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Chapter 5

After breakfast I had Defense Against the Dark Arts class with Professor Lupin. Harry, Ron, He1rminie, Sarah, and I were in all the same classes. I was happy because I have no clue what I'm doing until I can take my night classes.

"Morning class," Professor Lupin said. "Today we will be learning the spell Ridiculous. This spell is used against a Bogart. Now all of you are probably wondering what a Bogart is." He took the words right out of my mouth. This stuff is confusing me, and casting a spell will be hard because I don't even know how to. "A Bogart is what you fear the most. It is mass that will turn into your worst fear if you are in front of it."

The rest of the class went smoothly, we didn't have to do the spell today, but we have to do it tomorrow. Great.

The rest of the school day past and I was surprised that I was good at my flying class. I learned how to ride a broomstick and got really good at it by the end of class. This class only had Darry, Ponyboy, and me. I'm glad it did because if it was a regular class, Darry and I would stand out.

Everybody met up at the quidditch field so that they can watch the people that are trying out try out. Sarah and Harry were already on the team so they got their broomsticks and headed out to the field. Then the captain went out on the field and we followed.

"Hello, everyone. I am Oliver Wood, the Gryffindor's team captain. Harry, Sarah, and I will be judging all of you to see if you make the team. Now that that's over with, let's get started. First up, Luchia Roberts." Next, this girl got on her broomstick and flew up. I got really nervous because everybody here will be watching me.

"Now, Luchia, which position would you like to try out for?" Wood asked.

"I would like to try out for Chaser," she said.

"Okay, here's what you're going to do. I will be guarding the goal and Sarah and Harry will be playing the part of one Chaser from the other team and one beater from the other team."

"'K," she said.

Next Harry got her the quaffle ball to Luchia. All of them got into position and Wood said, "Read, set, Go!" Luchia went speeding down to the hoops that Wood was guarding. Harry was right beside her. I guess she thought that Harry was going to ram her, so she flew up a bit. Next, she almost got hit in the face with a bludger, luckily she didn't. I got really nervous about this. This is a very dangerous sport, but I was also confident in myself because I knew that I would be good at it. Finally she got to the hoops. She hesitated to try and find the right spot to throw it at, but was interrupted by a speeding bludger. That's when she found out that she didn't have time to think, so she through the quaffle at the highest hoop and made it in a split second before he got there. She was relieved when Wood said that she was done. She went back and put her broomstick away and said by to everyone. Then, she left.

"Next up, Sodapop." I went up looking confident. I had the same trial because I was trying out to be a Chase, too. My tryout was good until I saw the bludger coming straight at me. I thought that it was going to hit me until I ducked. Then I thought that I could use some greaser talents in this game like dodging and how to get away from bluders. I dodged Harry, too, and made it to the hoops. I didn't hesitate. I just threw the quaffle into the hoop I was in front of. It went in without any ditractions. I turned around to see a speeding bludger coming at me though. I hurried up and dodged out of the way. I was so happy that Ihave fast dodging skills.

"Thank you, Soda. You are done now," Wood stated. I felt relieved that same as the other person because now I can get away from the bludgers for now.

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