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The house was completely silent at this hour. He watched the clock creep towards three am and each tick of the minute hand seemed defening. It had been a week or two since Byakuya had gotten a good night's sleep. After the incident as the staff liked to call it with Rukia he had her room immediately moved next to his so he could hear every sound she made so he could be there if she needed him .

Her screams that night sounded as if death were going to take her right then and there and it still sent chills down his spine he had never heard a sound that frightened or desperate in his entire life . Watching her shiver in his arms uncontrollably made him feel helpless .When she was in that state all he could do was wait until she truly woke up . When she did all girl could do was sob over and over again that she was so sorry and cling onto him for dear life until she went back to sleep.

After the first nightmare she had, he sat on the floor with her in his arms all night afraid she would wake up again alone and frightened. Around dawn he finally put her back into her own bed and left a small stuffed bunny next to her in case she needed something to hold on to. She looked so small and helpless to him, she always looked small and helpless to him and it made him want to protect her all the more.

The morning after her first nightmare she held her head up high her back stiff , it was almost as if she did not want to appear weak , like she wanted to pretend the night had never happened . So he obeyed her and looked at her just as impassively as ever . They ate there meal in silence and they would get on with their day.

That night however her dreams came again only this time he did not bring his zanpactou with him, her screams were still violent and bone chilling but she didn't scramble to get away from him . He waited again patient and helpless until she fully woke up giving him a pathetic, defeated look. Never the less he would still hold her until the sobbing subsided to hick ups and the hick ups subsided to sleep.

After the second night of this he went to squad four to speak with Unahanna Taichou to see if she had something that would sooth rukia's mind of the night terrors and let her sleep peacefully. He had the ability to make something to help her go back to sleep but he knew first hand it would not ease the dreams that could come. He was so grateful when she came back with a bottle of clear liquid , all he had to do was put a small drop in her tea before she went to sleep and it would calm her and lull her into sleep .

he knew she was to proud to show her weakness's and would never take it if he gave it to her directly. He knew she never wanted to appear weak in front of him, he had heard her pray in the family temple to give her strength to make his family proud of her of her . So before she went to bed he would order her to have tea with him he knew he was bullying her but every night since then he would put a drop into her tea and would sit and watch her drink it until it was gone. Then he would watch her skitter from the room after she was done with her eyes down cast.

It killed him, he knew most people feared him, some were downright terrified of him but they did not matter to him one bit. However to know that he terrified Rukia so much so she could not sleep peacefully made his heart break , this is not what Hisanna would have wanted for her sister.

It was now three am and the clock chimed out three note's , so fare she had slept soundlessly throughout the night but to ease his mind he went to check on her one more time. He had been doing this since it had all began every other hour he would check to make sure she was sound that the medicine was working.

Opening the door quietly he stood there in the door frame and just watched her still body, listening to little puffs of air come in and out as she breathed. She clutched tightly to the little bunny that she has been so fond of even before she came to live with him . It was threadbare and looked like she had , had it long before she come to the sereti so he let her keep it. He was happier she looked peaceful tonight she had not been tossing and turning.

Closing the door, it was finally his time to sleep if she hadn't woken up before three am he knew she wouldn't. Falling into his own bed all he could think about was his beautiful Hisanna , the light of his life she was gone and it was as if the color in his life had been dimmed . What he wouldn't give to have her here with him right now. Help him understand to give him strength that he wasn't sure he had to help him live again.

It angered him some days he had Rukia, she was a little spark of life in his grey world. She made him remember he could not stay dead for ever no matter how much he wanted to. The very sight of Rukias smile some days made him ill because she could make him feel again.

He knew he took it out on her and some days his anger was so all consuming that he didn't care who he hurt or who he lashed out on. In the back of his mind he knew Rukia paid the price for this and he knew it was unfair to her. She didn't know why her Nii-sama couldn't stand her some days but she knew he did, and day by day he watched her shrink away. It had become a cycle now that had gone on for such a long time it was almost impossible to stop.

In knowing this he had a good feeling he was the cause of her terror and her unease he was the reason she couldn't sleep at night. Never in his life did he ever dream he could be such a cold hearted bastard. What hurt the most was even though he had shunned her and scorned her when he held her at night she would cling on to whatever little crumbs of kindness and affections he gave her.

Taking a deep breath trying to calm himself he closed his eyes and hopped sleep would come to him tonight.