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Chapter 4

When I woke up, it was still dark outside. I didn't want to wake anybody up, so I just stayed in bed till there was light outside. When the sun came out, Harry woke up.

"Morning," I said while getting out of bed.

I think I startled him a little bit. "Morning, Soda," Harry said while rubbing his eyes and getting his glasses on. "Are you going to try out for Quidditch today?"

"What's that?" I asked while getting dressed.

It's like basketball, somewhat, on broomsticks," he said while starting to get dressed.

"Sure, and maybe Ponyboy will?"

"Don't know if that will work because they don't usually let first years try out."

"I'm sure they'll let him, if he's as fast as he is on his feet?"

"Maybe he could be a chaser? They're the people that get the ball in the hoop. I'll show you later."

"Okay, let's go down to the great hall to get something to eat."

When we got down there, Herminie and Sarah were already down there. They already started eating.

"Nice to know that you guys can't wait for us guys to get down here," I said with a playful voice.

"Nope, you guys are to slow," Sarah said in a playful voice. I know this sounds weird, but she looks more beautiful every time I see her.

"So us guys can't get our sleep," Harry said.

"If it takes you this long to get up, then, yes," Sarah said.

"Well, changing the subject, where is Ponyboy and Two-bit?" I said. I looked around and didn't see them.

"They're even slower then you two are," Sarah said.

"Don't push your limits, Sarah," I said.

After a few minutes, Ponyboy, Darry, and Two-bit came to breakfast. They sat down next to us.

"So, how is everyone this morning," Darry said.

"Okay," everyone said in unison.

"So, there's Quidditch tryouts today. Who's coming?" Harry asked everybody.

"I'll tryout," Ron said.

"Can I tryout?" Ponyboy asked.

"I'm sure you can if your good on a broomstick," Herminie said.

"Wait a minute," Two-bit said. "What does a broomstick have to do Quidditch?"

"Quidditch is when you ride a broomstick and try to get the most points," Harry said. "You get points by getting the wiffle ball into the three hoops on the opponents side. They are called chasers. Also, there will be keepers at the hoops trying to block the shots."

"That's who I'm trying out for, the keeper," Ron said.

"This game is very rough because there are bludgers," Herminie said. "The Beaters on each team hit the bludgers to try and hit the other team's players."

"Ouch," I said.

"That's not the only thing," Harry said. "There's also a Seeker. This person tries to catch this little golden ball called a snitch."

"That sounds easy enough," Ponyboy said.

"Yeah, but you still have to dodge the bludgers," Darry said.

"When are tryouts, Harry?" I asked.

"They're after classes," Sarah said.

"So can I try out?" Ponyboy asked.

"They don't usually let first years into Quidditch, but if you're good they will," Harry said.

"Then I'll practice in flying class," Ponyboy said.

"I don 't think that you could learn that fast to be in Quidditch," Herminie said. "I was surprised that Harry got in on his first year."

"Cool, you could give Ponyboy, here, a few tips on flying," Two-bit said.

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