It had been a week since the battle in the grave yard and the Scoobies where sitting inside a casino dining area. Giles was still moving stiffly and under his clothing where the many bandages that the demon had left over his body. Everyone carried a scar of one kind or another but everyone was healing. Laughter filled the air as Buffy laughed at Spikes when he flipped a casino chip at Xander's back, hitting him squarely between his shoulder blades. Giles suppressed a grin himself.

"Stop it before someone asks us to leave." He said as he watched the antics of the younger people.

"Watch it Blond Wonder or sic Anya on you." said Xander as he frown in mock sarcasm. He grabbed Anya hand, giving it a tug so she was blocking Spikes aim at him.

"Hey! Xander Harris I will not be Spike's target. What ever happen to chivalry." replied Anya as she ducked another chip flying toward her. The chip hit Xander in the chin and Anya laughed at him. Xander grabbed the chip that Spike had just tossed and flipped it at Spike who easily dodged the chip.

"Children, please behave yourself."

"Oi, he started it, Mate." Said Spike as he gestured toward the whelp and the Struggling Anya to stay out of range of the chips that where flying. Giles rolled his eyes and hid his grin behind a newspaper he had been reading. He was pleased how the two of them had finally come to an understanding and had except each other. Buffy was also like her old self and Spike he was being less like his old self which suited the watcher to know end.

Suddenly Buffy let out a Whoop. "Vacation Yes! with my friends and my guy. My fun never ends."

She was bouncing in her seat as she looked over her friends. They where happy to be together here and in one piece. Times like these where what kept her going, knowing that life was worth it. She still felt the sadness of having been taken out of heaven but the pain eased when she knew that life was a gift to be spent with close friends. Her responsibility's had never been easy but when Spike had come into her life she knew that it would continue to be a challenge but he would always be there to guard her back.

Her acceptance of her own feelings and that her friends had accepted him had lowered her stress levels greatly. His changing his very nature had made him more then what he had been and she had found out about his secret personality of William that was very much still apart of him. He was now focused on keeping the world safe and just knowing that he loved her and she him, made life a treasure.

Willow and Tara magic was getting stronger and Buffy could see that the two of them where inseparable. Giles and the two witches where planning to head to England to visit a coven that Giles knew of for a few weeks to get in some training. Xander and Anya just that morning had announce that they where planning to get married and thought a honeymoon would be perfect. So they too where planning to go with them. Buffy and Spike would keep an eye on the hell mouth and Dawn still had school but still the promise of the trip to Disnyland was still a go as soon as the others came back.

Yeah. life was never going to be dull for her and her crew but it would always would be guarded to continue.

Ok. So that's the end of this story but I have others already floating in my mind. So stay tuned but I am going to finish it completely before publishing it cause I feel like I am being rushed and it makes the story suffer and that is just wrong cause I want people to enjoy. I really thank those that made comments.