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The sound of a bullet rang through the air as he launched his body in front of hers.

The sound of a man so filled with life, hit the floor as he struggled for his being filled the silence.

The sound of a bullet making contact with the shooter's chest rang through the air, killing him as revenge for wounding her partner.

The sound of Kate Beckett screaming for an ambulance over her shoulder to Ryan and Esposito, telling them a member of their team was down.

The sound of sirens going off in the distance coming to save his life that offered her the only hope she could have that he may still live.

The sound of words whispered from her mouth that demanded that he to stay alive, for her.

The sounds that escaped Kate's throat as she sobbed uncontrollably while kneeling on the floor next to Richard Castle's pale body before she performed CPR until help arrived.

The sound of words coming from the mouths of the paramedics, telling her she could ride in the back of the ambulance, but had to move so they could put him on a stretcher.

The sound of sirens going off as they raced to the hospital while his body had to be shocked twice after his heart stopped on the way there.

The sound of words coming from Kate's mouth, letting him know how much he means to her, are the only thing that keeps him from being consumed by the darkness of death.