Does she want me to kiss her? She just told me that she wasn't ready, but her body is saying something completely different. Should I?

He made his decision.

He disentangled her arms from his chest. He pulled away.

Kate's seductive eyes quickly clouded from confusion. She had just put herself out there, and he rejected her.


"Kate we can't do this. At least not like this."

"Why not? Isn't this what you wanted from day one? You always showed an interest in me, and now I open myself up to you and you shove it right back in my face!"

"It's not like that Kate! You just said to me that you don't want this to move forward! Then all of a sudden you're all over me! What the hell?"

"I changed my mind!"

"After all those missed opportunities, you chose now?"

"Well maybe this is the opportunity we're not supposed to miss Rick!" she exclaimed.

"Kate," he began. "You practically just told me that you're not ready for a relationship, especially with me, and then all of a sudden you are. I don't get it KB. I'm sick of all these games, just tell me what you want from me."

"I just don't want you to leave," she quietly admitted.

"Well that was a stupid way to get me to stay," he said as he stood up.

Kate's eyes travelled with his body as he paced back and forth. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to think of this. He had a point; she was all over him right after she said she wasn't ready to confront her feelings for him. So why had she? She wanted him to stay, that much was for sure, but he was right. Making a pass at him after telling him she wasn't ready wasn't the right way to do it.

"What am I supposed to do Rick? Just let you leave the city and go to California?"

Before he could answer her, the pair saw Aurora approach them.

"Am I interrupting something?" she asked as she glanced between the two.

"No," Rick replied.

"Yes," Kate replied.

Both Kate and Rick both laughed in their minds, thinking how ironic their responses were compared to their typical responses to that question.

"Well that was convincing," Aurora said as she chuckled. "It's getting late and everyone is going home right now, I just came out to tell you that."

"Oh really?" Kate questioned.

"Kate," Rick warned.

"I highly doubt that's the reason you came out here. You've been sending me warning glares all night. I'm not going to purposely hurt Rick; I'm not like that."

"Huh, could have fooled me. Since he's got here he's been in a funk and it's you're fault."

Rick moved his eyes back and forth between the two. If he weren't the person in this situation, he would find this down right hilarious, and possibly hot. They were each provoking each other without going to far, that is until Kate exploded.

"Listen, I've seen you oogling Rick with your eyes all night. Let it go already! You can obviously see that there's something going on between the two of us, so will you just back off already?"

Kate couldn't believe she just did that, she barely even noticed she was doing it until after. The astonished looks from Rick and Aurora showed her that they both hadn't seen that coming. She was a bit confused as to why both of them looked so sad all of a sudden though.

"Kate maybe you should head back to my house," Rick suggested softly.

"Why? So you two can get together?"

"Listen Kate I'm sure that I'm the last person you want to hear this from, but it isn't like that. I also really don't appreciate you weighing your opinion in on something where it doesn't belong."

She thought about what she had said, and Kate realized she was right. Who was she to determine whom Rick talked to? She had given up that right all the times she didn't let their relationship progress to the next level. Rick should be happy, and if Aurora made her happy so be it.

"I guess I'll head back to your house Rick."

"I'll walk you back. Bye Ror, come over for breakfast or lunch tomorrow?"

"Sure," she replied sadly. "See you then."

"Aurora I'm sorry, I just have a lot on my mind right now. I normally wouldn't say that believe me, I'm completely embarrassed."

"It's fine," Aurora replied, but Kate knew there was still something that the two of them weren't telling her as they headed back to Rick's house.

"I can't believe I just did that," Kate said in astonishment as they walked through the sand back to his house.

"It's not your fault KB."

"Explain to me how it's not my fault. I just exploded at a girl I just met today!"

"We all have our moments, God knows there were plenty of times that I had to catch myself from doing that exact same thing."

"I should have been able to though! I'm so embarrassed. You must be too! I'm sorry, I really am. All I do is keep causing more trouble for you. Wait – when would you have exploded like that?"

"It doesn't matter," he said as he looked towards the ocean.

"Hey," she said as she brushed their fingers together. Deciding to be daring, she intertwined their hands together. "It does matter, you can tell me," she said with a reassuring smile.

"It was weird seeing you like that, especially with Rory," he simply said as his reply.

There it was again. Rory. Rory this Rory that. Ugh! Kate knew she shouldn't be feeling this way about the mention of her name, but something wasn't settling right with her. Rick hadn't made any advances towards Aurora, she knew that, but still… she couldn't help but want to tear him away from her at the sight of the two of them together.

"What do you mean?" she asked, even though she was pretty sure she already knew.

"It's just… I feel as though I've known you forever and I've never seen that side of you. It was weird."

"I have to make a claim though don't I?" she teased.

"The Kate I know wouldn't do something like that in public."

"I'm Kate! I just did it, despite how embarrassed I am."

"It was just different."

"Listen Rick, we may be in limbo but that doesn't mean that I don't have feelings for you."

"Yeah I guess."

When he didn't press the topic further, she was surprised. She had figured that after their almost kiss, or what she thought was an almost kiss, he would be questioning her nonstop. But no, instead he was reluctantly answering questions. Getting answers from him had been like pulling teeth.

They finally approached the pathway back to his house. It had been a long and exhausting day, filled with old and new questions that didn't have answers.

They slipped into the house through the front door, brushing up against each other as they entered. Castle had told her on their way back that she was free to pick out a pair of his pajamas and eat something if she like. He had just brought down what appeared to be well-worn blue plaid pajama pants and a simple white sleeping shirt. She figured they were his favorites. She felt an odd tingle throughout her body once she acknowledged this.

He wordlessly gave her the pajamas and began his ascent up the stairs. Before he could slip away though she stopped him at the middle of the staircase.


He paused mid-step and turned around.

"We'll talk in the morning right?"

He silently nodded before heading upstairs.

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