So this is the sequel to Becoming Again. It's time for your duo to take some time off. Of course how many times has that happen. Oh, well. Life of a Slayer and her favorite Vampire. Chapter one and Two here. Three up in a couple of days

Disclaimer: These Characters belong to the mighty Joss Wheldon. I amuse myself by playing with them.

It been almost been two weeks since the taking back of the Hell mouth by Buffy and Spike. She was patrolling a more busier cemetery. Her thoughts where still in a jumble and she barely felt the presents of the vampire before it was upon her. She managed to dodge it's reach and slammed her stake into its heart. As the stake penetrated the creature she felt herself go off balance and ended up twisting as she fell. The creature dusted and she ended up on the ground just barely missing two markers that could of easily knocked her out. Breath escaped her when she had hit and she laid there monetarily stunned.

"Serves me right for not paying attention." She mumbled as she rolled on to her back and stared at the blanket of stars.

"Taking a rest luv. Want some coming ." A accented voice came out of the dark filled with mirth, and Buffy felt stiffen.

She raised her head and spotted the vampire a foot away from her. Damn. He moves so fast she thought and looked back at the sky with a sigh. Just what she need another embarrassing moment in front of her new...Ahh...Guy.

"Spike." she said trying not to look at the him and his suggestive look that he was wearing. What was it about when he did that thing with his teeth and tongue that made her butterflies take off.

He stepped up closer to her and looked down at the sprawling Slayer.

"Stars are really shining tonight not a cloud in the sky." He looked up briefly then back down into the green pools of her eyes.

"Are you going to help me up?" she asked. He just shook his head and crouched down beside her.

"I think I like you all vulnerable like, pet." Buffy sat up quickly and realized that was a mistake when she ended up nose to nose to him. He was grinning at her and his head was slightly cocked to one side and she felt her heart start to race. She couldn't help the swallow of air she took and Spike eyes went down to her throat. Her hand grabbed at his jacket and she smashed her lips against his. The couple was lost in the mood and neither knew that not far away they where being watched.

The couple drew apart, neither wanting to let go of the other. Spike helped Buffy to stand and she ended up snuggled against him. She let her hands wander around his waist as she ended up enfolded in Spikes coat. Spike let out an unneeded breath as Buffy settled.

"Bloody Hell Slayer what you do to me." he whispered into her ear then rubbed his cheek against the side of her face.

Buffy let a giggle escape. "Actually I can."

Spike let another groan escape, as he let the feel of her drift surround him and in.

"I got some news for you luv." he nibbled on her neck getting a grunt from Buffy.

"What is it?" She asked pulled back slightly and looked at him with curiosity.

"I got the majority of the bikes sold and we have a pretty good nest egg and if you still be wanting to take that vacation, you can set something up."

Happiness flowed through her as grabbed his arms and started to bounce up and down in excitement.

"Oh Spike you made my night." Giving him a swift kiss and Spike couldn't help feel the flow of joy at making his girl so happy.

"Where shall we go? Do you think we should take Dawn? Maybe we shouldn't cause she still has School."

Her words where a rush as hugged the vampire to herself and Spike lifted her slightly and spoon her close.

The both of them where laughing and making plans. There silent observer hearing what he wanted backed away and disappeared into the night.

Chapter Two

As Buffy and Spike made plans they dusted three more vampires as they made there way back toward Rodello Drive. The scoobies had grudgingly accepted the two of them. Xander was still avoiding them ever since there return from the fight at Willy's, Anya had tried to talk with him about it but he was being stubborn. Anya had been happy for them having said that she had dated a vampire or two in her long life and that vampire had great stamina. Giles had also disapproved but final with grim look as he cleaned his glasses he had final told her that he thought it was a mistake since she was a slayer and Spike being a soulless vampire that they would end up hurt. But give in knowing how stubborn and no was was he going to move her so he said was her call. Willow and Tara where also happy for them especially when Tara had read Spike aura and had told them that it had changed.

Buffy had told them about the mysterious appearance of the armour and swords and the knowing that she had felt changes since coming back. Giles was in full research mode and promising an update soon. Needing the time to think she grew silent as she thought about her new abilities. She had noticed that all her senses where much approved. When she had talked to Spike about it he had said that if he didn'tknow better she was a becoming a Vampire. When she had been battling the demons at the bar and later when she had to face her friends she had felt like she was going to get a game face. But Spike had said she never did and Xander had told all that he could of sworn her eyes had changed color. She didn't feel the need for blood which she was extremely grateful for.

