BREAKING NEWS: Hello, lovelies! I'm beyond thrilled to announce that I've accepted a three-book publishing deal with Macmillan, and the first two books of that deal will be the published (and revised) version of The Diva Diaries! Book one is titled BAD ROMEO and book two is BROKEN JULIET. Book three will be an entirely new story yet to be confirmed. The first two books will be released very early in 2015.

(Contrary to the Publishers' Weekly announcement, there is NO BDSM. It's NOT set in high school, and there are NO alternating POVs. It's the exactly the same story, but distilled down into a publishable form, with a few new scenes here and there to strengthen it. All the big moments from the fic are in there.)

I'm extremely excited about this development, and have to thank all of you as the original fans of the story for your amazing readership and support.

Below is an exclusive deleted scene from BAD ROMEO, and I have more treats exclusively for my fanfiction readers. Between now and release date, I'll be updating my Wattpad account with exclusive outtakes FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. The first one is already posted, so grab the link off my profile and go for your life. I'll add a new outtake, showing us what goes on in bad Romeo's brain, each month for the rest of the year.

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2013 - January

New York City

"Hey, are you still there?"

I don't know. I really don't. I feel like the safe, numb little bubble I've cultivated over the past three years has just popped and landed me firmly on my ass.


My agent, Jen, sounds worried. Pretty sure she has reason to be.

"Yeah, I'm here."

"I know it's a shock getting an offer like this, but I think it's an amazing opportunity. Your first starring role on Broadway! And with a brand-new play and award-winning director."

It's everything I've been working toward. Everything I thought I wanted. Pity about the catch.

Jen's still talking. Fast and excited. Up-and-coming playwright. Fresh new voice.

I barely hear her.

Not until she mentions him again.

"And I don't know the lead actor personally, but I've heard good things about him. Won a whole stack of European drama awards for the Lowbridge tour of Romeo and Juliet. I'm assuming he was Romeo."

"No," I say, my voice impassive. "He was Mercutio."

He hated Romeo. Hated playing the romantic lead. Couldn't do it.

"Oh," she says, sounding surprised. "You know him?"

I almost laugh. Know him? Yeah, I know him. Well, knew him. Once upon a time. As much as anyone could know that man.

"We went to drama school together."

"Really? Small world."

She makes it sound like it's a good thing. Of course she doesn't know about our history. Why would she? I don't talk about him. In fact, I walk away when other people mention his name. It was easier to cope when he was on the other side of the world, but now he's back and tainting my potential dream job with his presence.



"So, shall I tell them it's a go?"

The blood vessels in my head are pounding. I can't think straight. Everything's fuzzy, and I have no idea what I should do.

"Can I think about it?"

There's silence. Then, "What's to think about? It's a dream role on Broadway with the 'it' boy of the acting world. Isn't this what you've been working towards?"

It is, but having him involved throws everything into doubt. For three years I've worked my ass off, but emotionally, it's like I've been trapped in limbo. Waiting. But for what? To see if I can finally put my feelings for him behind me? To move on without his giant shadow following me into every interaction with men who aren't him?

I close my eyes and try to breathe through a sudden flash of anger.

If it weren't for him, I'd be over the moon about this offer. I'd scream so loudly the neighbors would think I was being murdered. And yet here I am, sweating and undecided. Willing to sacrifice my happiness because of him.


No way. Not this time.



"Tell them I'll take it."

She babbles on for a few minutes about contracts, rehearsal dates, and press releases, and I make noises like I'm listening but I'm really not.

After we hang up, I sit there for long minutes just staring at my phone, disbelief and nausea squirming in my guts.

I'm going to see him again. Not only that, I'm going to have to touch him. Kiss him. Pretend I'm in love with him.

Yeah, this isn't going to be awkward and excruciating at all.

I sigh and rub my face.

I have exactly four months to prepare myself for our first rehearsal.

It's not long enough.

It's also an eternity.