Muttering a bit, she slowly rolled over. "Ehrm…" She said as her hand rose to push the sun from her eyes. As they slowly opened she spotted Sesshomaru sleeping. Amazed at this site she slowly stood up, now looking down at him. His expression was so peaceful, so alluring.

"Master Sesshomaru!"

Kagome's eyes glanced over as Jaken came running from behind a few trees. Her eyes then turned towards Sesshomaru who was now wide awake and staring at Kagome.

"Waea!" She yelled incoherently and jumped back, her eyes much happier to look at the sun that at his hard face. She could hear him make his way to his feet but didn't dare make eye contact. Her heart was beating a million miles per second , her knuckles were turning white as she gripped the top of her "gown".

He said no words and started to walk forward. She quickly followed and say Jaken did the same.

They had to have been walking for at least 10 miles. She could start to feel the sores on the bottom of her feet re-open for a fourth time, she had no idea that she was able to push her body to this limit. Then he finally stopped. "Over there.." He pointed towards the left, "is a small pond, you can clean up if you wish. I'm not willing to wait all day.."

Kagome looked at him, and let out a sigh. "" She muttered and quickly made her way over. She could hear Jaken complaining up a storm but she still had dried blood covering her body.

As she made her way down a hill, she spotted the pond and smiled lightly. Slowly she removed the gown and set it aside. Slipping off her bra and underwear she set those aside and made her way into the pond. After soaking in the lukewarm water for a moment she finally decided to clean off the dried blood. Rubbing at her slim stomach she was able to get off a few pieces then she moved up to her chest and struggled to get at her back. Hesitating for a moment she reluctantly made her way to those ruining feet of hers. Pulling her left one as close to her as she could she was finally able to wash off all the mud and pick off the twigs. She then shifted towards her other foot and did the same thing. After a few winces and groans they were clean, as clean as they would get. Finally she made her way from the pond, she stood there a moment taking in the warmth of the sun on her pale skin.

"Hmm.." She said then picked up her "clothes" and tossed them on. She made her way back towards the others. "Thanks fo…" She looked around then finally spotted the two in the distance. "Hey! Wait up!" She yelled as she finally caught up with them.

"I said I wasn't going to wait long.."

Kagome opened her mouth to retaliate but stopped. She puffed up her cheeks then crossed her arms, he was right.

After walking a bit longer she noticed the sun had hit the center of the sky. "Where are we headed anyway..?"

She noticed Jaken's tested look but merely ignored it, she wasn't speaking towards him anyway.

She finally noticed Sesshomaru acknowledge her, that cold gaze stopping her in her steps.

"Jaken..Go find something to interest yourself with.."

Kagome could feel Jaken look at them both, confused and upset but then he soon complied.

Her eyes slowly left his and she gripped at the sides of her gown feeling uncomfortable and frustrated. "What is it..?"

"Why do you care about my feud with Inuyasha..?"

Kagome watched as Jaken walked away trying to come up with an answer to Sesshomaru's very blunt question.

"It's…not my place.."

She felt Sesshomaru's gaze pierce her, "That is not what came across last night.."

She swallowed hard, and with that all of her fears and gullible tendencies fell down her throat. "Well.." Her attention finally turned towards Sesshomaru, her eyes and fierce as his. "I think it's a foolish quarrel. If your father wanted you to have the Tetsusaiga, you'd still have you left arm!" She pointed towards his empty sleeve. "Also, I don't think this whole quarrel is worth the relationship brothers are suppose to now have. Yes roughing each other up every now and then is fine, that's normal. But…trying to kill each other.." Her mouth soon shut at the image of either one of them falling to the other. "It's horrendous…You know that he doesn't even want to kill you.. I can tell..But you.."

Kagome now had her hands on her hips, looking much like her mother when she was upset. "You want to. You want to kill Inuyasha. Over a sword..? You don't even need it by what I can tell.." Letting out a slow sigh her eyes drifted away from him and her arms feel down at her side. "You took down a demon without even drawing out your most powerful attacks.." Her eyes then drifted towards him, "So why do you need it..? Why do you insist on making Inuyasha's life miserable…?"

