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"What do you mean Kaidan is an agent of the Shadow Broker?" Thane yelled now pacing Liara's office.

"Soon after returning from Horizon, Staff Commander Kaidan Alenko quit the Alliance and allied himself with the Shadow Broker, in fact Kaidan is already one of his top agents. Finding Mr. Alenko would be a great personal debt. I'd owe you in bringing me one step closer to the Shadow Broker."

"Why are you so interested in the Shadow Broker, Liara?" Thane questioned crossing his arms.

"He has a friend of mine."

"Who?" Thane asked.

"A Drell named Feron. He was helping me search for Commander Shepard when she first disappeared three years ago. We were ambushed by his agents and Feron was captured, I managed to escape."

"Feron!" Thane exclaimed.

"You know him?" Kolyat asked nudging Thane in the side.

"An old accomplice." Thane murmured.

"Dad, who is he really?"

"My brother." Thane said grimly.

"Is he an assassin too?"

"No, he…he is more of a spy, a information broker like Ms. Liara." Thane explained. "We used to work together, he would gather Intel on a target and I would execute the contact."

"Were you two close?" Liara asked this time.

"We were." Thane replied.

"I'm sorry, I'm hoping he is still alive, he is a dear friend of mine." Liara said pursing her lips watching as Thane turned to look down over the market area, he crossed his arms again.

"Just one more reason to find Shepard..." Thane said softly.

"Are you and the Commander close?" Liara inquired watching as Thane turned sharply towards her and nodded,

"She is...she is my Siha." Thane replied, his hand closing into a fist.

"Oh, I didn't know. I can't imagine what your going through."

"No, you can't." Thane said turning away from them.

"What does the Shadow Broker want with Shepard?" Kolyat finally asked.

"Shepard spoke to me a few days ago, privately. She told me that she thought she was with a child." Thane told them watching Liara's expression go to surprise and Kolyat's to horrified.

"If Shepard is pregnant then that means..." Kolyat started to say,

"Yes, that means the child will be your brother, or sister." Thane said quietly watching Kolyat grind his teeth.

"As much as I despise yours and Shepards relationship I will let no harm come to a potential sibling of mine." Kolyat growled Thane was surprised by this and smiled a bit.


"I'm still not doing this for you or for her. It's for myself and for the child." Kolyat said turning away from them pacing now. Liara cleared her troat gaining their attention.

"It is possible that when Cerberus rebuilt Shepard three years ago that they used bits of DNA from other species to speed up the process allowing her to be able to conceive children with other species. If my theory is correct, Shepard is with the first human alien mix. A Drell with human-like features. Or the other way around depends on whose genes are more dominant." Liara explained as carefully as she could before continuing, "The Shadow Broker has been interested in Shepard for a long time, this...conceivability of a child possibly finally pushed the Shadow Broker over the edge and caused him to send someone the Commander knew, someone she trusted, someone she...loved." Liara said watching all the emotions that flickered across Thane's face.

"I'm going to kill him!" Thane growled punching the wall next to him causing Liara to flinch.

"Thane lets be rash how would Shepard feel?" Liara asked grabbing his shoulder.

"To hell how Shepard feels that man deserves to die!" Thane exclaimed looking into Liara's calm eyes.

"And Shepard deserves to make that choice." Liara said softly glancing over her shoulder at Kolyat for a moment. "Kolyat learns by example, try to set a good one."

"Don't tell me how to raise my own son." Thane said quietly.

"You didn't raise him at all." Liara shot back watching as Thane's fist tightened and he opened his mouth to say something but closed his mouth and shook his head.

"Let's get what I came here for in the first place. A lead Ms. Liara."

"Of course, Mr. Krios. For you this information is gratis." Liara said turning back to her desk running her fingers over the keyboard of her computer. "Kaidan's last known where abouts was...That's odd..." Liara said pursing her lips.

"What is it?" Thane asked walking over to her side Kolyat taking up her other shoulder.

"According to this Kaidan's last known where location was...Virmire." Liara said speaking the last word quietly like it was cursed. "God that...that brings back memories..." Liara whispered bowing her head and pinching her temple between her thumb and forefinger. "Why Virmire? The place was destroyed when we blew up Saren's cloning facility..."

"It's possible that the Shadow Broker built a base, under the rubble I mean." Kolyat chimed in.

"Yes...yes that could be possible." Liara said standing up from her desk turning towards the Drells.

"Please, any information you gather on Feron I would gladly appreciate."

"He is my brother, I want him found as much as you." Thane said now grabbing Liara's shoulder. "Thank you Liara, you've been a great help."

"Anything for Shepard." Liara said with a soft smile.

"Come Kolyat, we must leave at once." Thane said turning and walking out of the office.

"Of course father. Thank you, Ms. Liara." Kolyat said crossing his arms over his chest and bowing in a formal traditional Drell farewell.

"Go get em' tiger." Liara said with a smile, giggling as Kolyat's folds flushed bright red again.

"Yes I-I mean I will I mean we-we will do our best." Kolyat stuttered quickly at his father's heels. Kolyat coughed looking up at his dad, "Well that went well."

"Better then expected." Thane replied typing information into his Omni-Tool.

"Why would the Shadow Broker set up a base under Virmire?" Kolyat asked as they walked through the crowds.

"Shepard...she has a lot of things she'd rather leave buried that happened on Virmire...It's possible the Shadow Broker or Kaidan want's to use those strings to pull at her." Thane replied making haste to his frigate. "EDI set a course for Virmire." Thane said upon arriving inside the ship.

"Of course Mr. Krios, auto-pilot?"

"Yes please."

"ETA 18 hours including 2 Mass Relay jumps."

"Thank you EDI."

"Logging you out Krios."

Thane turned towards Kolyat rubbing the back of his neck, "Let's get some rest."

"Yeah, sure." Kolyat said following his father to the single bedroom with two kind sized beds.

"The shower is over there." Thane said nodding his head in the direction of a door opposite of the beds turning towards Kolyat as he coughed into his hand.

"Alright, thanks." He mumbled collapsing on one of the beds looking up at the ceiling sighing heavily laying on his side looking over at Thane "Dad, how did you meet mom?" Kolyat asked watching as his dad tensed for a moment pursing his lips as if deciding to tell him or not.

"Sun-set colored eyes defiant in the scope." Thane whispered to himself.


"Oh, nothing. Uhm well you see I was on a contract and about to execute the contact when your mother jumped in front of my scope and shouted 'How dare you!' at me then escorted the man away...I followed her home where she pulled a knife on me." Thane said with a small chuckle looking over as he saw a smile spread across Kolyat's face.

"And Shepard?"

"Eyes the color of emeralds. A price-less treasure." Thane thought, "Shepard was different she was coming after me while I was hunting down Nassana. We met after she witnessed me take out three armed guards and kill Nassana right in front of her. That's when she recruited me to join her mission."

"Seems like you have a taste for dangerous women." Kolyat commented and Thane almost burst out laughing remembering Kelly had said the same thing about Shepard.

"We have a long day ahead of us, get some rest." Thane said quietly watching as slowly Kolyat drifted off to sleep. From his pocket he produced a small heart necklace with a photo of Shepard in it. "I'll get you back I swear it." Thane whispered softly before sleep devoured him as well.