I hate you.

I hate you more than I've hated anyone else, ever. I can't stand you. You're ugly, you're stupid, you always win! And yet you take my breath away and I hate you for that, too. You're beautiful, clever, and strong enough to beat me – what am I saying?! I hate you for all those things! I hate you because your image is seared into my mind! I'm always thinking about you, and I hate you for it! Whenever I see you, my heart fills with boiling rage – or is it burning love? I don't even understand my feelings anymore! I can't stop thinking about you.

They say love and hate are two sides of the same coin, and my coin is spinning on edge, like so many pennies do when dropped at the right angle. I can't feel this way forever, but I don't want to give up either side! I love to hate you, and I hate to love you, but they both feel so good...

Part of me wants you to love me, but part of me is disgusted by the idea – part of me? No, I want you with all my heart, and all of me is disgusted by it. How is this possible? If I hate you with all my heart, how is there anything left for me to love you with?!

Set me free, Leaf! Kiss me, punch me – both! I can't make up my mind anymore! Set me free! I can't go on this way forever! The coin needs to tip – love, hate, I don't care which!

But part of me wants to stay in the middle. Schrodinger's heart?

I love you, Leaf.

And I hate you.

Kiss me? Please?