Kate was feeling a little nervous and apprehensive entering the hospital. She wouldn't turn away from him though, not again. She had been coming earlier in the mornings right before work for a few days now. So you can only imagine her surprise when she walked into Rick's room and saw Meredith by his bedside.

She couldn't believe it. Meredith was here. His Meredith.

"Kate!" she heard a voice say, pulling her away from her reverie.

She stole a look at Meredith while saying, "Good morning Rick, I didn't think you would have any other visitors this early."

Meredith jumped right into the conversation by saying, "Well the early bird catches the worm, right Detective?"

"Right," she replied softly.

There was a short pause in conversation.

What exactly was she even doing here? Suddenly she appears when she finds out that Rick is hurt? More than a week later no less.

"So what are you doing here Meredith?" Kate asked.

"I heard Rick was injured and jumped on a flight. It's just so horrible! I never even imagined that this could happen while he shadowed you."

"While he shadowed you" kept playing over and over again in Kate's mind. Meredith was blaming her. She was saying that this was all her fault. For some reason though, Kate didn't necessarily disagree.

"Hey, this isn't Kate's fault - not in the slightest."

"Richard you and I both know that this could have been easily avoided."

"Actually Meredith," he stressed, "I live in New York. There's a higher probability of me getting shot or killed during a mugging on the street."

"Whatever you say darling. I must get going now though. I'll see you soon Richard."

"Meredith you don't need to revisit. Just call or something. I have such a busy schedule within the next few weeks that I just want to keep things calm."

Already standing by the door she replied, "Alright then - but you better be expecting a call from me!"

Kate waited a few moments to be sure she was actually gone.

Eyebrow quirked she asked, "Busy schedule, huh?"

The laugh he let out was music to her ears.

"I couldn't think of anything else!"

"So why exactly did you tell her not to come back?"

He answered easily, "She had that look in her eyes."

"That look?"

"I'm not being egotistical or anything, I promise. It's the look I remember her always getting when she breezes in and out of time. The whole visit she had the hungry look saying she wants me, but no more! I'm done with those types of relationships."

He laughed again, but this time it was humorless. "This must sound crazy coming from me right? After all I am 'Richard Castle the multimillionaire playboy.'"

"Hey," she said before grabbing his hand. "You're more than that."

"I don't even know who I am anymore Kate," he said dejectedly.

It aggravated her that she didn't even take into consideration he didn't know who he was. All she kept thinking about was how this would affect their relationship with each other, not his relationship with himself.

"I'll remind you Rick. You know that I'm here for you in any way that you need me - as a friend, as a partner, or as a confidant. You've got me."

"Right, of course."

His voice was so quiet compared to before, so unsure. He silently turned onto his side, somewhat painfully with his injuries, to face the window with his back away from her - leaving her to wonder what was going through his mind and what she said to upset him.