Giles had come across a Prophecy and he wouldn't say much about it. He wanted to confer with watchers and a coven of witches that he knew. Mean while Buffy and Spike had continued to patrol. They only needed to they could think about the armour and the swords and they would magically appear. Spike had continued behaving around her knowing they where letting their relation prograss naturally to the next level. He had always walked her home given her incredible long kiss and with a flourish and his usual swagger would disappear and head back to his crypt. Buffy a couple of times had invited him in but he always refused. Saying he had a rap to protect. Today Buffy was not going to take no for an answer, she was having trouble sleeping and really wanted Spikes presence with her. As they hit the poruch of her house Spike turned to her and was about to gather her into his arms for the night kiss but she was not having any part of it.

"Not this time Mister your coming in." and she grabbed his arm. Spike was about to protest but she had her Slayers grip on him and door open and was dragging him in.

When the blond couple entered Dawn and the two witches who had been sitting on the couch looked up at the couple

"Hey guys, How was patrol?" Dawn asked as she stared at them. Spike stop dead in his tracks when he notice the women. Buffy had to give him a push to get him moving again.

"We dusted five Vamps, not to bad." Said Buffy as she struggled with Spike.

"Bloody Hell Slayer, I don't feel like being surrounded by a gaggle of woman"

"Oh what's the problem Spike. Afraid?" smirked Dawn as she watched Buffy shove Spike closer.

"Is not that, Big bad here, can't be seen hanging with all these fuzzy girls."

Dawn rolled her eyes and went back to watching there movie.

"Come on Big bad, lets see about getting something to eat." Laughed Buffy as she grabbed his hand and dragged him toward the kitchen.

Once inside the kitchen Buffy headed for the fridge releasing Spikes hand. Spike headed for the counter and jumped up. Watching Buffy as she grabbed some food and a container of blood for him.

She poured out a mug and placed it in the microwave to warm. Then she went about getting something for herself. She thought turned back to their plans of a Vacation.

"I like the idea of going to Vegas." Between munching on a chicken leg and watching the microwave. When the Bell went she got it out and passed it to him.

"Ta, Pet. Right... Well Vegas it is then. You set it up and we will be out of here."

She gave him a nod and planned on calling a couple of Hotels.

"I'll talk to Willow and Tara about taking care of Dawn and patrolling with the guys. I also talk to Giles see how his research is going."

"Sound like a solid plan." Spike sip at his cup.

"Well no time like the present." Buffy headed out of the kitchen with Spike right behind her.

"Ahh, Guys have a favour to ask you." Realizing what she was about to ask she felt herself getting nervous as she looked at the two witches and teen.

Spike interrupted. "What Buffy wanted to let you know was, that I have sold the bikes now and we have enough money for the Slayer to have a bit of time off."

"And I asked Spike to come with me. " Buffy added in a hurry wanting them to know she wanted him with her. Spike was surprise by that, but didn't say anything.

"What about me?" asked Dawn looking surprise.

"Well you have School. So we'll only be going." She rushed on. " But what we thought when school got done we would take you another vacation perhaps Disneyland or where ever you wish to go."

Dawn had a small frown on while Buffy had been talking but changed her view when she heard about the part about going to LA.

"Will can I say, I am disappointed about going without you guys. But I forgive you, if do promise to take me to Disney." She placed a smile on her face letting her feel alright about her decision.

"The day right after schools out. We are out of here. Promise." said Buffy as she walked over to Dawn and give her a hug. Then her gaze focused on Willow and Tara.

"So will you be able to look out for Dawn and do some patrols with the Guys?"

"Sure, Buff. will look after Dawnie and no problem will hit the streets for the nasty as well. Are you sure about this though?" Asked Willow looking concerned for her friend.

"Yes. I really need the time away and Spike here will be nice company."

"Right well this seems settle, I should be going." Spike mumbled but he couldn't keep the smile from his face.

"No. You are not." Buffy and Dawn grabbed an arm each and plucked him on the couch. He grumbled a bit as the girls laughed but settled with an arm around each of his girls to watch a movie. Tara and Willow had to shuffle over with laughter all around and the settled down together and spent the next couple hours laughing and having a good time.

to be cont.