier in this form, pops!"

Kagome cringed as a loud crack was heard as Inuyasha was sent head first into a tree.

"Inuyasha…" she murmured, her face stricken with guilty and worry. She hated feeling so helpless.

"How dare you speak ill of me you damn half-demon! I'll pull you limb from limb!"

She watched as Inuyasha made his way up the creature's arm and hacked away at his arm. But it was no use, the demon merely laughed and struck him again.

This went on for a good five minutes until she decided to take action. She scrambled to find her bow and arrows. Slowly assembling them and getting into position she closed one eye and took aim. "Come on..hit the mark.." As she released a huge sigh left her lips as the arrow flew directly past the demon's head. "Huh?! How did I miss! He's as big as a skyscraper!" She yelled loudly.

"Kagome! You idiot!"

"Hey! Who do you think you're talking…tooooooo!" She yelped as the demon reached over to pick her up.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled and charged at the demon.

The creature punched Inuyasha and she could see blood shooting from his mouth. "Inuyasha!" She screamed. She started to pound at the demon's hand with an arrow she managed to grab.

"AAAH!" The demon yelled and released Kagome.

She let out a bone chilling scream as she plumpted towards the ground. But soon enough Inuyasha had caught her and landed on the ground. She looked over at him, eyes filled with tears from the fall, "Inuyasha..are you.."

"What did I tell you? I told you to hide…" His face was hidden behind his silver bangs.


"Now stay here.."

As he set her down she noticed there was a large hole through his stomach, so large she could practically see through it. "Inuyasha!" She gasped and covered her mouth. "You're..hurt..I'm so sorry.." The tears slowly started to fly.

"Stop crying!" He yelled at her, his eyes looking more worried than upset. "Just stay here."

She gasped lightly trying to stop from crying and nodded. He went charging at the demon and took one more swipe at the creature's armor. This time he was able to take a chunk out of his side. She smiled brightly until she noticed Inuyasha losing his balance. She quickly stood up and started to make her way over towards him before she was picked up off the ground again. "Let me go!"

She pounded at the creature's hand again, now digging her hand into the open sores. But this time the demon did not let go, he merely squeezed her tighter. She let out a loud yell and Inuyasha came to his senses.

Her eyes opening she was thrusted back into the dilemma infront of her. The demon was starting to take it's form as Sesshomaru started to engage in battle. Her eyes grew wide and she started to search for her clothes. But soon enough she was thrown back into the tall grass as the demon's arm came down beside her. A loud yell came from it's mouth.

Sprawled out half naked, she looked around for the blanket and quickly grabbed it pulling it close to her body. She managed to wrap it and tight it around her body like a strapless gown. She kept pulling and yanking at the bottom of the "gown" trying to make it easier for her to walk.

"But..but how..my armor..it's…unbeatable…" She watched at the demon went crashing to the ground. She hopped up in the air slightly from the trembles of the demon's crash.

Her eyes connected with Sesshomaru's as he flinged the blood from his fingertips. He was so much stronger than Inuyasha, with just his barehands, but how could someone be so mean to their own blood. His golden eyes left her and he continued through the field as if he hadn't even stopped.

She stood there for a moment, confused and scared. Clinging to the bottom of her blanket she stubbornly followed Sesshomaru at a distance.

The twigs and mud beneath her feet started to build a layer of toughness after walking for such a long distance. She had lost track of time, but the sun was starting to set. She knew it would be dangerous and foolish to lose sight of Sesshomaru now, so she had to keep up. But when he stopped suddenly, she stopped as well.

"Why are you following us?!" Jaken rudely blurted out.

"You don't expect me to stay out here all by myself with no food and no type of defense. That's why I'm following him and not you Jaken.." She sighed heavily. "You can only shoot out fire and he just took down a large demon."


Kagome's eyes narrowed tightly and he shut up. She looked towards Sesshomaru, "and besides..if I'm with you, you'll be able to fight Inuyasha again..isn't that what you want..?"

She saw Sesshomaru look over his shoulder, his eyes cold as usual, but with no words he continued forward. Kagome took it as an invitation and followed closely behind, wondering when he would stop.

After a few more miles he finally took refuge under a tree and sat there silently as Jaken gathered a fire. As he lit it, Kagome looked towards Sesshomaru as she stared between the branches toward the large moon. "So..do you eat..?" She plainly asked.

"Of course he does! Foolish human.." Jaken grumbled as went off to gather some food.

She watched Jaken leave and let out a sigh, she was getting irritated of being called foolish.

"You are the one who split the Shikon Jewel.."

Kagome was taken by surpise, and for a second wasn't sure if he was speaking to her since he was still gazing at the moon. "Uh..yeah.." She spoke reluctantly still feeling like a huge moron for doing so.

There was a long and still silence as they sat there. Kagome taking a few glances in his direction feeling as if he was going to jump and attack her at any moment.

"How can you hate someone so..?" she finally said as she pulled her knees closer towards her chest. Her hands started to stretch out and gather heat from the fire.

There was silence.

"I mean..he is your brother whether you want to accept it or not. You do have the same blood essentially.."


"I have a brother myself..I get upset with him, sure. But I could never try and kill him..that's just outrageous."

"Silence girl.."

Kagome's eyes widened as she looked over at Sesshomaru. He was now looking directly at her, she felt her heart sink into her stomach. It felt like he was choking the life out of her, she would die if she didn't lose eye contact. She quickly redirected her attention to the fire and exhaled deeply. Those eyes would haunt her for days. They held so much hatred behind them.

"I was only able to capture a few small weak animals, master." Jaken said calmly as he came from the darkness of the forest.

She watched as Sesshomaru nodded towards Jaken then looked towards Kagome once more. She quickly looked back at the fire and took a slow breath in. Wherever Inuyasha was, she was hoping that he would come quickly.