She watched as Sesshomaru's none faltering eyes showed a slight effect of emotion. "He has no idea how powerful that sword can be…He has no idea what he can do with it. Who is there to teach him how to use it? A mere human girl, and thousands of other full-fledge demons. Why would my father leave it with me? Someone who knows how to use it, and would use it for anything but good. He wouldn't…"

Kagome's eyes narrowed as she heard his words, he was trying to help his brother? Well he had a hell of a way of showing it. "Sesshomaru…" She said slowly, a smile spreading across her face, "So you aren't all, evil are you..?" She watched as Sesshomaru's expression switched back to a cold one, she forgot he wasn't one to enjoy mockery. "I.."

But before any more words could leave her mouth, fresh warm blood was splattered all over her face. She jumped back, wiping it from her face, looking in front of her she saw Sesshomaru slowly falling to his knees, a spiked limb piercing his chest from behind. "Sesshomaru!" She yelled and fell to his side, looking into his eyes, she saw them becoming hallow. "Sess..Ses…." Kagome had started to cry and hyperventilate, not sure what to do, feeling so helpless. Her eyes soon followed the limb. "You…" She had never heard her voice so full of rage.

"He thought he could get away so easily…Should've made sure that I had truly perished, silly demon.."

Kagome slowly stood up, allowing Sesshomaru to slowly fall to the ground, she watched as the spike quickly pulled out from his chest. She heard him groan and cough up blood. Clinching her fists she could feel something gathering inside of them. As she looked down at them she noticed a bow and an arrow. Her eyes widened in shock, "How the.."

"Witch.." the demon yelled loudly, and took a swing at Kagome, but Sesshomaru quickly jumped up and grabbed the spike, his hands digging into it. Kagome stared at him in awe, seeing blood drip from his fists.


"Shoot your arrow.."

She nodded and took aim, this time more relaxed than ever. Pulling the arrow back far, she took aim at the creature's head, and soon spotted a Shikon Jewel in the creature's neck. "So that's what's made you so strong, huh..?" With that she let go of the arrow and watched as a purple glow surrounded it and shot a hole right through the creature's head. He soon turned to lumps of ash and crumbled to the ground. Sprinting towards the remains she grabbed the shard and held it in her hand. She watched as the darkness that surrounded it soon disappeared and there was light, yet again.

A loud collapse brought her out of her triumphant gaze and she turned to see Sesshomaru lying in his own puddle of blood.

Kagome quickly made her way towards him and kneeled beside him, not caring that now her only form of clothing was covered in blood. "Sesshomaru.." She said softly, placing her hand on his shoulder. "How long will it take you to heal…is there anything I can do..?"

She gasped lightly as Sesshomaru quickly grabbed her arm, tightly. She winced and looked over at him.

"Just..stop talking.." He said, in between gasps, "Just…" With one long sigh, his eyes slowly shut and he was out cold.

Kagome puffed up her cheeks and let out a sigh, "Why do I bother..?" With an eye roll, she slowly got up and grabbed Sesshomaru's arms. Giving shot and heavy tugs she finally got him into the shade and sat there beside him. "Where is Jaken..?" She said with a heavy sigh. Glancing over at Sesshomaru every couple of seconds she noticed that it was close to night. It would get cold soon, and she had no idea how to make a fire. "Ga-rusukauto Nippon Renmei!" She said proudly. Kagome had only made it to junior levels of Girl Scouts, conveniently but she dropped out after the wildlife patch.

She left Sesshomaru's side and went around gathering small twigs and gathered them up a few feet infront of them and searched around for something clear. After a few more minutes of unlucky searching she got an idea. "Hmm.." She then pulled the shikon jewel from inside of her clothing and held it up at a distance so that its shadow covered the pile of wood. "Come on..this has to.." the light got through the jewel and caught the wood on fire. She grinned wide and fanned the fire until it grew bigger.

