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Chapter 2

After we got done with our food, we went to get on to our train. When we got into the station, we couldn't find 9 ¾. After a few minutes, we heard a lady scream, "Train 9 ¾ is over here, come on." We walked over to her and saw that the people that needed train 9 3/4 ran through a wall.

I walked up to her and said, "Me and my brothers are new here and we can't find train 9 ¾. Do you mind helping us?" I asked this just to make sure that I wasn't crazy.

"Yes, just through this wall. All you have to do is run at first and then walk through. Okay?" the lady said.

"Yes, thank you," I said. I walked back over to my brothers and told them what to do. We did exactly what she said. When we got through the wall, we found that the train was there.

"Awesome," Ponyboy whispered.

Next, we got situated on the train. I saw Sarah again. She was sitting in the booth right across to ours. She waved to me and I nodded my head and said, "Hi." Then, all of her friends looked over at me. I could tell that the girl liked me, but the boys didn't seem to even care.

"You're on the train for a minute and you already have girls all over you," Ponyboy said while I looked back at them.

"And your point is. I'm just that handsome," I said with a grin on my face.

After a few minutes, I recognized that Sarah was getting up and walking over to me. "Hi, Soda. I didn't get to fully introduce myself before. I'm Sarah Mathews."

"I'm Sodapop Curtis and this is Ponyboy Curtis," while pointing at Pony, "and this is Darrel Curtis, or Darry for short," while pointing to Darry. "They're my brothers."

"Hello," Darry and Ponyboy said in unison.

Then Ponyboy asked, "Are you Two-bits brother?"

"Yes, but our mom doesn't want me to become a greaser for some reason. Also, she asked that Keith doesn't talk about his day as a greaser. It's weird." She said this with a frown on her face.

I had to cheer her up somehow, but how. "Is Two-bit coming to Hogwarts with you?" That was a stupid question to ask. Two-bit would have been here before, but he could be like us. Who knows?

"Yeah, how'd you know?" she asked. Her frown went away, but a confused look took over.

"Lucky guess," I said with a smirk on my face. She started to enlighten now.

"Do you want to see him? I know where he is." She said while pointing down the aisle way.

"Sure, do you guys want to come with us?" I asked Darry and Ponyboy. They nodded and we all got up and followed her.

When we got to the second booth from the exit, we saw Two-bit sitting alone. Also his head was down. Next, I hopped on his lap and said, "HELLO SANTA."

Two-bit jumped a little then played along. "Whoa. What would you like for Christmas ya big baby?"

"How you doing, Two-bit?" Ponyboy asked.

"Great. How did you guys find me?" Two-bit had a grin on his face now, and so did Sarah. She liked it when Two-bit was happy. Then he looked at Sarah. "Should have known Sarah would have found you."

"I meet Soda at Diagon Alley. We bumped into each other near the cafè." She sat down between me and Two-bit. Darry and Ponyboy sat on the other side of the booth. We started to talk when Sarah's friends came up to our booth.

"Sarah, why did you leave us," the boy with the scare on his forehead said.

"Sorry, I came down here so that my brothers friends could see him," she said while getting up. "This is Sodapop, Darry, Ponyboy, and Keith, or Two-bit." She said this while pointing at the one she said.

"Who are your friends, lil sis?" Two-bit asked.

"This is Harry, Ron, and Herminie." She said this while doing the same thing that she did with us.

"Now that we got the introductions done, what years are you guys?" Herminie asked.

"It's my first year to Hogwarts, but I'm a third year taking special late classes to catch up," I said.

"I'm a first year," Ponyboy said.

"It's my first year at Hogwarts, but I'm a fourth year taking special late classes," Two-bit said.

"It's my first year here, but I'm a fifth year taking special late classes. I really should be a seventh year, but they can't teach me everything in one year," Darry said.

"We're all third years," Sarah said.

"That means we're in the same years," Soda said with a smile.

"Yeah, well, we'll leave you guys chat. See you later," Sarah said while walking away.

"You better start getting your robes on," Herminie stated. We went to get our robes on after they left. When we got back into our booth, we were almost to Hogwarts. We talked the rest of the way there.

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