She had dozed off for a minute, but before she realized it the moon was hanging high in the star-stricken sky."Beautiful.." She said in a mere gaze, smiling softly. She could never see this in her city with all the pollution and streetlights.

Her eyes drifted towards Jaken, then towards Sesshomaru. They both had managed to doze off themselves, but more so in the sleeping smiled watching Sesshomaru slumber put her at a sort of ease. Not being examined and prodded by those harsh and judgmental golden eyes.

Slowly getting up off the ground, she turned and made her way into the forest, not without taking a burning twig as a light source. So many thoughts were running through her head as she wondered about what had just taken place moments ago.A full-fledge and evil demon had just confessed his interest in her and she had just sat there like a child walking in on her parents in the middle of a game of Twister.

She continued on her random hike through the forest and stopped as she spotted a large lake. It was so still that the moon and stars could be seen in it. She smiled lightly and made her way down towards the lake. Sitting down on the grassy hill she blew the fire from the stick and relaxed.

Kagome plopped down on the grass and closed her eyes. Her arms stretched up and she let out a soft noise of pleasure. "Ah..this is nice.."

Opening her eyes, instead of a beautiful dark sky, there were those golden eyes staring back at her. "AAAHH!" She yelled and sat up quickly, her head colliding with Sesshomaru's.

She heard him give a light groan and hit the ground. She looked over at him, rubbing vigorously at her forehead. "Is your head made of stones?! What are you doing?! You were sleeping! I saw.."

Her face grew hot as his hand made its way to her side. "Ses..Ses.." She muttered, her mind as scrambled as eggs at this point.

"Kagome..You can't just go wandering off like that..You're lucky I know your scent now.." He was pulling her closer as he spoke these words; all the while Kagome was becoming as stiff as a log to prevent this from happening. With a failed attempt she was now in front of him, his eyes were still as forceful as ever as he leaned in close to her. "I'd wish to know more than your scent.."

"!" were the sounds and "words" that left her lips. She could feel Sesshomaru's grip on her body tighten. This was not happening, he wasn't.

She felt his face, brush gently against her cheek as his lips ventured to her neck.

"Hmmp…" She twitched and jerked in his arms. It felt, nice and she couldn't deny it.

He placed a soft kiss on her delicate and slender neck, his lips were unexpectedly warm. She didn't know this creature had a lick of warmth in him. Well, except for a certain part of his bo-"Stop it!" She yelled, speaking her thoughts out loud instead of locking them in.

He slowly drew back, his eyes narrowed slightly, in an emotion she couldn't configure.

"No..not you..well..I mean.." She could feel herself stumbling over her words. But soon her body took over as her hand ran over his white kimono. "Don't.." Her eyes slowly drifted towards his, and she gave a slight nod. "Don't.."

With that, Sesshomaru's grip on her body grew tight. A soft moan left her young lips as she clenched at the front of his kimono. Then suddenly a thought shot through her head, this would be..her first.

"Sesshomaru..I uhm..forgot to tell you something.."

He continued to plant kisses up and down her neck, his tongue ever so often licking at her neck, engulfing the sweet taste.

"I've never.."

She heard a soft growl come from his lips and his attention drifted from her body to her eyes. "I'm sure.."

Kagome's cheeks puffed up and she grunted, "What's that suppose to mean?!" She crossed her arms and turned her face away from him, her cheeks the color of strawberries.

His pale hand then gripped her chin and forced her to look back at her, "It makes no difference..."

Her eyes widened, "What?! But you've're kidding.." She could feel her heart racing, she was confused on how he was so nonchalant about this whole situation.

His finger then leisurely traced her lips; suddenly his lips were now where his finger just was.

She felt as if she was going to melt, his lips were so soft and warm. It put her at ease, and her eyes slowly closed, embracing their lip-locked connection. His hand spread to her bare back, she could feel him tugging at her gown. She let him, she would have to figure out how to get his damn kimono off. She felt herself become slightly cool since she was now completely exposed, usually a huge embarrassment would follow this action, but since Sesshomaru's tongue playfully wrestling hers, she was put into a euphoric state.

She soon felt warm again as Mokomoko slipped around her body, keeping her warm. She felt the warm fur gently caress her body as she was gently placed on the ground. She watched as Sesshomaru proceeded to undress. She smiled slightly, this would be a great treat to see his muscular body and she wouldn't have to do any work at all.

He pulled his armor off first, and then slipped his kimono off, starting with his sleeves, exposing his fresh wound. The lower his kimono dropped the more scars it revealed. Her smile soon faded as she examined each one. Her hand slowly reached up but he slowly took it, and stretched it behind her head. With one hand, he slipped the kimono off, now completely exposed. Her face grew warm again, as she could see he was erect.

His other hand then ran over to her other arm, stretching that one above her head as well. He leaned down a slight smirk on his face as he kissed gently at her neck. Mokomoko slowly slipping away as he got closer and closer to her breasts.

As his warm lips wrapped around her nipple a quick gasp left her lips. She twitched as a moan left her, "Sessho..maru.." She said between moans.

She felt something brush against her leg, but was too wrapped up in his tongue motions to examine it further. Her eyes shut and her throat full of moans, she felt Sesshomaru enter her.

Her back arched as she shook slightly, and gripped his hands. "URH!" She yelled, he was going slow but it was still painful for her. He was pushing right against it but was waiting for her signal.

With tears forming in the corners of her eyes, she looked towards him, "Go..please.." She muttered, and then laid her head back down on the grass. She felt his head rest on her chest as he adjusted himself. His hands slipped away from her hands, and grasped her hips. He placed his legs on the outside of hers. She could feel his gaze on her as his hips rammed against hers.

A quick breath in and a loud moan erupted from her throat. She could now feel his member pulsing inside of her. Her hands flew down to his back and she dug her nails deep into him. "Go Sesshomaru.." She said softly, her eyes still shut. This feeling was strange to her, but it felt more than amazing.

His hips rubbed and slammed against her hips and sides. She could feel him start to groan and moan, now more comfortable that she wasn't the only one enjoying this she grew slightly louder and kept egging him on.

"Oh..Sesshomaru.." Her bottom lip was starting to turn red from biting and chewing on it so.

She kept hearing him exhale and inhale sharply as his speed started to pick up. His hands moved from her hips to her breasts, going with them as they bounced around.

"Mmmn.." He grunted and started to sit up, his hips now ramming into her.

"UUh..Yes!" She yelled, then bit down on her lip as she started to feel herself tense up. Sesshomaru must've felt it too because he let out a loud grunt.

"Kagome.." Her eyes shot open at his words, she searched through all the hair and Mokomoko was busy twirling and swirling around them. Her eyes then drifted up his stomach then towards his face. Her eyes widened slightly and her mouth opened slightly as he was certainly hitting her spot. But by the look on his face he wasn't going to be able to hang on much longer.

"Just..a little..longer.." Her hand reached up and ran their way down his chest. She then threw it back and forced her fingers through her hair. "UUh..almost..almost.."She could feel him swelling inside of her, and soon she shuddered and let go all over. She then felt herself filling as Sesshomaru let go.

Her eyes watched Sesshomaru sat there, breathing so heavily that he was quivering. She wasn't any better herself, she was trembling and taking short gasps. Kagome watched as small beads of sweat ran down Sesshomaru's neck. She smiled slightly and let out an abrupt laugh.

Sesshomaru slowly pulled out and fell down beside her. She looked up at him, seeing their silver and black hair entangled on the grass. Then her brown hues connected with his golden. No words were needed, she knew this was probably going to be the one and only time. This was her one night with the devil.

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