Plopping back down beside the slumbering beast she let out a slow sigh. Her attention then turned towards Sesshomaru, his bleeding had slowed. Curiosity hit her and she started to slip his white robe off of his shoulder, exposing the wound. Her eyes narrowed and her brow furrowed, it was amazing how much faster he healed than Inuyasha. A soft sigh left her lips and she saw the demon twitch.

Kagome flinched but continued to look at him, her eyes drifting over his body more than that wound. A small smirk appeared on her face, she soon caught herself and moved his sleeve back over his shoulder. "I'm such a sicko.." She said in disgust. She looked back over at Sesshomaru and noticed that he was watching her. Her face grew warm and her eyes soon drifted away from his. " long have you been awake..?"

"Since your breath hit my skin.." He said bluntly, his voice as smooth as ice.

"I..i see.." She cleared her voice shaky, the warmth that flooded her face not willing to clear out.

"Kagome..I am not willing to kill him over a sword…"

Her face became pale as she looked over at him, her eyes narrowed. "Then..why..?"

Her eyes searched his for answers that he was not willing to say. Her eyes widened as she found the answer. She gasped lightly and covered her mouth. She faced him more and created a further distance. "But you've only Why?"

She watched as Sesshomaru's golden eyes turned away from her. Her heart sank, she had just rejected this demon's pure feelings. "Sesshomaru.." She said reaching out towards his hand. "I'm..just.." How did this demon expect her to react? He had tried killing her and Inuyasha, and he shows no emotion except for coldness. If he had a thermostat located on him, it would be stuck in the 10 degree area. No mechanic could swap it out for a new one, no scientist would be able to understand how it stayed so cold without his blood freezing. Nor could Kagome understand how a person could care for someone after meeting them during such a bad circumstance. She didn't even have feelings for a guy who saved her life about 4 or 5 times already.

After her hand hovered over his for about 10 seconds she placed it back in her lap and let out a slow sigh. "Sesshomaru, I don't know how you expect me to react in this situation.." She pulled her legs close to her chest, and stared at him, feeling the warm sunset glow hit her slightly exposed chest. "I don't even fully understand this world yet..How can I have emotional attachments to this place. It's so different and so new..It's like asking a newborn child to decide whether they love their mother, or just the milk she produces…" She buried her head in her knees and allowed her coal dark hair fall to her shins. "This is just too much, I miss my old school day of simple things. Not these blood-lustful demons.."

"Then why are you here? Why do you keep coming back..?"

"Because I have to.." Her voice was soft. She slowly lifted her head, pieces of her hair sticking to her moist cheeks. "I ruined this world when I first stepped foot in this place. By shattering the jewel shard, I've stricken a chord in this time, I must fix it..I can't just leave and let these demons take over.." A slow and shaky sigh left her lips as she stared at Sesshomaru who was looking right back at her.

"That's why…"

Kagome smiled lightly, not needing him to complete the sentence. That was why he was able to feel these things for her.

"Knowing my brother is what he is, and you still stick by him..It's not just because he can protect you. It's not just because I can protect you.." His eyes narrowed slightly.

She blushed slightly, hoping he had forgotten those words she had said. "Because I don't scream and cower in your presence, that's why..?"

"Part of it.."

Kagome's eyes narrowed trying to figure out the other answer, but Sesshomaru quickly looked away as he spotted Jaken coming from the horizon.

"Master Sesshomaru!" He yelled seeing all the blood surrounding their area and seeing Sesshomaru's white rob drenched in it. "What happened..?" Kagome could see that he was starting to cry. She let out rough sigh.

"Where have you been?! Why weren't you here to help him?! I know you heard all that noise!" Her eyes were narrowed as she stared at him.


"Chicken.." Kagome said with slight laugh as Jaken started to fuss and put more pieces of wood on the fire. She looked over at Sesshomaru who's eyes were connected with the fire. Her smile soon disappeared as she started to wonder what was going in that head of his.

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