Into The Future

AN: Just came to me while I was reading a Twilight/Heroes x-over, even though this isn't an crossover. Still, hope you enjoy this! I'm honestly just winging it, hoping some kind of plot-line will appear out of nowhere! I may make this a series of drabbles...hmm...possibilities...

Possible Drabble no. 1

"So? How was your first day?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"You know I do."

"Well I'm not going to tell you." Claire Bennett smirked, an annoyingly familiar sense of authority about her.

"Oh come on! Adam hardly lets me leave this bloody house! I have no choice but to live vicariously through you."

"Your really want to live your life hearing about how I spend my day getting stared at by boys who have no idea that I'm almost a century older than them?"

"Yes, despite how horrible you must be feeling about yourself, Peter still doesn't think I'm worthy of becoming a Paramedic after what happened last time, and Adam wont let me help him recruit. So basically you're the only one left, come on, Claire, you know you want to let it out."

And then, having it pointed out to her, she really couldn't keep it in any longer.

"It's DISGUSTING! I HATE IT! I've been at that pathetic school for less than 10 hours and already I have at least a dozen guys checking me out during classes and lunch breaks! It's so gross! And none of them have any idea whatsoever that I should've died 60 years ago like a normal person! I have to be stuck here for the rest of friggin' eternity! And honestly, how many of those buff, foot-ball playing, owner of Mercedes, hair-obsessed jocks can really relate to that? Hm? I'll tell you how many...NONE OF THEM!"

Claire, having finally finished her rant on the stupidity of high school boys, slumped down onto the nearest couch, which was just meters away from an ex-villain she'd grown to respect and like. She looked up at the ceiling, cursing whichever idiot decided to give Claire the wondrous powers of immortality, it was then that she realized her uncle was standing by the doorway leading into the kitchen.

"Hello to you too, Claire." He smiled at her.

"How's saving people's lives going? Have you made any friends at the hospital?" She asked him, a failed attempt of sarcasm in her voice.

"Well, it's refreshing, it's fun, and I get to heal them at the same time. I'd say I've been having a better day than you. And yes, I have, one. His name is Gerry, and he's refused to leave my side, well, he's refused to let me leave his side. He's sort of paralysed, which you can imagine made me feel pretty bad when I had to leave him." Peter left his spot by the door to sit by Claire.

"Yeah I'll bet, why don't you just inject him?" Peter knew what Claire was talking about.

"I will, I was just super busy today."

"Ehm, hello? Anyway want to know how my day was?" Sylar asked, offended by the lack of attention he was receiving.

"Sylar, your description of how your 'day was' consists of what you ate, what time you woke up, how many television serials you watched and how bored you are with life. We don't really need to hear the same thing every single day." Peter rolled his eyes and looked back at his niece.

"Okay, okay, I get it. You're still mad about the car thing. In my defense," Sylar moved from the wooden chair by the unlit fireplace to a more comfortable chair nearer to the couch where Peter and Claire were sitting on, "I honestly believed that that guy ran into him on purpose."

"So? That still doesn't give you the right to leave him there to die!"

"Why not? When I was a killer, you people were more than perfectly happy to leave me alone to die in my misery."

"Yes because you were a deadly serial killer, literally. I checked that guy's records, it was spotless. He never got a ticket, he's never been arrested, and he had a wonderful loving family who were absolutely devastated when he died. Clearly, it was a mistake; he didn't actually mean to run that red light."

"Still, I-"

"Guys! Shut up, please! You're giving me a migraine!" Peter looked at Claire skeptically, knowing that what she said was literally impossible. "Oh you know what I mean! It's always the same thing every single day! Will you just get over it already?!" She threw her hands up in frustration, almost poking out Peter's eye, not that it would hurt much.

"I've gotten over it, it's Peter with the problem." Sylar retorted, glaring at his best friend.

"Me?! I trusted you! I thought you could handle it! But apparently not, was the blood just too much for you, you little leech?!"

"Leech? Who are you calling a lee-?!"

"OI! SHUT IT!" A booming voice said from the staircase.

Everything in the room was silenced, Claire stopped grumbling under her breath, Sylar stopped moaning and Peter stopped insulting Sylar with every word he could think of.

The authoritative tone from the stairs calmed down, and the living room's occupants heard footsteps approaching them.

"I was trying to get some work done up there but your constant bickering wouldn't let me. This is getting ridiculous now, it's been two weeks. You have to get this sorted or none of are coming with me on my next hunt. I may be going to Europe this time."

"Am I counted in 'none of us are coming with you'?" Claire asked the man standing in front of her, pouting slightly.

"Of course not, Claire. In fact, I think I'm getting close, would you mind very much coming up with me to help me and leaving these gentlemen to their thoughts?"

"Sure, I'll be right up there!" Claire chirped, the blonde man smiled, smirked at Sylar, turned and then strode back up the staircase, heading for his study where he spends his days trying to find other immortals who he can bring back to his house to spend the rest of eternity with.

"I swear that man is trying to kill us." Sylar muttered.

"Well then it's a good thing he can't, because I'm sure he would if he could. Now, I suggest you two zip it unless you want Adam ignoring you for the next week." Claire stood up.

"You can't talk Claire, you have it easy, just because Adam fan-"

"Don't you dare say it Sylar, for the last time, Adam is not trying to win me over. He doesn't see me like that, and nor do I. Get over yourself, the reason I haven't said yes to you yet is not because there's someone else, it is simply because I'm not comfortable dating guys who have seen the insides of my head." And with that, Claire left her uncle and friend to themselves, chuckling to herself, she just loved messing with him.

"She never really did get over that." Sylar shook his head solemnly.

"See? It's not just me." Peter smirked than annoying Petrelli smirk, Sylar was once again reminded where Claire got it from.

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