Into The Future

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Apparent Drabble no. 2

It was beautiful. Really. In all her years of living, Claire had never seen anything that took her breath away quite like the sight before her did. The orangey hue to the usually green leaves, the dusky brown bark, the endless forest, the ground scattered with multi-coloured leaves. She was standing on a bridge right above a short river, which too was covered in greenery. She was overlooking the most marvellous sight and suddenly wished she brought her camera with her. Memories like this were too important to lose, to not capture, to not retain.

And of course, as usual in her life, the one thing that could ruin such a precious moment happens to be walking right along that exact bridge.

"Heya, Hayden. Whatcha doin' 'ere?" Said the most annoying voice, coming from her right at the foot of the bridge.

"Well, I was just enjoying the scenery, and then you happened to come along. Small world isn't it?"

"Hm, I see yer still with the sarcasm." He said, now almost right next to her.

"I see you're still the same annoying idiot you were last week. What are you doing here, Danny? This isn't exactly your...scene."

"It jus' so happens I was on me way to ma 'scene', and I found you along 'ere. It won' matter if I'm a lil' late, I can chill 'ere with you for a while." He was now right beside her, leaning over the bridge just like she was, only he was facing her a little more.

Hayden McClain was her new name, she had to change it every decade or so, whenever people started realising neither her nor her 'family' were ageing, they immediately had to pick up and leave, and of course change their identity. The one thing they never changed when they moved was the 'fact' that they were all related, Claire was the youngest, Adam was her father, Peter was Adam's brother and Sylar was Claire's eldest cousin.

Their story this decade was: Claire's mother and grandparents (from Adam's side) had all died in a plane crash, Peter had no one else to turn to, so he lived with Adam and Claire. They met Sylar a couple of years ago when he claimed to be doing great in life, but soon found out that his immediate family had either died or abandoned him, so he started traveling around with the others. This story had been working for the past couple of years, and they make a point of never meeting the same people twice in one 'lifetime' so they can never connect the dots, but living an immortal life out in the open wasn't easy, never being able to commit to anyone was as hard as hell, but they knew none of them had any other choice.

"Joy." Claire muttered.

"'s college goin'?"

"You tell me, you're in most of my classes."

"Righ', yeah, forgot 'bout that."

"Of course you did."

"Are you like...under any kinda pressure or somethin', I know you're like new to tha' college scene?" Of course, she's only attended about 30 different universities in her life, give or take a couple.

"Or something, this isn't exactly very different to me."

"Really? I thought uni was a jump from 'igh schoo'."

"Yes well, I have a lot of experience with jumping."

"I don' get ya, Hayden. You're younger than me, but you act like decades older."

Claire started laughing.

"Wha's so funny?"

"You have no idea the irony of that sentence."

"Righ', yeah, sure. So lis'en, Hayd, there's like this party over in King'ly, you up for'it?"

"Thanks, but no thanks, I think I'm just gonna stay here."

"And do what? Stare into space? Come on, jus' come with me."

"Once again, Danny, no thanks. I'm more than happy here."

"I don' believe tha', tha's rubbish."

"Well believe it, because it's the truth."

"Stop bein' such a priss, Hayden, and let's go! Come on, I know you wanna!"

"For heaven's sake! I don't -"

"Is there a problem here, Ms. McClain?" Came a voice from behind them.

Both of their heads whipped around, although the voice seemed very familiar to Claire.

"Who're you?" Danny asked, frowning at the disturbance in their little argument which he was sure he was going to win.

"Cory Romero, how'd you do?" He replied, extending a hand. Of course, he had to try and play the hero again, when will he finally give it up?

Danny took it cautiously.

"Whatcha doin' 'ere then?"

"Oh, I was just wondering around when I heard you guys screaming, and I happened to recognise Ms. McClain here."

"Why'd you call 'er that? Her name's Hayden." Well, no, it's not.

"I am aware of that, Daniel, but see, she's the daughter of my employer, my employer being the founder of the latest Apple device, which sort of...obliges me to acknowledge her with some kind of respect."

Danny turned to Claire.

"You're dad's the founder of ISong?"

Think, Claire, think!

"Uh, yeah! Totally. Although I was trying to keep it on the down low, so um, Cory, could you please refrain from telling anyone else?"

"Of course I can miss, oh, and your father has asked me to escort you back to the Mansion, he wants to run his latest invention by you first before presenting it to the Company."

"Ehm, yeah sure, so uh, Danny. I guess I'm gonna have to go now, so...bye."

"Uh yeah, bye Hayden!" Danny scurried away as if he was suddenly worried that 'Hayden' might arrest him.

Claire watched him run away and then turned back to the man before her, known to her as Sylar.

"I guess you want me to thank you."

"Eh, I wouldn't care much if you didn't, that was fun. Did you see the look on that wimp's face?"

"You can't just do that to people, Sylar. I had it under control."

"Yes, you did, I could see that. Anyone could see that. I mean it's not like he was on his way to pressuring you into going to some illegal party or whatever."

"Please, I think by now I'd know how to avoid 'pressures' from idiots like that." She gestures back towards the running boy, almost out of her eyesight now.

"I don't know, Claire, you looked like you were warming up to him from where I stood."

"Oh, you mean the darkest pits of hell?"

She turned and started walking away, almost reluctant to leave such a beautiful venue, Sylar followed her, easily keeping up with her long strides.

"Well, anyway, ignoring that last comment, Adam wants to talk to you."

"Yeah? About what?"

"Lessons, on how to refuse wide-eyed blonde drunks."

"Oh, will you shut up?!" She thumped him on his arm.

Claire succeeded on giving him a bruise, but before she could congratulate herself, the bruise disappeared, and so did Sylar's pained face.

"Sorry, sorry. Just kidding. But he does want to talk to you."

"I'm not even going to ask why this time."

"He's found someone. A girl, called Artemis."

"Artemis? As in the Greek God?"

"Yeah, only not. And get this, her twin brother's name is Ariston."

"Jeez, who are these people?"

"Well, her parents were very strong believers of the Ancient Greeks, they believed that the Gods were the one who blessed the mother with amazing eye-sight and the father will the powers of empathy. And of course, finding out that their daughter could neither feel pain nor die and their son could lift up a truck with his pinky only increased their beliefs. Their parents are dead now, and Ariston is in his late 70's, but Artemis...well, she's an incredibly confused 20 year old...who's actually supposed to be about 90."

"God, that's horrible. And she didn't even have someone like you going around telling her she's immortal and breaking her heart."

"Still on that, huh?"


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